Open Adoption with Your Child in Massachusetts

The open adoption definition in Massachusetts is very broad — because every open adoption is so different. Some adoptions are so open that a birth mother sees her child almost daily, while others have more restricted open adoptions that do not include visits. No matter what your open adoption in Massachusetts looks like, it can take you on a journey full of joy and moments to celebrate for a lifetime.

Open adoption in Massachusetts can be a reality for any woman considering adoption. She will also have options for a semi-open or closed adoption. However, because of its benefits and new acceptance in society, open adoption is quickly becoming its norm, although you always retain your right to a different post-placement relationship if you so desire.

While choosing your contact preferences, know that open adoption in Massachusetts is a post-placement agreement that can benefit everyone involved in an adoption situation.

What is Open Adoption in Massachusetts?

So, what is an open adoption in Massachusetts? The best way to define open adoption in Massachusetts is to include all post-placement relationships in which a birth mother has some form and frequency of direct contact with the child she placed for adoption. This direct contact may include physical visitations, phone calls from the adoptive parents with the child, gifts and letters via mail, and more. The frequency of direct communication can vary in an open adoption in Massachusetts from annual communication to almost-daily communication. As a prospective birth mother, you will always have the opportunity to craft the kind of open adoption relationship you may desire.

No matter what you want your open adoption to look like, there is a prospective adoptive family out there waiting for you!

What is Closed Adoption in Massachusetts?

Closed adoption is when a birth mother decides before placement that she does not desire to have a future relationship with her child or the adoptive parents in any form. After that child turns 18-years-old, he or she can look up adoption records in Massachusetts, and if both parties agree, can reach out to his or her birth mother.

Closed adoptions used to be the norm in society, as many women were shamed for choosing adoption for their babies. Thankfully, this is not the case anymore as a greater number of women are choosing open adoptions for their babies.

Open adoption in Massachusetts is considered a more beneficial post-placement relationship than closed adoption for all parties involved. However, you will always have this relationship option if you choose to place your child for adoption in Massachusetts.

What is Semi-Open Adoption in Massachusetts?

Semi-open adoption in Massachusetts occurs when a post-placement relationship is mediated by the adoption agency which facilitated the adoption. In a semi-open adoption in Massachusetts, an adoption agency will retain all personal and identifying information of birth parents and adoptive parents. Any gifts and letters from either party will be addressed to the adoption agency and then forwarded on to the appropriate party.

Semi-open adoption in Massachusetts would be an appropriate option for any prospective birth mother who wishes to know how her baby is doing but does not necessarily want a direct relationship with him or her.

The Benefits of Open Adoption in Massachusetts

There are many benefits to choosing open adoption for all the parties involved in the adoption. Birth mothers in open adoptions in Massachusetts enjoy a direct relationship with the children they placed for adoption, which can assist them through their grief and provide hope for many more joyful moments. Adoptive parents are blessed with an ability to discuss adoption openly with their child, answer all of his or her “Where did I come from?” questions and enjoy a relationship themselves with their child’s birth mother. Of course, open adoption stories in Massachusetts include adoptees who are living happy and healthy lives without identity issues, who have great relationships with their birth mothers, and experience twice the amount of familial love than many other children.

Open adoption holds benefits to every member of the adoption triad who is involved in the adoption situation. Therefore, it’s no surprise that more than 90 percent of birth parents today want some degree of openness in their adoption process. To learn more about open adoption, you may consider reaching out to an adoption professional or to other birth parents who are living their open adoption stories today and can provide guidance for your decision-making process.

If you are a woman considering adoption who is seeking more open adoption facts in Massachusetts, please fill out this contact form. An adoption professional will reach out to you, answer your post-placement questions, and even start you on your own adoption journey.

No matter what your open adoption looks like, know that it is special. Open adoption in Massachusetts can be an option for any woman considering adoption, and the final decision of your future relationship with your child will always be up to you.

So, in conclusion, what does open adoption in Massachusetts mean?  It means love — for adoptees, adoptive parents and birth parents like you.

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