How to Place a Baby for Adoption in Maryland

If you are a woman residing in Maryland and facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may find yourself thinking, “I want to give my baby up for adoption in Maryland.” If this is the case, know that you are not alone. There are many expectant mothers who have faced the same thought and followed through with an adoption decision. While choosing adoption may be an incredibly difficult decision to make for yourself and for your baby, in some cases, it is the best decision you can make. When making an adoption decision, listen to your gut, and the right decision should bring a sense of peace with it.

When considering putting a baby up for adoption in Maryland, you may find that, as a prospective birth mother, you have questions regarding what to expect from the adoption process. To help, this article outlines the process by breaking it down into a few different steps. But, if you are considering giving your baby up for adoption in Maryland, please be sure to reach out to an adoption professional with any questions specific to your situation.

Keep in mind that the prospective birth mother remains in control of the entire adoption process until she gives legal consent to place her baby for adoption in Maryland. This means that you can change your mind about any decision you make, including who you will adopt your baby to and the decision to place your baby for adoption, at any point in your journey.

You Are Not “Giving Up” by Giving a Baby Up for Adoption in Maryland

Giving up a baby for adoption in Maryland is anything but “giving up” on your baby. An adoption decision made by a prospective birth mother is typically one made from a deep love and level of selflessness. It takes courage to be able to admit that you are not ready to be a parent and raise a baby. Adoption is not a selfish choice; it is a gift that a prospective birth mother can give to her child by offering him or her a better life with different parents.

If you are considering giving your baby up for adoption in Maryland, try to use different phrasing when discussing it with others and thinking about it yourself. Instead of saying “give up,” use more positive phrasing like, “I’m placing my baby for adoption in Maryland,” or “I’m putting my baby up for adoption in Maryland.” Words hold power, and if you believe that choosing adoption is giving up, then you may feel a great sense of guilt about your decision. However, if you use positive terms regarding your adoption situation, it may ease the healing process ahead.

How to Give a Baby Up for Adoption in Maryland

Knowing how to place a baby for adoption in Maryland can be accomplished by reading the outline of the steps for adoption listed in this article.

The first step in any adoption process is for a prospective birth mother to decide that she is going to follow through with placing her child for adoption. Following this decision come the steps of the process itself, including making an adoption plan, choosing an adoptive family to place baby with and preparing for the placement process. After going through an adoption process, it will be time to begin the healing process and adjust to life after adoption as a birth mother. While healing from an adoption may take time, it is more than possible for you to live a happy and fulfilling life as a birth mother if you seek out the help you need.

Step 1: Make the adoption decision.

Putting a newborn up for adoption in Maryland is an option for any expectant mother, no matter what her personal circumstances may be. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to making an adoption decision. Some considerations will be more important to one prospective birth mother than another, depending on their personal situations

If you are a woman thinking about putting your Maryland baby up for adoption, please keep in mind the aspects of your life that may affect your adoption decision:

  • What is your financial situation? Can you afford to keep and raise a baby with the help and support currently available to you?
  • What is your living situation? Can you provide a healthy and happy environment for your baby to be raised in?
  • Do you have other children? Are you able to meet the needs of all the people who are dependent upon you?
  • What is your maturity level? Are you ready to be a parent and commit to that for a lifetime?
  • What kind of foundation does your faith hold? Do you believe you hold the values and ability to raise a baby in the way you want that baby raised?

There are also other factors that may come into play for a prospective birth mother making an adoption situation, such as her personal relationships or other circumstances. For example, a prospective birth mother may not have a reliable birth father to help her, or she may not have enough support in her life to be able to parent the baby.

No matter what your personal circumstances are, know that placing baby for adoption in Maryland is an option.

Step 2: Create an adoption plan.

“How do I put my unborn baby up for adoption in Maryland after having made my adoption decision?”

Once the adoption decision has been made, it is time to reach out to an adoption agency. You can choose to interview different agencies and look at your options. Make sure you ask each agency what services they offer to ensure they have the resources that you are looking for.

Once you have chosen which adoption agency you would like to work with, whether it’s a local or national agency, you will be assigned an adoption professional who will assist you in creating an adoption plan. During this step, a prospective birth mother can begin to imagine what kind of life she wants her baby to have.

When creating your adoption plan, ask yourself:

  • Who will adopt your baby? What type of family are you looking for? Consider age, marital status, educational values, location, parenting style, and more.
  • What type of post-placement relationship do you desire to have? Are you interested in an open, closed, or semi-open adoption?
  • What is important to you regarding your pregnancy and hospital plan?

Whatever values are important to you as a prospective birth mother regarding your baby’s adoption, it is crucial to add them to the adoption plan. Your adoption professional will use your adoption plan to match you with waiting families and find your perfect match. Make sure that you cover all your bases and be honest with your adoption professional about the desires you have for your baby’s future.

Step 3: Choose an adoptive family.

Once you have finished creating your adoption plan with your adoption professional, you will be presented with profiles of waiting families who match the desires that you have expressed. After you look through these profiles,  your adoption professional will ask you which family or families stand out to you.

During this step, the adoption process begins to take shape; you can see that a better future for your child becoming a reality. Getting to know your prospective adoptive family is an exciting process as you learn about who could raise your child and what type of relationship you may have with them after placement. Remember that until you sign consent for your adoption, you can always change your mind about which adoptive family will adopt your baby.

Step 4: Prepare for placement.

Preparing for putting baby up for adoption in Maryland also includes creating a hospital plan, if applicable, and signing legal documents.

If you are pregnant at the time you have made an adoption decision, you will need to work with your adoption professional to create a hospital plan. The hospital plan will detail specific instructions regarding the birth of your child.

Hospital plans include information on:

  • Who will be present during labor and delivery,
  • Who will be notified of the birth of the child,
  • Which hospital or birth center you will deliver at,
  • How you will get home after being released from the hospital, and
  • Any other considerations that are important to you about the birth of your baby.

Please keep in mind that Maryland has laws determining when you can legally place your baby with the adoptive family.  In Maryland, a prospective birth mother can only consent to the adoption after the child has been born. Once consent is made, a she has 30 days to change her mind before the adoption becomes permanent.

Step 5: Adjust to life after adoption.

There are so many different types of post-placement relationships that exist in adoption situations. Some adoptions are closed, and a birth mother moves on with her life and healing process without contact with the baby who was placed for adoption. Some adoptions are so open that a birth mother is blessed to see her child frequently. Many adoptions lie in the middle of these two scenarios.

Whatever your post-placement life is like as a birth mother, walking a path of healing will be a lifelong journey. Healing will look different for every birth mother. Some birth mothers will isolate for a period, some birth mothers will rely on their faith, and some birth mothers will seek out support and healing resources. Whatever your path of healing looks like, make sure it’s what is right for you. Everyone heals differently, but with focus and determination, life after adoption can be amazing. After all, choosing adoption is a gift from a birth mother to her baby.

If you are thinking about putting your baby up for adoption in Maryland and would like to talk with an adoption professional, then please fill out this contact form. No question is unimportant, especially when it comes to deciding on something like adoption.

Every woman who wonders, “Can I give my baby up for adoption in Maryland?” should know that adoption is an option. Whether your baby is still is your womb or your child has already been born, adoption can be an option for you.

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