How to Place a Baby for Adoption in Wisconsin

What does the future hold for you if you are an expectant mother in Wisconsin and facing the decision to “give your baby up” for adoption? Where should you turn for answers as you sort through your thoughts and try to find support for further information on the adoption process in Wisconsin?

This article is a good place to start.

Below, you can find some resources and answers to your questions about putting a baby up for adoption in Wisconsin. To learn more, contact an adoption professional, who can be a great benefit to you as you consider your options for placing your baby for adoption in Wisconsin.

You Are Not “Giving Up” by Giving a Baby up for Adoption in Wisconsin

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may be feeling as though “giving up” is the only step forward to beginning an adoption journey. You may feel guilty about considering “giving your baby up” for adoption — but “giving up” couldn’t be farther from the truth when it comes to your adoption decision. It is out of love and compassion for the child growing inside of you that you choose to place them with another family. Giving your son or daughter another set of parents who will be able to care for and raise him or her in a way that you feel would be best is not a sign of “giving up” but of showing true strength.

An expectant mother considering adoption is not a failure who decides to “give up” her child to another family through adoption. In fact, it’s quite the contrary — adoption is seen as a selfless act and an indication of unmatched bravery by a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy.

How to Give Baby up for Adoption in Wisconsin

As an expectant mother in Wisconsin, you will have many things to decide about your adoption journey. Choosing to place your baby for adoption is actually the beginning of a five-step process.

So, how exactly do you place a child for adoption in Wisconsin? Read through the following steps as you prepare for your adoption in Wisconsin.

Step 1: Make the Adoption Decision

Every aspect of your life needs to be considered when making the final choice of putting your baby up for adoption in Wisconsin. It’s normal to be considering parenting as well as adoption but, before you make this choice, ask yourself some questions:

  • Are you financially able to support a child?
  • Do you have a child-friendly environment to raise the child in?
  • How is your support system going to play a role in your child’s life if you choose to parent?
  • Are you mentally and emotionally ready to handle the changes that raising a child will bring?

Once you have carefully reflected on these thoughts, you can be more prepared to make the decision of placing your child for adoption in Wisconsin. If you’re unsure which option is right for you, consider speaking to an unplanned pregnancy counselor for more information about all of your options.

If you have decided that you will be putting your baby up for adoption in Wisconsin, step one of the adoption process is complete.

Step 2: Create an Adoption Plan

Connecting with an adoption professional following your decision to place your child for adoption in Wisconsin will be an important part of the rest of your adoption journey. Seeking help from someone along the way will not only ensure legal obligations are met but will also offer an easier path to walk with someone who can aid you in completing the process.

At this time in your adoption process, an adoption professional will guide you through creating an adoption plan for you, your unborn child, and the family you choose. This professional can even help you decide what options to consider when forming this plan and how to execute it. For example:

  • You may want to consider what type of family you would like to raise your child. Do you wish to have a relationship with this family, or will the adoption be closed?
  • Think about whether you would like to receive regular updates about your child with photos and letters, annual visits or phone calls. Will you invite the adoptive family to the hospital while the baby is being born?
  • You may be entitled to adoption financial assistance during your journey. What needs do you have — such as housing, food, clothing, transportation, and medical expenses — to keep yourself safe and healthy?

Having an adoption professional to sort out the details of your adoption plan will make the preparation for placing your baby for adoption in Wisconsin a much smoother process.

Step 3: Choose an Adoptive Family

Think about where you want your child to live and what opportunities you wish him or her to have in their life. These will help you decide what type of adoptive family you want.

Imagine what you wish for your child’s future and discuss your non-negotiable attributes with your adoption professional. Choose a family of faith or one who travels often. Search through profiles to find families with other children or a family who loves the arts. You can choose every aspect, such as race, gender, marital status, location and more.

No matter what details you believe to be important for the adoptive family, share these with your adoption professional so they will be able to best match your desires with waiting families as you choose who will be best suited for your child. You will always have the right to choose the family for your baby, and you can take as much time as you need to find the right family for you when giving up a baby for adoption in Wisconsin.

Step 4: Prepare for Placement

After you find an adoptive family, preparations will need to be made for your baby’s placement with them. Whether your child will be adopted by a family in Wisconsin or another state, both parties need to be made aware of the plan and expectations for placement of your child.

As part of this, you will need to plan for the birth and hospital stay. Will you allow the adoptive parents to be at the hospital when the baby is born? Do you want to meet the parents face-to-face before the birth and placement of the baby? Preparing these specifics will ensure everyone is on the same page while you give your baby up for adoption in Wisconsin.

As per Wisconsin law, birth parents must sign legal documentation terminating their parental rights before an adoption can be finalized. You will be provided a personal lawyer after giving birth to your child, who will then explain your adoption rights and help you sign your adoption consent — but only when you are 100 percent ready. Your lawyer and adoption professional will also handle any issues with your personal birth father situation.

Step 5: Adjust to Life after Adoption

Even though a birth mother chooses another family to raise her child through adoption, her adoption process does not stop once the child has been placed. It’s normal to have feelings of grief and loss after placing your baby for adoption in Wisconsin, so you will always have the option for counseling sessions even after your adoption is complete. If an open adoption was agreed upon by both parties, your adoption professional will help mediate contact (if necessary), and you will commence your personal adoption relationship as your child grows up.

If you are considering putting your baby up for adoption in Wisconsin, following these steps and reviewing your options further with an adoption professional will aid in the decision. To receive more free information from and talk to a Wisconsin adoption professional, please complete this contact form today.

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