Open Adoption with Your Child in Arkansas

What is open adoption in Arkansas? Open adoption is when a birth mother has direct communication with her child and his or her adoptive parents during that child’s upbringing. Open adoption stories in Arkansas include birth mothers who see their adopted children, talk to them on the phone, exchange pictures and letters, and share gifts. There are so many options in an open adoption in Arkansas for any prospective birth mother. A woman considering adoption can learn more about her post-placement agreement options, which include open, semi-open, or closed adoption, by reading this article and working with an adoption professional.

What is Open Adoption in Arkansas?

What does open adoption mean in Arkansas? While there is no clear open adoption definition in Arkansas, it can be generally described as a relationship with direct communication between a birth mother and her child during his or her upbringing. Once a woman considering adoption begins working with an adoption professional, she will be able to create an adoption plan which will include her desires for post-placement contact. If a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy can’t imagine not having contact with her baby, then she should be encouraged to know open adoption in Arkansas is an option for her! Not only is open adoption in Arkansas socially acceptable and encouraged, it also has great benefits for everyone involved in the relationship.

What is Closed Adoption in Arkansas?

Post-placement agreement options include choosing a closed adoption. A closed adoption is an adoption situation in which a birth mother has no contact with her child until after the child who was adopted has turned 18. Once the child becomes a legal adult, the birth mother and/or the child can reach out to the other and initiate contact. While closed adoption was the preferred option throughout most of U.S. history, that is no longer the case. Experts in the adoption field recommend some form of an open adoption relationship post-placement to benefit all parties involved in the adoption.

What is Semi-Open Adoption in Arkansas?

The third option for post-placement contact is a semi-open adoption in Arkansas. A semi-open adoption is when the adoption agency mediates the relationship between the birth mother and the adoptive family and child. This allows for a birth mother to keep her personal information private, but still have some level of communication with her child. Typically, a semi-open adoption in Arkansas will include exchanging letters and pictures via the mediation of the chosen adoption agency.

The Benefits of Open Adoption in Arkansas

There are benefits to choosing an open adoption in Arkansas for all of those involved in the adoption situation. A birth mother will be encouraged to live her life to the fullest while being able to have a healthy and happy relationship with her child. The child who was placed for adoption will have double the love and double the family. The adoptive parents will be able to have a more open level of communication with their child about where he or she came from. All around, open adoption is a very healthy option for everyone. While there may be bumps along the way as everyone grows and navigates the relationships, there is much joy to be had by choosing an open adoption in Arkansas.

A woman considering adoption will want to decide, before choosing a prospective adoptive family, what level of communication she desires to have with her child after placement. The three communication options in adoption are open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption. If you are considering open adoption in Arkansas, please fill out this contact form so that someone can reach out to you and answer any questions you may have. A prospective birth mother has the honor of determining how she will interact, or not interact, with her child after choosing adoption before she chooses the prospective adoptive family. An adoption professional will be able to choose adoptive family profiles that meet the desired relationship status after placement that a woman considering adoption wants. Prospective birth mothers remain in control of the adoption process in many ways, including choosing their post-placement agreement terms.

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