Exploring Your Kentucky Unplanned Pregnancy Options

A woman facing an unplanned pregnancy in Kentucky may be wondering what her options are. The options for dealing with unplanned pregnancies in Kentucky are to choose to parent, have an abortion or place a child for adoption. The only one who can make this decision is the woman facing this situation herself.

It is always advised to seek wise counsel, though, when it comes to such a significant decision. However, once the right decision has been made, there should be a wave of peace felt by a woman confirming her choice. Before making this decision, there are also state-specific laws regarding unwanted pregnancies in Kentucky that must be considered.

In general, the alternative pregnancy options in Kentucky are parenting, abortion or adoption.

What are My Options if I’m Pregnant in Kentucky?

A woman considering her options for pregnancy in Kentucky will have the following choices: parenting, abortion or adoption. There are many questions that come with looking at these options, and these are some of the common ones regarding these options of pregnancy in Kentucky:

If you are looking at options for your pregnancy in Kentucky, please contact unplanned pregnancy counselors to help you assess which path would be best for you. Remember, the choice belongs to you alone.

Option 1: Parenting

Choosing to parent can be incredibly fulfilling but also a lot of hard work. Parenting is a long-term commitment that should not be taken lightly. Parenting is not right for everyone, but it is always a possibility.

Before making a decision to parent, a woman facing an unintended pregnancy in Kentucky should accurately and honestly assess her situation to determine if parenting really is the mature and best choice. Some factors a woman should consider when making a decision to parent include her mental stability, maturity level, financial situation, personal relationship status, and other forms of support and resources.

If parenting is the right choice for you, then considering contacting one of these support services: a local hospital in Kentucky, the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services and crisis pregnancy centers in Kentucky.

Option 2: Abortion

If a woman is dealing with an unwanted kid in Kentucky, she has the option of having an abortion performed. Abortion is no easy decision to make; once completed, it cannot be undone.

There are also abortion laws that put restrictions on the procedure in Kentucky. It is advised that a woman understands all Kentucky restrictions on abortion law before moving forward. For example, if you are a minor in Kentucky looking to have an abortion, you must have parental consent first.

Spiritual healing after an abortion is possible, as long as honesty and true self-reflection are the foundation of such a path. There are many resources that exist to help women heal after an abortion to walk a path of healing. Please speak with your doctor about any medical questions regarding abortion.

Option 3: Adoption

Adoption is always an option for any woman facing an unexpected pregnancy in Kentucky. Adoption is free for prospective birth mothers, and financial assistance is available for living and medical expenses, as well. There are many benefits to choosing adoption, including the option of having an open adoption with your child after placement. While you voluntarily surrender your legal rights to your child through adoption, you can gain a relationship with your child and his or her parents that can break all of your preconceived boundaries of love.

Prospective birth mothers are also the ones who choose the prospective adoptive family for their children. It is an honor, and while adoption can be painful, healing can be a reality for anyone who chooses such a path.

If you are looking for options for dealing with unplanned pregnancies in Kentucky, then please fill out this contact form. An adoption professional will connect with you to discuss ALL your options for unplanned pregnancy in Kentucky.

Remember that this is ultimately a choice that belongs to the woman who is looking at unplanned pregnancy options in Kentucky. Keep these tips in mind:

Seek wise counsel. Keep supportive friends and family members close. Never give up. Trust your instincts. Peace is available in any of these options if you are searching for it.

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