How to Place a Baby for Adoption in Ohio

Making the choice to give baby up for adoption in Ohio takes a lot of courage and strength. Not only does a prospective birth mother have to make this decision for herself, but she also makes it for her child. Putting your baby up for adoption in Ohio consists of a few steps, starting with an adoption decision and ending with adjusting to life after placement. However, healing after adoption is only the beginning of a brand-new life for both birth mother and baby. In Ohio, putting a newborn up for adoption is an option for any new or expectant mother considering it.

You Are Not “Giving Up” by Giving Baby Up for Adoption in Ohio

If you find yourself saying, “I want to give my baby up for adoption in Ohio,” know that you are not “giving up.” Putting a baby up for adoption in Ohio is a selfless act of love. It is giving your child a better life through different parents, and giving yourself a second chance. These are gifts, and they are to be cherished, not frowned upon. In the positive adoption community, you will find the phrase “giving up” frowned upon, as it does the opposite of encouraging birth mothers to feel confident and peaceful in their adoption decision. Instead of saying, “Can I give my baby up for adoption in Ohio?”, use phrases like “placing a baby up for adoption in Ohio” or “putting a baby up for adoption in Ohio.”

How to Give Baby Up for Adoption in Ohio

How to place a baby for adoption in Ohio takes a few steps. The steps are generally the same regardless of what adoption agency you choose. The process of placing baby for adoption in Ohio include making an adoption decision, creating an adoption plan, choosing the right adoptive family, preparing for placing baby with the adoptive family, and adjusting to life after adoption. These steps can be done as quickly or slowly as a prospective birth mother is comfortable with, and she remains in control of the whole process until finalization.

  1. Make an adoption decision.

“How do I put my newborn baby up for adoption in Ohio?” The first step, whether you are pregnant or have given birth, is to come to a decision that adoption is right for you and baby. There are so many factors to consider when it comes to choosing to give baby up for adoption in Ohio. Every prospective birth mother comes with a different story, and circumstances will be different for everyone. However, some of the factors that a woman considering adoption will want to consider include: mental health, financial situation, supportive relationships, support resources, and emotional maturity. A great tip for helping a prospective birth mother make this decision is for her to make out a pros and cons list for choosing adoption. There are organizations that provide pregnancy counseling as well for women who are just not sure how to make a decision regarding their unplanned pregnancy. This decision belongs to a prospective birth mother, and her alone.

  1. Create an adoption plan.

An adoption decision in Ohio begins to come to fruition when it comes time for a prospective birth mother to sit down and create an adoption plan with her chosen adoption professional. An adoption plan will explain what desires a prospective birth mother has regarding her adoption, who she wants her baby to live with, and any hospital plans she may need if she is pregnant. An adoption professional will be able to help a prospective birth mother by having her consider what kind of life she wants after placement and what kind of life she envisions for her baby. This will include the type of potential adoptive family she wants to place baby with, whether she wants to place her baby as soon as possible (at least 48 hours after birth in Indiana), and how much and what type of communication she will have with her child after placement.

  1. Choose an adoptive family.

Placing baby for adoption in Ohio begins to feel more hopeful as a prospective birth mother starts looking at the adoptive family she might place her baby with. An adoption professional will use the adoption plan to carefully select adoptive family profiles to offer to the prospective birth mother. Once the woman considering adoption decides which potential adoptive family may be the best fit, she will have a chance to meet them and get to know them. It is important for a prospective birth mother to remember that she gets to decide who to place baby with and can change her mind at any point up until finalization.

  1. Prepare for placement.

Preparing for placement when putting a newborn up for adoption in Ohio may seem daunting, but it is crucial to the success of the adoption. A woman who is still pregnant will want to create a hospital plan for her and baby. According to Ohio adoption consent laws, a woman cannot legally place a baby until the newborn is at least 48 hours old. The hospital plan will include who will be present in the prospective birth mother’s delivery room, when she will place baby with her chosen adoptive family, how she will get home from the hospital and more. Preparing for placement also includes document signing and working with an adoption attorney to get through the legal process. Your adoption professional will be able to connect you with an adoption attorney.

  1. Adjusting to life after placement.

While an adoption process itself can take as little as a few days, weeks or months, the healing process is a longer journey. It is typical for a prospective birth mother to experience grief and loss after choosing adoption, as her role shifts from a custodial and legal mother to a birth mother. There is hope, though! Life after adoption is whatever you make of it. Birth mothers can lead very happy and healthy lives, as long as they remain on a path of healing. No matter where you end up in your healing journey, you are never alone!

How to place a baby for adoption in Ohio can be discussed in more depth with someone by filling out this contact form. An adoption professional will reach out to you and discuss what choosing adoption can look like for you. While adoption is no easy decision to make, when it is the right decision, it will bring a sense of peace and some hope with it. Any woman who even considers making the loving sacrifice of choosing different parents for her baby is carrying the weight of the world. While adoption is not the easy way out, it gets easier, and can lead to an amazing and fulfilling life for both mom and baby.

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