Adoption Support Groups: What They Are & Where to Find Them

When it comes to such a life-changing event as adoption, the stronger the support system you have in place, the better. Whether you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption, are partway through the process, or have already placed your child for adoption, adoption support groups are here to help you throughout your adoption journey.

But how do you find the best support groups for you?

This article will examine the best way to find a support group and the benefits of doing so. Continue reading for more information and what to look for when searching for the best adoption support groups.

The Benefits of Finding Adoption Support

With so many thoughts, emotions and questions involved throughout the adoption process and beyond, having the right resources by your side can help make understanding, grieving and moving forward so much easier. Having the ability to talk with other people and listen to insight on situations you may be experiencing is a useful tool for anyone, no matter where in the adoption process you may be.

From looking for ways to handle concerns or doubts you may have about adoption, to discussing the best way to connect with the adoptive family after placement, adoption support groups are here to ensure you don’t have to find these answers alone.

Whether through in-person meetings, online groups or forums, there is a support group that will meet your needs at any given point of the adoption process. No matter the type of support group, the benefits of finding a connection in an adoption support group are unmatched.

It’s worth noting, just because you are considering joining or have joined a support group for adoption, by no means does this mean that there is something “wrong” with you or you are experiencing a problem. Although support groups can help you in a time of need, they are also available as another resource to connect with people who have something in common with you and your family.

Find Adoption Support Groups Near You

Becoming part of the right adoption support group is important. You want to make sure you are comfortable with and trusting of the people in the group, as this will help you be more open and honest with other members.

Depending on where you live, there is a good chance there are numerous adoption support groups near you. If you live in a rural area where adoption groups may be less common, don’t stress; there are plenty of adoption support groups online available to join as well.

Below you will find information on support groups for all three members of the adoption triad.

Adoption Support Groups and Resources for Birth Parents

Unplanned pregnancy can be a lot to handle. There are concerns, thoughts and decisions involved that nobody should have to deal with alone. In addition to the support adoption professionals are able to provide, joining an adoption support group for birth mothers helps connect you with other women who are experiencing the same things you are or have experienced an unplanned pregnancy in the past.

Being able to relate to someone else who knows exactly what you are going through can provide a peace of mind and, in some cases, clarity to what can be such an unclear decision. Depending on the availability in your area, many groups have frequent in-person meetings to discuss unplanned pregnancy and the benefits of adoption.

The same can be said for birth mothers who have made the decision to pursue adoption and have placed their child with an adoptive family. After the adoption, there will be moments of grief, doubt and pain, but there will also be moments for pride, joy and comfort. Having the support system of other mothers and families who have walked in your shoes helps aid in the healing process. Below are resources that can help you find the best support groups:

  • The North American Council on Adoptable Children provides an in-depth adoption support group This database allows you to search by city and state, as well as by a specific type of group you may be looking for. Here you will find the nearest adoption support groups for birth mothers who have placed, as well as prospective birth mother support groups for women who are considering adoption.
  • Birth Mom Buds is another great resource for prospective birth mothers, as well as birth parents who have already experienced adoption. Here, you will find forums, newsletters, blogs, poetry, links to groups, information on retreats and various other useful resources. They support pregnant women considering adoption as well as birth mothers post-adoption.
  • The On Your Feet Foundation helps support the emotional, financial and educational needs of prospective birth mothers as well as birth parents who have decided adoption is the right choice for them.
  • Brave Love provides post-adoption support groups and retreats throughout the country for birth parents in need. The website also includes links to events, educational resources and ways to get involved.

These are just a few of the options you have for finding an adoption support group in your area. If you are unable to find a nearby group, or the groups available don’t fit your needs, you may consider starting your own. Starting your own unplanned pregnancy support group or adoption support group for birth mothers is a great way to help and receive support in your own community.

Online Support Groups and Informational Sites

If you are not comfortable meeting face-to-face, or feel the nearest local support groups are too far away, online adoption support groups and forums are great ways to connect with people going through similar experiences that you are.

Whether you are a pregnant woman considering adoption or a birth parent experiencing adoption, online forums and support groups are available to provide you with the resources and information you need, no matter what you are experiencing. Finding these groups can be as simple as searching the internet.

The nice thing about adoption forums is that many are highly specific to certain groups of people. For example, there are forums for pregnant women considering adoption, forums for parents who’ve adopted internationally, forums for foster parents, special needs adoption, adult adoptees and more. If you’re looking for a specific type of adoption support group, here are some resources to help you get started:

  • Concerned United Birthparents provides educational information, useful resources, forums, retreat opportunities and support groups for birth parents who have chosen adoption for their child.
  • Considering Adoption is an adoption website that provides resources for birth parents and adoptive families. Here you will find articles, blogs and other helpful information no matter what stage you are at in the adoption process.
  • Birth Mothers Unite is a Facebook group for birth mothers to share stories about their experiences, gain awareness and connect with others who may have similar questions or concerns.
  • Birth Mom Missions’ Facebook page has created a community for women who placed their child for adoption and has formed a charitable support group to help educate, heal, and love everyone involved in the adoption process.
  • The Child Welfare Information Gateway provides information and resources for birth parents, adoptive families and adoptees of all types.
  • 211 is helpful for finding local support groups and adoption-related resources for you to utilize.

Choosing a Support Group

Although adoption support groups are incredibly beneficial and can be helpful throughout the numerous stages of the adoption process, you will want to use caution when finding, researching and joining one.

Although the majority of these groups are monitored, given the increased availability to create groups, not all information found online will be truthful or accurate. Unfortunately, there are still people with negative misconceptions about adoption, as well as people who had unfortunate personal experiences that do not reflect the reality of the adoption process today. They sometimes tend to express their beliefs through these forums and social media pages in an effort to scare prospective birth parents or shame them for their decisions. We strongly suggest that you do not use social media as your main source for accurate information on adoption.

The support of professionals, as well as members of the adoptive community, can go a long way toward education, reassurance and healing. Adoption support groups are a great way to interact with others who have been in your shoes. For more information, contact us today and we will be happy to guide you in the right direction.

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