Open Adoption with Your Child in Louisiana

Open adoption in Louisiana allows you the chance for a post-placement relationship between you and your baby after adoption.

Choosing adoption is a difficult decision to make, and there are many factors that come into play. No matter what your reason is for choosing adoption, an open adoption in Louisiana is an option for you. In an open adoption, every birth mother has the opportunity to have a lifelong relationship with her child and the family who adopted him or her.

What is Open Adoption in Louisiana?

Open adoption definitions in Louisiana vary from one birth mother to another. Every open adoption relationship in Louisiana is unique. To define “open adoption” in Louisiana, it is important to remember that this phrase is very broad and includes all open adoption relationships.

So, what does open adoption mean in Louisiana?

One definition of open adoption in Louisiana is: “Any post-placement relationship in which a birth mother has direct contact with her birth child throughout his or her upbringing.”

Keep in mind, open adoption stories in Louisiana vary with different forms and frequency of communication. But, open adoption in Louisiana is still an option for any woman.

Let your adoption professional know that you want an open adoption with your child, and she will make sure to only find waiting adoptive families who also want an open adoption in Louisiana.

What is Closed Adoption in Louisiana?

The opposite of choosing an open adoption in Louisiana is choosing a closed adoption. In a closed adoption, there is no contact between a birth mother and her child after placement. There are many reasons why a birth mother may choose a closed adoption but, no matter the reason, a closed adoption is an option for any woman considering adoption.

Closed adoptions actually used to be the norm in society not that long ago. It was considered shameful in society for a mother to choose adoption for her baby, and closed adoption was a way to keep her adoption secret. Thankfully, society has been evolving toward welcoming the idea of adoption, especially open adoption. In fact, research has shown many benefits to choosing an open adoption in Louisiana. Experts in the field of adoption and post-placement relationships actually encourage women choosing adoption today to select open adoptions.

What is Semi-Open Adoption in Louisiana?

The middle ground between an open adoption and a closed adoption is a semi-open adoption in Louisiana. In a semi-open adoption, an adoption agency mediates the relationship between the birth mother and the adoptive parents after placement. In this way, both parties maintain their privacy but still have contact with each other. Semi-open adoption in Louisiana is a great way for a birth mother to watch her child grow up without having any direct contact, as the exchange of information takes place through the mediation of the adoption agency that facilitated the adoption.

The Benefits of Open Adoption in Louisiana

There are many benefits to choosing an open adoption in Louisiana for every party involved in the adoption triad — which consists of the birth mother, adoptive parents, and the child who was placed for adoption.

  • Open Adoption Benefits for Birth Mothers

Most birth mothers go through a grieving period after choosing adoption for their babies. This grief can come in many waves, look different for every birth mother, and include mourning the loss of her assumed parental role and the physical presence of her child in her life. Research has proven that one of the benefits to choosing an open adoption in Louisiana for birth mothers is that their grief becomes easier to process. Through an open relationship with her baby after placement, a birth mother can ease her healing process while still being a part of her child’s life.

  • Open Adoption Benefits for Adoptive Parents

Adoptive parents who are involved in an open adoption in Louisiana can benefit by creating a special bond with their birth mother. They will be able to share their joys and struggles of parenting with the woman who chose them. Adoptive parents will also be able to communicate more effectively with their adopted child about where he or she came from. Such conversations will equate to more openness in the family structure as a whole.

  • Open Adoption Benefits for Adopted Children

It is normal for all children to be curious about who they are as they grow up. Identity begins to form, and questions such as “Who am I?” become more frequent. For an adoptee, the same questions emerge with greater force.

The benefit to choosing an open adoption in Louisiana is that this child will be able to learn who he or she is through his or her adoptive parents and  birth mother. Studies have shown that identity issues are far less prevalent with children raised in open adoptions instead of closed adoptions.

If you are a woman considering an open adoption in Louisiana, please fill out this contact form. An adoption professional will reach out to you, explain all your post-placement relationship options, and even start you on your very own journey through adoption!

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