Should I Choose Abortion or Adoption?

A woman facing an unplanned pregnancy has three options:

If you already know that parenting isn’t in the cards for you, then you’re left with one big question: “Should I choose abortion or adoption?”

Before you do anything else, you should look at some information about both options. Here, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to everything an expectant woman should know if she’s considering adoption vs. abortion.

We know that you’re going to have a lot of questions about the differences between abortion and adoption, and we plan to do our best to answer each one of them. Because this article is going to be so long, we’ve created an easily accessible table of contents below. If there’s a particular topic you’re looking for, you’ll be able to jump to it right away.

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  1. Are Abortion and Adoption Really Alternatives?
  2. The Facts About Abortion vs. Adoption
    1. What is the Cost of Adoption vs. Abortion?
    2. Is Abortion Harder than Adoption?
    3. How Accessible is Adoption?
    4. How Accessible is Abortion?
  3. The Pros and Cons of Abortion vs. Adoption
    1. Abortion vs. Adoption: Pros and Cons of Abortion
    2. Adoption vs. Abortion: Pros and Cons of Adoption
  4. Why Do Some Women Choose Abortion or Adoption?
    1. Why a Woman May Choose Adoption Instead of Abortion
    2. Why a Woman May Choose Abortion over Adoption
  5. What if I don’t want my baby, but I don’t want an abortion?
  6. Is Abortion or Adoption Right for You?

Are Abortion and Adoption Really Alternatives?

Before we really get into this guide, we’d like to talk about the principle of adoption as an alternative to abortion.

There are many people who see adoption as the perfect substitute to an abortion. But the fact is that choosing adoption as an alternative to abortion is not that simple.

When a woman chooses adoption, she will still have to carry her pregnancy, experience childbirth, and then finally place her child for adoption with the adoptive parents. Abortion, on the other hand, prevents the pregnancy and childbirth experience altogether.

Either option is an emotionally difficult decision for a woman to make. Instead of looking to compare and contrast abortion vs. adoption as opposites of one other, the question should be:

Does a woman want to experience pregnancy and childbirth?

These are two very different choices to make. In addition, adoption is not the only alternative to abortion. A woman can also choose to parent after an unplanned pregnancy.

At the end of the day, you are the only who can decide which unplanned pregnancy option is right for you. Whether that’s abortion, adoption or even parenting, this choice is entirely up to you.

The Facts About Abortion vs. Adoption

What is the Cost of Adoption vs Abortion?

If you’re considering these two options, you’re probably asking: “How much is an abortion, and how much is adoption? Is abortion cheaper than adoption?”

Adoption is actually free for prospective birth mothers. You already have so much to worry about, so the last thing on your mind should be financial stress. In addition, you may even receive financial assistance to help you throughout your pregnancy. These living expenses can cover everything from food to rent to utilities and more.

The cost of an abortion can be anywhere from $0–$1,000. How much you end up paying will depend on a few factors, including how far along you are in your pregnancy, the type of abortion you get, your health insurance, and where you live. 

Do your research to determine which is more expensive for you: abortion or adoption.

Is Abortion Harder than Adoption?

Many women wonder if adoption is harder than abortion.

Logistically, both processes can be fairly simple. However, there isn’t one option that is emotionally “easier” than the other.

Abortion and adoption can be the hardest choices a woman will ever have to make, and there are many emotional similarities between abortion and adoption. In both situations, a woman will have to seriously consider what she wants her future to look like. Naturally, this means that there will be some grief and loss, no matter which option she picks.

If she’s considering adoption, you may be worried about how you’re going to feel during each stage of the journey — especially when you place your baby with the adoptive family. And, if you’re considering abortion, you may grieve for the loss of your pregnancy.  You may also be feeling some pressure from your family and friends because of what they think is the best option for an unplanned pregnancy.  

Suffice to say, these are just some of the many reasons for why neither abortion nor adoption are easier than the other.

How Accessible is Adoption?

One reason women choose adoption instead of abortion? Adoption is available no matter how far along you are in your pregnancy.

It is never too late to choose adoption for your baby. Whether you’ve just found out about your pregnancy, or if it’s already been a few months, you can easily find the resources you need to make an adoption plan that has everything you’re looking for. 

If you are reading this guide late into your pregnancy, abortion likely won’t be an option. Know that adoption help is always available. Please fill out our free information form to speak to an adoption specialist near you.

How Accessible is Abortion?

Unlike adoption, abortion can’t be chosen at just any point in your pregnancy. It is only considered an early unplanned pregnancy option.

