Exploring Your Colorado Unplanned Pregnancy Options

Facing an unplanned pregnancy in Colorado can be a very scary time for a woman. Her entire life shifts in that moment, and every priority becomes rearranged as she realizes that she is carrying a life inside of her. The options for unplanned pregnancy in Colorado are to parent the child, have an abortion or place the child for adoption. For many women, this is not an easy decision, and it shouldn’t be. Your pregnancy options in Colorado should be carefully thought-out, and you should honestly assess the situation you are in. It is crucial that every woman decide for herself what her ideal outcome is to choose between her options of pregnancy in Colorado.

What are My Options if I’m Pregnant in Colorado?

There are so many questions that a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy in Colorado may ask herself. Some of these questions include:

  • How do I know if adoption in Colorado is right for me?
  • Am I ready to be a parent in Colorado?
  • What is more expensive: pregnancy or adoption in Colorado?
  • What are your options if you are pregnant in Colorado?
  • How do you decide between abortion or keeping your baby in Colorado?
  • Should I keep my baby or give up for adoption in Colorado?

These are all very normal questions to be asking, and the answer is simple: it’s entirely up to you. Every woman has a choice to decide how she is going to handle her own unintended pregnancy in Colorado. She can choose between parenting, abortion or adoption.

Option 1: Parenting

Children bring great joy into the world, and every life is a gift. However, that doesn’t mean that an unplanned pregnancy in Colorado always ends in parenting. Parenting is a 24/7 job that requires much hard work and self-sacrifice. There are logistical realities to parenting, as well, including financial concerns, medical responsibilities and the ability to provide a healthy environment. If you decide that parenting is the best unplanned pregnancy option in Colorado for you, then reach out for resources if you need them. Some resources for a woman choosing to parent in Colorado are the Colorado Food Assistance Program, the best hospitals in Colorado and crisis pregnancy centers across the state. There may also be many local resources available to you, including local churches, counseling centers, non-profits and more, so be sure to call around to find the specific support that you may need.

Option 2: Abortion

Abortion is no easy decision for any woman to make. Once the decision has been made, there is no turning back. However, healing from abortion is possible with enough love and support around you. If you are a woman facing an unwanted pregnancy in Colorado and considering abortion, please be aware of the restrictions on abortion specific to the state of Colorado. For example, if you are a minor, you must get parental consent to have an abortion performed.

Option 3: Adoption

Alternative pregnancy options in Colorado include the option of adoption for any woman. Adoption services are provided completely free of charge, and there is even financial assistance available while going through an adoption process as a prospective birth mother. After making an adoption decision, a prospective birth mother will discuss the adoption process with an adoption professional. She will create her very own adoption plan and choose the parents who will adopt her child.

Adoption is no easy decision; however, when it is the right choice, it brings a great sense of peace with it. Walking a healing journey can simultaneously be done while having a relationship with your child through an open adoption. There are different levels and frequency of communication so that every prospective birth mother can make her post-placement contact agreement exactly what she wants. Adoption is always an option for any woman facing an unplanned pregnancy in Colorado.

If you are a woman wondering about your early pregnancy options in Colorado, then please fill out this contact form. Someone will reach out to you and discuss all of your options for unplanned pregnancy in Colorado. No matter what decision you make, make sure it’s your decision. While there may be pressure from friends and family, this is ultimately a woman’s decision to make. When you have made the right decision, it should bring a sense of peace with it, knowing that you have made the best decision for not only your child but for yourself.

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