When Can You Put a Baby Up for Adoption?

There is never a wrong time to choose adoption for your baby.

Women who make the brave and selfless decision to choose adoption do so at many different points in their life. They might start considering adoption during their pregnancy, at the hospital, or even when they’ve taken their baby home. A woman might even start considering adoption when her child is already a few weeks, months or even years old, and she has nowhere left to turn. When “giving a baby up” for adoption, it’s important that you remember that you’re not alone, no matter what your situation is. There is no singular adoption path; you just have to remember to do what’s best for you as you ponder this difficult dilemma.

When you become a mother, your baby’s well-being comes first. And if you are considering placing your child into the arms of someone else, we know that you’re doing it out of pure love for your child. Here is what you can expect the adoption process to look like at different times during your pregnancy, and even after the delivery if you’re unsure if adoption is the right choice for you right now.

When Can I Give My Baby Up for Adoption if I Just Found Out I’m Pregnant?

It’s never too early to start thinking about adoption for your baby. While many women are unsure of the adoption process until they get to meet their child for the first time, others know right away that between adoption, abortion and parenting, adoption is the only choice for them. If this describes your situation and you are eager to get started, you might be wondering, “When can I start putting my baby up for adoption?  How early can I start the adoption process?”

If you know that adoption is the right choice for you, you can start the process at any time. Reach out to a trusted adoption agency for more information.

When Can You Put a Baby Up for Adoption at the Hospital?

If you’ve been deliberating about the adoption process for some time, just remember that choosing a “last-minute” adoption is nothing to be ashamed of. Many women choose adoption for their baby at the hospital after they’ve realized that adoption is the right choice for them.

Even when you’re at the hospital, you’re still entitled to the same services as a woman who’s decided on adoption early in her pregnancy. From your hospital bed, you’ll be able to choose the adoptive family, receive counseling and educational services, and more.

If you’re at the hospital right now and you’re looking for help, contact an adoption professional. We have plenty of experience helping women in your situation and we have the resources to help you complete a same-day adoption from the hospital.

When Can You Put a Child Up for Adoption After You’ve Given Birth?

If it’s been a few weeks, months, or even years since your baby was born, it may seem like adoption is no longer an option. But this isn’t the case. You may start asking, “When can you give a child up for adoption if they’re older?” No matter what your situation is, adoption is still an option for you.

As you can imagine, putting an older child up for adoption will be a little bit different than placing an infant for adoption and will have some restrictions. If your child has a sibling, it’s critical that they are able to stay together. In addition, if they have any medical needs, this will need to be taken into account. It may be harder to find adoptive parents that are looking to adopt older children from an infant adoption agency, but it’s still possible.

If adoption seems like it might be the best choice for your situation, and you’re unsure if parenting is right for you, please reach out to an adoption specialist for available resources.

When Giving a Baby Up for Adoption, Who Can I Turn to for Help?

When giving your baby up for adoption, when to decide on the right time can be extremely difficult. When we hear the question, “When can I put my baby up for adoption?” there is one important thing to remember. The truth is that there is no perfect time to pick adoption for your baby. No one else can, or should, make this life-changing decision besides you, and no one can tell you when you should “give up” a child for adoption.

Because adoption isn’t an overnight decision, there is plenty to consider. You may be unsure if you can support your baby at this time, especially if you might become a single mother after the baby is born. If you’re about to be a young mother still in school, you’ll need to think about if you’re really ready to put your career and education on hold to raise a child at this time.

Whatever your situation may be, trying to decide when it’s time to start considering adoption is completely up to you. Your adoption specialist will always be available for you to reach out. Even after the adoption is over, you can rest assured that you’ll still have someone to reach out to. You can also reach out to a local counselor, a close family member, or someone that you know you can depend on.

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