How Do I Tell My Friends and Family?

Once you have made the decision to give up your baby for adoption, you are probably wondering how you are going to tell your friends and family. You may not have even told them that you are pregnant yet. Telling friends and family about your adoption decision can be difficult because many parents are looking for approval from others; they want someone else to tell them they are making the right decision. Read More about “How Do I Tell My Friends and Family?”

Who Can I Talk to About Adoption?

Many women decide to first talk to someone outside of their circle of family and friends about their pregnancy and their thoughts of giving up the baby for adoption. They feel much more comfortable speaking with someone who has an outside perspective and is not emotionally connected to the woman, the child or the family. Many women just need someone to listen to them as they work through their decision to give up their baby for adoption. Read More about “Who Can I Talk to About Adoption?”