Many states start to limit your options for abortion at 12 weeks. Once you hit 24 weeks, it will become much harder to find a nurse or a doctor that will perform the procedure.

If you are considering choosing abortion over adoption, you will need to talk to your doctor as soon as possible to make sure that this is still an option for you.

The Pros and Cons of Abortion vs Adoption

Now that you know a little bit more about the facts of abortion vs. adoption, let’s get into the pros and cons. Here’s what you should know if you’re weighing your options.

Abortion vs. Adoption: Pros and Cons of Abortion


  • You won’t carry your pregnancy to term or experience childbirth.
  • Abortion is a generally safe procedure.
  • You’ll be able to focus on your future, unhindered by the side effects and risks of pregnancy.


  • You could regret your decision.
  • Abortion must be considered early in your pregnancy.
  • The procedure can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

>Adoption vs. Abortion Pros and Cons of Adoption


  • Your child can have a life of love and opportunity.
  • Adoption is free for prospective birth mothers.
  • You can still pursue your own goals and remain a part of your child’s life
  • You get to choose the perfect family for your baby.


Why Do Some Women Choose Abortion or Adoption?

It would be easy if there was just one reason that a woman chooses abortion vs adoption. But the truth is that there are many reasons for why women abort their pregnancies instead of choosing adoption and vice versa.

Here, we’ve listed a few reasons for choosing both paths.

Why a Woman May Choose Adoption Instead of Abortion

  • She may want to help someone else become a family: Even if she knows that she’s not ready to become a mother, a pregnant woman knows that someone else is waiting for the chance to become a family. A woman may choose adoption over abortion to give them this priceless gift. Even when it’s difficult for her, giving someone else the chance to finally become a parent can be incredibly rewarding and one of the biggest benefits of adoption over abortion.
  • She wants to watch her child grow up: When a prospective birth mother chooses adoption, she gets to be a part of her child’s life as much as she feels comfortable with. She can watch them grow up and see them safe, happy and, most importantly, loved. For many women, seeing their children thrive is one of the biggest reasons for adoption instead of abortion.
  • She doesn’t believe in abortion: Abortion is often the most controversial unplanned pregnancy option, and many women are ethically opposed to it. Whether it’s for religious or personal reasons, she might feel like terminating her pregnancy just isn’t a choice for her.

Why a Woman May Choose Abortion over Adoption

  • She doesn’t want to be pregnant: Pregnancy can be scary — and even dangerous — for some women. If a woman knows that she doesn’t want to be pregnant, or if she has medical complications that would prevent her from carrying the pregnancy to term, that could be a reason why abortion is better than adoption in her situation.
  • She doesn’t want her friends and family to know about her unplanned pregnancy: Facing an unplanned pregnancy may be one of the scariest moments in any woman’s life. But even worse can be the fear of what everyone else might think. If a woman wants to avoid an uncomfortable confrontation, or if she’s afraid of what her family and friends will say, she might decide that abortion is the best option.
  • She wants to move forward with her life: She might think that choosing adoption instead of abortion will help her more quickly get her life back on track. She won’t have to worry about a pregnancy, and she won’t be faced with the pressures of the adoption process. In addition, she may have her own goals for the future, especially if she’s still in school or she wants to focus on her career.
  • She might think that abortion is emotionally easier: Some women see placing their children for adoption as a harder choice than abortion. A woman who chooses adoption will still have to carry her baby for nine months and will experience everything that comes with childbirth and labor. In addition, she will also have to watch her child grow up with another family.

What if I don’t want my baby, but I don’t want an abortion?

If you already know that you don’t want an abortion, and you’re not sure about parenting, it’s easy to feel stuck. But like every woman before you, you do have a third option: adoption.

Many women consider this to be the best choice out of their three unplanned pregnancy options. If you choose adoption for your baby, you can give them a future full of opportunities. It is an incredibly selfless decision, and it may be the best option for you if you’re considering other options besides abortion.

Remember: Adoption is not an easy decision to make. It will affect the rest of you and your baby’s lives.

If you have any questions about the adoption process, or about adoption instead of abortion, a good place to start is by reaching out to an adoption professional for free, unbiased information.

Is Abortion or Adoption Right for You?

We hope that this guide answered many of your questions about adoption versus abortion. We know that you’re struggling to answer the hardest question you may ever face. Take your time and do your research before deciding which path is right for you.

If you need any more guidance regarding adoption, please don’t hesitate to reach out to an adoption professional by filling out our free information form.



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