Open Adoption with Your Child in Nevada

If you have been researching or contemplating adoption in Nevada for your child for any amount of time, the phrases open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption have probably been repetitive expressions you have found while making your decision. Each one of these phrases describes a type of adoption available to the parties involved. Through most of history, the common and most recommended form of adoption was a closed adoption. However, after much research and observation, social workers and adoption professionals no longer endorse closed adoption as the best method for most families involved.

What has been observed among adoptive families and birth mothers is that some form of communication between the parties results in healthier growth for the child and relationships for the future. If you are anticipating adoption for your baby in Nevada, consider an open adoption with the chosen adoptive family.

What is Open Adoption in Nevada?

Open adoption is a type of post-adoption communication agreement between the birth family and the adoptive family where both parties know names and have some sort of contact with each other. This agreement can be informal between the families as they discuss desires for contact, or an open adoption in Nevada can be written in the form of a contract. Nevada allows the involved parties to write up an enforceable agreement that lines out contact after the finalization of an adoption. The written agreement would recognize what the parties decided as far as the type and frequency of post-adoption contact in Nevada, and both parties would sign the document prior to adoption finalization. This allows for more specific expectations to be made and carried out by the families involved.

While a written agreement is not required, an open adoption can be discussed verbally before placement so both families understand future communication wishes.

As with any adoption situation in Nevada, open adoption agreements can vary based on what each family agrees to, and expectations can even change over time per discussions between parties. For example, adoptive and birth families may only agree to pictures and letters being sent back and forth directly. Or, contact information such as phone numbers may be exchanged between families if both parties wish to stay connected through calls and texts. Others may opt to create a social media account just for the adoptive parties to post updates and pictures on a regular basis to stay connected and informed. The two families may choose to meet before the birth of the child and even set up post placement visits for face-to-face contact.

Whatever method used, the open communication between both families will be discussed and agreed upon before placement occurs. This verbal agreement can also be altered as the child grows. The birth family may desire more or less contact through the years and flexible parties will need to be understanding of one another.

What is Closed Adoption in Nevada?

Closed adoption is another option considered when choosing the type of communication, or lack thereof, with the adoptive family. In a closed adoption in Nevada, there is no contact between either party, and no identifying details of either family are shared with the other for privacy purposes. Once the adoption is final, a social worker will bring the adoptive family the child, and the adoption file with all its details will be closed and not allowed to be seen by either party or child.

What used to be thought of as the customary relationship between the two adoptive parties, closed adoptions are not always considered the best option between the families anymore. While there may be certain unique cases where it would be best for the child or those involved for an adoption to remain closed, in most cases now, experts recommend an open or semi-open adoption because of the benefits for all those involved.

What is Semi-Open Adoption in Nevada?

A middle ground between open and closed adoption options is a semi-open adoption. This route will also have its own unique facets as requested by the families involved, but may have more restrictions than a completely open or completely closed adoption. When using a Nevada semi-open adoption agreement, identifying information for either family will be kept private, but contact can still be made between families through their adoption professional serving as a mediator. Pictures or letters can be sent to the office of your adoption professional, and they will make sure the other party is made aware of this information. This method allows for families to still be informed at their convenience but not share any personal information if they choose not to.

The Benefits of Open Adoption in Nevada

While open adoptions are recommended by adoption professionals in Nevada, knowing the benefits of having an open adoption will aid each party in making their decision.

Open adoptions in Nevada give each party a story to tell.

Knowing your story and the details of it will prompt you to share it with others more freely. This not only benefits those involved, but makes adoption stories more prevalent and support more easily attained. It is also important for the adopted child to know his/her story as they are being raised to share it with pride and not shame.

You may continue to be a part of your child’s life.

In an open adoption in Nevada, you can know your child, and he/she can know you as they grow up. Through phone calls, letters, or even visits, you remain in some form of relationship with your child and his/her adoptive family. This will be important as your child wonders about your adoption decision or has questions. You can be available to help your child understand his/her adoption and how you did what was best for the child.

Medical history or issues can stay up to date.

As an adopted child, it is important to know your birth parents’ medical history or current health issues in order to stay well-informed for your own health records.

You can avoid the unknown.

Sometimes in a closed adoption, the unknown details of where your child is and how he/she is doing can lead to guilt or depression. Avoiding the unknown in an open adoption will allow the birth mother to form the type of relationship that transcends the questions and still shows love.

Each adoption story is unique, and each family involved will desire different levels of contact. Among the adoption experts in Nevada, an open adoption versus a closed adoption is preferred. However, you may have more questions about your options and what an open adoption is in Nevada. Please complete the contact form here to be connected to an adoption professional for more free information regarding open adoptions in Nevada.

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