Exploring Your Kansas Unplanned Pregnancy Options

An unplanned pregnancy, or even an unwanted pregnancy, in Kansas can be very scary for a woman. A woman facing an unintended pregnancy has three options in Kansas: parenting, abortion or adoption.

Each of the Kansas unplanned pregnancy options has its benefits and its consequences. How to decide to keep a baby or not is not a simple decision. Much thought must go into this decision, and processing such options must be done within a certain timeframe. Kansas law states that after 20 weeks post fertilization, a woman cannot choose abortion without medical requirements. A pregnancy lasts nine months. Whatever a woman’s decision is when facing unplanned pregnancy options, she must decide swiftly.

What Are My Options if I’m Pregnant in Kansas?

Unplanned or unwanted pregnancy options consist of parenting, abortion, or adoption. What are your options if you are pregnant in Kansas? Here is some state-specific information for these three options:

Option 1: Parenting

A woman’s pregnancy options include the option to parent her child. There are many factors to consider when it comes to deciding to parent. Some of the considerations a woman will want to take are her financial ability to provide for her child, her mental stability and consistency for her child, her support system, resources available to her in her area, and other circumstantial factors that pertain to her specific situation, like her situation with the birth father. Raising a child is no simple feat. It requires resources, patience, and a readiness and maturity that not every woman has when she finds out about an unplanned pregnancy.

There are many resources available for women who decide to parent from local agencies and the state of Kansas. To find out what resources are in your area, check out your county’s website. More information about Kansas state resources like cash and food assistance, health insurance, and child care assistance may be found on the website for the Kansas Department for Children and Families. There are also programs like WIC (Women, Infants and Children) that offer support through education, food assistance, and more in Kansas.

Option 2: Abortion

Choosing abortion or keeping your baby in Kansas is no easy decision. While abortion is a typically safe procedure, it has many post-emotional challenges that come with it. Once the decision has been made for abortion, there is no turning back. A woman facing this type of choice will want to consider her commitment to such a decision and whether she will be able to emotionally and mentally handle it in the long-term. She will also want to make sure that she understands Kansas law restrictions on abortion, which include:

  • A woman must receive state-directed counseling that includes information designed to discourage her from having an abortion, and then wait 24 hours before the procedure is provided.
  • Private insurance policies cover abortion only in cases of life endangerment, unless individuals purchase an optional rider at an additional cost.
  • Health plans offered in the state’s health exchange under the Affordable Care Act can only cover abortion if the woman’s life is endangered.
  • Abortion is covered in insurance policies for public employees only in cases of life endangerment.
  • The use of telemedicine to administer medication abortion is prohibited.
  • The parents of a minor must consent before an abortion is provided.
  • Public funding is available for abortion only in cases of life endangerment, rape or incest.
  • A woman must undergo an ultrasound before obtaining an abortion; the provider must offer her the option to view the image.
  • An abortion may be performed at 20 or more weeks post fertilization (22 weeks after the woman’s last menstrual period) only if the woman’s life is endangered or if her physical health is severely compromised. This law is based on the assertion that a fetus can feel pain at that point in pregnancy.

Option 3: Adoption

Should I keep my baby or give up for adoption? Just like with any unintended pregnancy option, there are pros and cons to choosing adoption. A woman will find that when choosing adoption, she is in control of the process through her adoption professional. She will be able to choose the family for her child and the type and frequency of contact she may desire to have with her child during their upbringing as well. Even if the options for pregnancy didn’t originally include adoption, an infant can be placed for adoption after birth as well. Adoption is not only free of charge, but it also allows for a child to have a wonderful life that a birth mother may not have been able to provide.

Your Kansas pregnancy options are to parent, choose abortion, or choose adoption. As you make this decision, you may be asking yourself, “Am I ready to parent? How to choose adoption or keep the baby? Should I keep my baby? Is abortion the best option for me?” Pregnancy counseling is available through many agencies to help a woman answer these questions and make a decision regarding an unexpected pregnancy in Kansas. By filling out this contact form, you will be connected to a specialist who can discuss all your unplanned pregnancy options in Kansas.

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