Exploring Your Texas Unplanned Pregnancy Options

There are three choices for a woman when it comes to an unplanned pregnancy in Texas. The three choices for the woman are to parent, have an abortion, or choose adoption.  These choices are personal for any woman facing an unwanted pregnancy. It is up to the woman to decide which option is right for her.

The resources and support a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy has will have a great impact upon the decision that she makes. There is no right or wrong decision, as every woman’s situation varies so greatly. However, there is the best choice for each individual woman exploring her unplanned pregnancy options in Texas. This article includes a general overview of these three options. Please fill out this contact form if you find yourself in the position of an unwanted child or pregnancy and need to discuss your options with another party.

Some common questions that a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy are:

  • What are my options if I’m pregnant in Texas?
  • How do I know if adoption is right for me?
  • Am I ready to be a parent?
  • What is more expensive: pregnancy or adoption in TX?
  • How to choose adoption or to keep my baby?
  • Should I keep my baby?
  • Which is better: abortion or keeping your baby?

These questions are best answered by the woman facing the unplanned pregnancy by getting honest with herself. If she is unsure of the decision she wants to make, pregnancy counselors are available to help her make such a decision. Adoption agencies offer pregnancy counseling, whether locally or nationally. Please remember in making this decision that it is ultimately the decision of the woman facing the unplanned pregnancy in Texas.

Option 1: Parenting

Your Texas pregnancy options include parenting. Parenting is a lifetime commitment, and while it’s not an easy job, it can be incredibly rewarding. For the woman facing an unplanned pregnancy who is considering parenting, it would be wise to assess all resources and support. Some expectant mothers are blessed with lots of support that also provides resources, although this is not always the case. For pregnant women who are considering parenting without a lot of support, there are resources available. The Texas Department of State Health Services has a website that links all their programs, which includes car seat info, family health services, and a job center. These resources will be helpful to a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy in Texas who is choosing to parent her child.

Option 2: Abortion

Abortion is an option for a woman facing an unwanted child in Texas. However, it is important that a woman facing this decision understand Texas abortion law and its stipulations. For example, a woman choosing abortion must receive state counseling to discourage her from having an abortion, and then wait 24 hours before the procedure can be done. Along with understanding abortion law in Texas, a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy should be aware that once this decision is made, there is no going back. Healing is possible with counseling and other abortion support resources.

Option 3: Adoption

Adoption is always an option for a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy in Texas. Adoption is a choice a woman makes to give her child a better life through different parents. A local adoption agency in Texas, or a national adoption agency that serves Texas, will be able to connect a potential birth mother with an adoption professional. An adoption professional will be able to walk a prospective birth mother through the adoption process and be a support for her up until finalization. After that, a birth mother will find herself adjusting to a new life as a birth mother, a woman, and whatever else she chooses to be. Choosing adoption is free, and there is financial support available for prospective birth mothers going through an adoption process. Whether she is facing an unexpected pregnancy, or is struggling to parent a child who has already been born, a woman always has the option of adoption in Texas.

If you are a woman who is trying to figure out how to decide to keep a baby or not, then please fill out the contact form. An adoption specialist will reach out to you and can help give you information on your options for unplanned pregnancy in Texas, including not only adoption, but other options as well.

“What are my options if I’m pregnant?” The simple answer is to parent, have an abortion, or choose adoption. While determining the answer to that question is no simple process, be encouraged that once the right answer is chosen, a sense of peace will come with it.

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