Open Adoption with Your Child in Kentucky

The open adoption definition in Kentucky encompasses all relationships between a birth mother and adopted child in which the parties have direct contact with one another. Choosing to have an open adoption with your child means that you have the opportunity to watch your child grow, be a part of their upbringing and continue to bond with your child’s adoptive parents. No matter the type or frequency of contact, open adoption literally opens doors to healing for any birth mother.

Open adoption in Kentucky gives a birth mother the chance to have a direct relationship with her child after placement, as determined by her post-placement agreement.

What is Open Adoption in Kentucky?

If you are looking to define open adoption in Kentucky, remember that this kind of adoption consists of a direct post-placement relationship between a birth mother and the child she placed for adoption. Some birth mothers have open adoptions in which they see their child multiple times per year or maybe as infrequently as once per year. Physical visits are not the only form of communication in an open adoption relationship; there are many other forms of contact, as well. Additional open adoption stories in Kentucky include birth mothers who exchange letters, pictures and gifts with their children, or speak with their children over the phone or via video chat.

No matter the type and frequency of contact, an open adoption includes all relationships in which a birth mother has direct contact with the child that she placed for adoption.

What is Closed Adoption in Kentucky?

On the opposite end of the adoption relationship spectrum is closed adoption. A closed adoption is one in which a birth mother chooses not to have any contact with her child after placement and during his or her upbringing. Once the child who was placed for adoption turns 18 years old, he or she can seek out his or her birth mother and choose to have contact then.

In the history of adoption in the U.S., closed adoptions were the norm. However, as society has evolved, as well as its view on adoption and post-placement relationships  closed adoptions have decreased in number. Today, experts in the field highly recommend that birth mothers choose open adoption in Kentucky as their post-placement relationship, as it holds many benefits for all parties involved in the adoption.

What is Semi-Open Adoption in Kentucky?

Lying somewhere in between an open adoption and a closed adoption is the semi-open adoption in Kentucky. A semi-open adoption is a great choice for the birth mother who desires to keep her personal life private when it comes to the child she placed for adoption. In a semi-open adoption, all communication is mediated through the adoption agency which facilitated the adoption. Personal information like addresses and phone numbers remain private in a semi-open adoption in Kentucky. Any letters, gifts or pictures that are exchanged between a birth mother and her child are done so via the adoption agency, which forwards such things to the appropriate party. Semi-open adoption in Kentucky is a great choice for the birth mother who wants to watch her child grow up in a happy and healthy environment without any personal contact.

The Benefits of Open Adoption in Kentucky

There are many benefits to open adoption in Kentucky for not only birth mother but for the adoptive parents and baby as well. A birth mother who chooses open adoption has the privilege of being a part of her child’s life while he or she is being raised. Adoptive parents are blessed to have their child’s birth mother in their life, and learn more about where their child came from and perhaps even where his or her traits come from. The greatest benefit of open adoption is for the child who was placed for adoption. This child will be raised with an understanding of his or her history, have any questions answered, and be taught from the beginning of his or her life that adoption is beautiful. Open adoption in Kentucky is truly beneficial for all parties involved in the adoption.

If you are interested in learning about open adoption facts in Kentucky, then please fill out this contact form. An adoption professional will reach out to you to discuss what an open adoption in Kentucky is, what other options you have for a post-placement relationship, and what the benefits of every choice are. Choosing adoption in itself is a gift to a child who may need a better life through different parents, and open adoption takes this gift to a whole new level. The benefits of open adoption in Kentucky are great, and the joy that can be shared between a birth mother, her child and his or her parents is truly miraculous!

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