Open Adoption with Your Child in California

What is open adoption in California? While there is no specific definition, open adoption in California is when a birth mother has direct communication with the adoptive family and her child during his or her upbringing. This communication can be in the form of visiting with her child, talking on the phone, sharing gifts, exchanging letters and pictures, etc. The frequency and type of communication varies from one birth mother to another, depending on what was specified in her post-placement contact agreement. Open adoption in California is an option for any woman considering adoption.

What is Open Adoption in California?

The open adoption definition in California is not specific, as every birth mother has a different level of contact with her child. Some birth mothers see their children once per year, while others have more or less frequent visits. Some birth mothers live closer to their children and speak with them often, while others live farther away and have less contact with their child. Some birth mothers choose to only communicate during visits, while others speak with their children on a regular basis.

One of the reasons that open adoption is so beautiful is because it is so flexible, and every birth mother can create a post-placement agreement that works for her. A woman considering open adoption will want to discuss this with her adoption professional. As she is creating her adoption plan, she will discuss what type of relationship she wants to have with her child after placement. Both the prospective birth mother and the prospective adoptive parents will agree on what type of contact they will have with each other after placement. A post-placement contact agreement will be drawn up before the adoption is final so that all parties have realistic expectations for their relationship moving forward.

What is Closed Adoption in California?

On the opposite end of open adoption in California is closed adoption. A closed adoption is an adoption in which the birth mother chooses not to have contact with her child after placement. Once the child has turned 18, a birth mother may be able to reach out to her child or vice-versa. While closed adoption is an option for any woman considering adoption, experts have found that choosing open adoption is highly beneficial to all parties. Open adoption has evolved throughout the history of the U.S. to become the more popular and beneficial post-placement option.

What is Semi-Open Adoption in California?

Semi-open adoption in California is a great option for a woman who wants to know how her child is doing during his or her upbringing, but still wants to maintain her privacy in her personal life. In a semi-open adoption in California, an adoption agency will mediate the relationship between a birth mother and her child while keeping personal information private. This could look like exchanging letter and pictures between the birth mother and adoptive parents through the mediation of the adoption agency.

The Benefits of Open Adoption in California

There are many benefits to choosing open adoption in California for all parties involved. A birth mother will find it comforting to have a relationship with not only the child she placed for adoption, but with his or her adoptive parents as well. Adoptive parents benefit by having a relationship with their child’s birth mother and being able to be open with their child about how he or she came to be with them. The adopted child holds the most benefit, as they experience twice the love with two families. An open adoption is a great way to help a child realize that adoption is a beautiful thing and to make adoption normal for them. Instead of hiding where a child came from, there is open conversation and love about how a child was chosen twice: once by his or her birth mother, and again by his or her adoptive parents.

Open adoption in California is a great option for any woman considering adoption. If you are a woman wondering, “What is an open adoption in California?” and would like to learn more about the option of open adoption in CA, please fill out this contact form. Someone will reach out to you and discuss your options for open adoption in California. Open adoption in California is highly recommended for any woman considering adoption, as the benefits are life-long, the memories can be cherished, and relationships can be enjoyed.

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