Open Adoption with Your Child in Arizona

The open adoption definition in Arizona consists of having a post-placement adoption agreement that includes direct communication between a birth mother and her child throughout the child’s upbringing. This communication can come in the form of a letter, phone call, email, text message or even a visit, and be as frequent as every few months to once a year. The level and frequency of the open adoption contact is determined by the adoptive parents and the birth mother prior to finalization of the adoption. Open adoption in Arizona is an option for any woman considering adoption.

What is Open Adoption in Arizona?

The adoption community chooses to define open adoption in Arizona by including any type of post-placement relationship in which a birth mother has direct contact with the child she chose adoption for while he or she is growing up. Open adoption is highly beneficial for the entire adoption triad. The adoption triad includes the child who was placed for adoption, his or her adoptive parents, and the birth mother/birth parents.

Many prospective birth mothers ask: “What is open adoption in Arizona, and how do I choose an open adoption?” All you have to do is determine that’s the type of relationship you want with your child, and let your adoption professional know while creating your adoption plan. An adoption professional can help you figure out how much direct contact you want with your child and what that will look like in your adoption plan after you decide that open adoption in Arizona is the best option for you and your child.

What is Closed Adoption in Arizona?

The alternative option for a woman considering adoption who doesn’t desire lifelong contact with her child is a closed adoption. A closed adoption is one in which the birth mother doesn’t have any contact with her child during his or her upbringing. If a woman considering adoption chooses to, she can allow for her child to find her after he or she has turned 18 years old. A closed adoption can be chosen by any birth mother who finds this option her best one moving forward.

However, while closed adoptions used to be the norm for society, it does not remain that way today. In modern day society, open adoption in Arizona and across the country has increased in numbers, popularity, and understanding. Open adoption has also become the recommendation of experts in the field when it comes to post-placement contact.

What is Semi-Open Adoption in Arizona?

Semi-open adoption in Arizona is another option that would be a good fit for a birth mother who desires to hear about her child during his or her upbringing, but does not desire a direct relationship with that child. A semi-open adoption in Arizona allows for a birth mother to keep her life separate from her child’s new life, and for her to have a specific level of privacy when it comes to her adoption decision. In a semi-open adoption, an adoption agency mediates the relationship between the birth mother and the adoptive parents. A birth mother may still exchange letters and pictures, but those will be sent through the adoption agency without revealing personal information.

The Benefits of Open Adoption in Arizona

What does open adoption mean in Arizona? It means that every member of the adoption triad will reap the benefits of a direct relationship with each other. The birth mother is blessed with the opportunity to watch her child grow up in a happy and healthy environment, while still living a life of her own. Adopted children get to know where they came from and have the opportunity to be raised in a home where “twice the love” is encouraged. Adoptive parents are blessed in the long-term as they get to know their child’s birth mother and raise a baby with more love than he or she might have ever known. There are so many benefits to choosing open adoption for everyone in the adoption triad. Just like any relationship, there will be bumps along the road as each party navigates life, but there is so much joy and love that can be found in an open adoption in Arizona. Coming up with a mutually agreed upon post-placement agreement will be the best foundation for an open adoption relationship to grow.

Be encouraged that open adoption in Arizona is an option for any woman considering adoption. To be connected to an adoption professional who can help you with your open adoption, please fill out this contact form. An adoption professional can also answer any questions you have regarding open adoption facts in Arizona. Even if an open adoption in Arizona is not the right fit for a prospective birth mother, she still has the other options of choosing a closed or semi-open adoption. When it comes to choosing adoption, the hope and joy that it brings can be immense and the possibilities endless!

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