Get Paid for Choosing Adoption

If you choose to pursue adoption for you and your baby, you do not need to worry about the costs because  adoption is completely free for you. You can even receive financial aid throughout your pregnancy.

Do you get paid to adopt a child to an adoptive family? Not exactly.

A more accurate explanation is that you are compensated for the costs related to your pregnancy and self-care needs, and the amount of assistance you can receive varies from state to state. From hospital bills to daily needs, you can get paid for adoption expenses with the help of your adoption professional or the adoptive family you’ve chosen for your child.

To learn more about the financial assistance you may receive, read the sections below.


The financial burden of pregnancy and parenting is on the front of most prospective birth mothers’ minds. In fact, it’s common for financial pressure to be a big reason for choosing adoption. So, it’s natural to wonder, is “giving a baby up” for adoption free?

Yes. It is always free to put a child up for adoption. There is never a financial “giving baby up” for adoption cost for you associated with this process. From agency fees to legal bills to medical expenses, putting your baby up for adoption is free to prospective birth parents like you.

This process can be challenging. You’re making a life-changing decision. It can be emotional at times. When you’re a prospective birth parent, you should be able to focus exclusively on the personal aspects of adoption, not the cost of “giving baby up” for adoption.

That’s why the costs are covered, and it is free to put a baby up for adoption.


It’s one thing to know that putting a baby up for adoption is free. But, what about “giving baby up” for adoption money? Is there a way to get adoption compensation for the birth mother?

These are very common questions, and the answer gets a bit complicated. In short: No, you do not get money from adoption.

“Giving baby up” for adoption money is illegal. By this, we are referring to the direct transfer of money to you from an agency or family in exchange for placing your baby for adoption. If any adoptive family or agency tries to do this, you need to know that it is illegal.

“Getting paid for” adoption, however, is different from adoption financial assistance for prospective birth parents. Financial assistance for adoption is not a direct payment. It is financial help meant to cover pregnancy- and adoption-related expenses.

Let’s explore this in more detail, including the types of expenses that could be covered by financial help for birth mothers “giving a baby up” for adoption.


You might be wondering, “How do mothers get paid for adoption?” While the birth mother does not technically get paid for adoption, the adoptive family will help to support your financial needs. If you contact an adoption agency, your caseworker can help you locate a family who fits your criteria and whose budget falls within the range of your needs.

The amount and type of adoption financial assistance you can receive depends on the state where you live. You can learn more about each state’s regulation of adoption expenses and speak with your adoption professional to find out the type and amount of financial assistance for putting a baby up for adoption that could be available to you.

While we can’t say specifically what type of adoption financial assistance you will receive during your process, the following are the general types of adoption compensation for birth mothers.


The kinds of financial assistance you may be able to receive fall into three main categories: pregnancy and medical expenses, legal fees, and living expenses.

Here, you can find some examples of the sort of costs that an adoptive family or agency may cover. Speak with your adoption professional to determine which financial needs apply to you and what you can receive.


Who can help pay pregnancy and medical bills?

Over the course of your pregnancy, the expenses for medical bills and other health needs can add up. Luckily, you can receive help so that you will have access to the necessary health resources for you and your baby. Pregnancy-related medical expenses are almost always covered by adoption financial assistance.

Your adoption professional may be able to assist you with the following medical expenses:

  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Labor and delivery
  • Medication
  • Other pregnancy-related expenses

If you have unique medical needs or concerns, speak with your social worker so see how you can have them covered.

What adoption agency will pay medical bills?

Most licensed adoption agencies will work with you to make sure you are receiving the financial assistance you are entitled to. Many birth parents considering adoption are doing so because they feel they cannot properly provide for their baby. Adoption agencies understand that you may not be financially stable at this time and will work with the adoptive family to help cover any pregnancy and hospital stay related expenses.

How do I find a family willing to pay medical bills?

If you’re worried about finding a family who is willing to pay your medical bills, you can rest assured that this will not be your responsibility. When adoptive families go into the adoption process, they are aware that they will be paying for any pregnancy-related expenses and medical bills.

When you work with an adoption agency, your adoption professional will find adoptive family profiles that match what you are looking for. You will be able to choose the perfect family to raise your baby from these profiles. Once you have chosen the family for you, the adoption agency will work with them to provide you with financial assistance throughout your pregnancy and hospital stay.


Adoption is a complex legal process, and there are many laws in place to protect you, your baby, and everyone else involved in the adoption. To navigate these laws and make your adoption legally valid, you will need to consult an adoption attorney. Some of the legal fees that may come up include:

  • Legal consultation
  • Termination of parental rights
  • Interstate adoption help

Adoption attorneys often charge by the hour, so your legal fees may vary depending on the complexity of your case.

Who pays for the adoption lawyer? In almost all cases, the adoptive family covers your legal costs through financial assistance for putting a baby up for adoption.


If you are considering adoption, you may even be eligible to receive assistance with your day-to-day needs. Some of the living expenses you could qualify for are:

  • Rent and utilities
  • Transportation
  • Food and clothing
  • Phone and data plan

In some situations, you may even be able to work with your adoption professional and make completely new living arrangements. Some areas have maternity homes or other kinds of housing for mothers putting their children up for adoption.

Usually, this kind of birth mother housing is recommended for women whose families do not support their adoption plans or who are in an unsafe living situation. It is not recommended that you relocate with the intention of keeping your pregnancy a secret.

If you are in a situation where you need to move into a new home for your pregnancy, speak to your professional about your options. You can find an adoption agency that helps with housing here.


Workplace discrimination against pregnancy is illegal in every state, but that doesn’t always stop it from happening. Even in situations where there isn’t discrimination, loss of income due to pregnancy is a common problem. Can adoption financial assistance make up for any lost income due to pregnancy?

First, you should speak with an attorney if you feel that your employer has treated you unfairly because you are pregnant. Second, adoption financial assistance can provide some relief for loss of income by covering cost-of-living expenses that previously would have been paid for by your income.

While compensation for placing a baby for adoption cannot come in the form of direct cash payments in the amount of lost income, it can still help offset some of the losses.


Along with financial assistance for adoption in the form of covering medical and legal fees, some adoption agencies have birth parent scholarship programs. The nature of this program will be different depending on the agency you choose (if the agency has a scholarship program at all).

While these programs are totally separate from adoption financial assistance, they are something that many prospective birth parents are interested in.

For agencies that do offer adoption scholarships, this often takes the form of a grant that covers tuition for your continuing education.

To learn more about adoption financial assistance and birth parent scholarships, ask your adoption professional what kind of programs your agency has to offer.


We’ve mentioned the importance of speaking with your adoption professional several times in this guide. So, you may be wondering, how do you find an adoption agency? Do adoption agencies pay birth mothers?

There are no adoption agencies that pay birth mothers. However, your adoption agency will be the one facilitating adoption financial assistance so that your medical costs, legal fees and other expenses are taken care of. That’s why you want to find a great adoption agency to work with.

Typically, prospective birth mothers will choose to work with a national adoption agency. These agencies have large staffs and lots of experience, so you can count on them to make sure that you get all legally allowable compensation for placing a baby for adoption.

To get in touch with a national adoption agency today, contact us here.


As a woman considering adoption, you have access to the financial assistance you need during your pregnancy. With the knowledge that you will be provided for, you can devote your focus to having a stress-free, healthy pregnancy.

If you’d like to learn more about how adoption financial assistance might make your situation better, you can contact us today to be connected with a helpful adoption professional.

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