Putting a Child Up for Adoption Without U.S. Citizenship

Women facing an unplanned pregnancy come from all walks of life. And we know that some mothers may be facing another stress on top of placing their child for adoption — being undocumented in the United States.

The most important thing you should know is that you have the same rights and opportunities to place your child for adoption as a woman with U.S. citizenship. The process of putting a child up for adoption without U.S. citizenship will be almost identical for a natural born citizen.

Whether you’re undocumented, or you’re a woman living with a visa in the United States, any adoption agency will be able to get you the resources you need when putting a child up for adoption without U.S. citizenship.

What if the Adoption Agency Reports Me?

We know that any woman, no matter her background, could end up facing an unplanned pregnancy. And that certainly includes women that may be undocumented. If you’re an undocumented woman, your biggest concern could be that someone, maybe even your adoption specialist, will take it upon themselves to report your whereabouts.

We want to reassure you that when you choose a reputable adoption professional, your information is always 100 percent confidential. Placing a child for adoption is a secure process. You can be as anonymous as you need to be while making an adoption plan. It is more than possible to keep your adoption plan a secret, even when you’re not a United States citizen.

What if Nobody Wants to Adopt My Child Because I’m Undocumented?

Not only are you worried about your status while completing an adoption in the United States, you may even be anxious about what it’s like to place a baby for adoption as an undocumented mother. You may be unsure of what people will think when they find out, and you’re not even sure if there will be people that want to adopt undocumented kids.

There are always prospective adoptive parents that are looking to grow their family through a domestic adoption, regardless of your citizenship status. And if your child is born in the United States, they will be granted U.S. citizenship and a social security card upon their adoption. Your child is guaranteed to have a safe and loving home after the adoption, and there will be a family that will give them the life that you’ve always wanted to.

What if I Have My Baby Outside the United States?

Adoption agencies often get asked if they can connect adoptive families with children outside of the United States. The answer is, usually, no. Most adoption agencies that complete domestic adoptions can only help in the case where the child was born in the United States, or if they haven’t been born yet and you’re just starting your adoption plan.

If you’re wondering about making an adoption plan for an undocumented child, don’t be afraid to reach out to an adoption specialist for more information. While they may not be able to help you in your specific circumstances, they can likely point you to other resources that may be available.

Advantages of Adoption in the United States

You may be wondering what to expect when placing a child for adoption in the United States as opposed to your home country. There are several advantages of considering an adoption in the United States. Here are some things to know if you are wondering, “Can you give a baby up for adoption on a travel visa or if you’re undocumented?”

  • If your child is born in the United States, they will automatically receive U.S. citizenship and their own social security number
  • Placing your child with an American family can help give them a loving family to provide the future that you’ve always wanted to
  • If for any reason you were ever deported, you would not have to worry about your child being left alone, as they would have a secure home with a loving family.

Additionally, most adoption agencies can provide services for you as a birth mother:

  • Most undocumented birth mothers are looking for help in their native language. Many adoption agencies offer translation services to make communication between you and your adoption specialist easier.
  • