How to Place a Baby for Adoption in Oregon

If you are a woman thinking, “I want to give my baby up for adoption in Oregon,” then you have come to the right place.

Putting a newborn up for adoption in Oregon is a process that can be broken down into a few simple steps. Of course, just because the steps for choosing to place your baby up for adoption in Oregon are simple does not mean that they are always easy.

First things first: “Giving up” a baby for adoption in Oregon is not “giving away” a baby. Making an adoption plan for a baby is a gift of selfless love from a prospective birth mother. Choosing to place a baby up for adoption in Oregon takes courage, strength, and a fierce determination born out of a mother’s love.

If you are wondering how to place a baby for adoption in Oregon, then read on to learn more about what adoption is and how to follow through with an adoption plan.

You Are Not “Giving Up” by Giving a Baby Up for Adoption in Oregon

To give up on something means to walk away from it forever. Choosing adoption for your baby is definitely not “giving up” on your baby. Placing your baby for adoption in Oregon is a selfless act made from the heart.

An adoption decision will remain with you for the rest of your life, whether it’s a daily knowledge of the love you feel for your child or a reminder once in a while that you gave your child a better life with different parents.

Once you make a decision to follow through with an adoption plan and become a birth mother, please know that the gift you gave to your child is one to be cherished.

How to Give a Baby Up for Adoption in Oregon

The adoption process is similar across the country. Every successful adoption begins with a decision, follows with choosing an adoptive family and dealing with legal paperwork, and ends with a brand-new chapter to life for birth mother and baby. Being empowered to understand the adoption process is a crucial component of walking a healing path after adoption.

After all, the more we equip ourselves with the knowledge of our options, the better off we are when it comes to making the right choice for ourselves.

Step 1: Make the Adoption Decision

Putting your baby up for adoption in Oregon starts by asking yourself a question: Is adoption the right choice for you? This is a personal decision, and while seeking counsel and support can be incredibly helpful, the final decision should lie within your heart.

Here a few questions to consider when it comes to making an adoption decision:

  • Am I ready to be a parent and handle all the responsibilities that come with it?
  • Can I provide financially for my child if I choose to parent?
  • Do I believe my child will have a better life if I place him or her with different parents?
  • Would I consider having a post-placement relationship with my child?
  • Is this a decision that I am making for myself and my baby, or am I making it to please someone else?

There are so many other factors that may come into play depending on your own personal circumstances. Whatever decision you make for yourself and your baby, hopefully you will find a sense of peace when your mind comes to a resolution.

If putting your newborn up for adoption in Oregon is the right choice for you and your baby, then you will move on to seeking out an adoption professional and creating an adoption plan with them.

Step 2: Create an adoption plan.

Putting a baby up for adoption in Oregon is a process that an adoption professional can help you with. You may choose to utilize the services of a national adoption agency, an Oregon adoption agency, or an adoption attorney. No matter who your adoption professional is, he or she will help you to create your own adoption plan.

Your adoption plan will include:

  • The specific qualities (such as personality and demographics) you are seeking in a prospective adoptive family.
  • The type of post-placement relationship you want to have with your child, whether it’s a closed, semi-open, or open adoption.
  • A hospital plan, if you are pregnant when you make your adoption decision.

Your adoption professional will offer support during this planning process, so be sure to ask them your questions and be completely honest about your needs and desires.

Step 3: Choose an adoptive family.

After creating your adoption plan, your adoption professional will use this information to select a number of prospective adoptive family profiles for you to look at. Depending on the adoption agency or adoption professional you choose to work with, you may receive video profiles, but you will also receive hard-copy adoptive family profiles. From these profiles, you will decide which family you like to start meeting and get to know.

There is no right or wrong way to get to know your perfect adoptive family match. You may fall in love at first sight, or there may be a period of bonding period needed before you can make a final decision.

No matter which adoptive family you choose, know that this choice belongs to you. You can always change your mind about who you choose up until you place your baby for adoption and sign your adoption consent papers.

Step 4: Prepare for placement.

If you are pregnant when you choose to put your newborn up for adoption in Oregon, then you will need to create a hospital plan with your adoption professional.

Your hospital plan, if applicable, will include:

  • Which hospital or birth center you will be delivering your baby at.
  • Who will be present during labor and delivery, based on your comfort level.
  • When the baby will be placed with the chosen adoptive parents.
  • How you will get home from the hospital or birth center.

Oregon adoption law states that you can only physically and legally place your baby with the adoptive family after he or she is born. Exactly when this occurs is a decision you will make with the adoptive family and the help of your adoption professional.

Step 5: Adjust to life after adoption.

Every birth mother is different, so life after adoption will look different for every woman. One woman may choose an open adoption and journey on with her life while being a part of her child’s upbringing. Some women may choose closed adoptions and make a fresh start in life knowing they made the best decision for their babies. Other women may choose semi-open adoptions and keep tabs on their children’s happiness while walking their own paths in life.

No matter what your life looks like after adoption, there is no right or wrong path. There is only your path. You decide what your life will look like after adoption.

There are many resources available for women who wish to walk a path of healing after choosing adoption. Some of these resources will include your adoption agency’s post-placement services, a local church or support group, online forums, birth mom retreats, healing blogs for birth moms, and more. There is no one way to heal that works for everyone, so be sure to find a healing path that suits your individual needs.

If you found this information helpful but have further questions about “giving your baby up” for adoption in Oregon, please fill out this contact form. An adoption professional will reach out to you, answer your questions, help you understand the process, and perhaps even start you on your own adoption journey!

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