Open Adoption with Your Child in Washington

What does open adoption mean in Washington? Open adoption means that a birth mother is blessed with a relationship with her child after choosing adoption. Open adoption stories from Washington include women from all walks of life who all have different relationships with the children that they placed for adoption.

While choosing adoption means learning how to cope with grief, it also means learning to navigate the beautiful relationships that open adoption brings. This is because not only does an open adoption in Washington benefit the birth mother but also the child who was placed for adoption and his or her adoptive parents.

Want to learn more about open adoption in Washington? Keep reading below to find out about all of your options for this journey.

What is Open Adoption in Washington?

The open adoption definition in Washington varies from one situation to another. However, open adoption can be defined by any relationship in which a birth mother has some form of direct contact with the child that she placed for adoption. This relationship can be in-person, over the phone, or through the mail. Communication may be as frequent as a few visits or phone calls per month, or as infrequent as one visit per year.

No matter what type of communication a birth mother has with her birth child, or the level of frequency with which that communication takes place, an open adoption is an amazing way for all parties in the adoption triad to have a closer relationship.

What is Closed Adoption in Washington?

On the opposite end of a Washington open adoption is a closed adoption. A closed adoption is when a prospective birth mother decides she would rather not have contact with her child or his or her parents before and after the baby has been placed for adoption. Decades ago, closed adoptions were considered the norm as people tended to shame women who choose adoption for their babies. Thankfully, the world is changing, and even experts in the field recommend open adoption over closed adoption these days. It is rare to see a closed adoption take place in modern-day society, as there are so many known benefits to choosing a Washington open adoption instead.

What is Semi-Open Adoption in Washington?

A semi-open adoption in Washington is when the relationship between the birth mother and her birth child is mediated through the adoption agency that facilitated the adoption. In a Washington semi-open adoption, any communications like letters, pictures, or gifts, are mailed directly to the adoption agency to be forwarded on to the appropriate party.

A semi-open adoption in Washington is a great option for the birth mother who wants to be updated on how her child is doing throughout his or her life but does not desire any form of direct contact with her child or his or her adoptive parents. In a Washington semi-open adoption, all identifying information is kept private by the adoption agency that mediates this relationship.

The Benefits of Open Adoption in Washington

There are many benefits to choosing a Washington open adoption for all parties in the adoption triad. The adoption triad consists of a birth mother, and sometimes the birth father, the child who was placed for adoption, and the parents or family who adopted the child.

Birth mothers benefit from open adoption for so many reasons. Not only does a birth mother have the honor of watching her child grow up in a happy and healthy environment but she also has a direct relationship with him or her that can help her in her healing process. Adoptive parents benefit from a Washington open adoption with the ability to keep an open adoption conversation going with their child. They can be as open with their child as they desire to be regarding where he or she came from and how the family came together. Adoptive parents and birth mothers in an open adoption get to know each other and learn how to navigate their relationship as the years go on.

Most importantly, the child who was placed for adoption benefits from a Washington open adoption. Adopted children with open adoptions are less likely to have identity issues, because they grow up in an environment in which their adoption is openly and positively discussed. Also, adopted children can be blessed with more love than many other children are, because they receive it from both their adoptive family and their birth family.

If you are looking for your own way to define a Washington open adoption, please fill out this contact form. An adoption professional will reach out to you, share Washington open adoption facts, and talk to you about what your very own Washington open adoption could look like.

While starting an adoption journey can be scary, it can also be exhilarating as a prospective birth mother begins to envision a bright future for herself and her baby. Adoption is a gift that birth mothers give to their children by maturely recognizing their own limitations and choosing a better life for their babies through choosing different parents. If you are considering a Washington open adoption, know that the road ahead of you can be filled with great joy and many miracles.

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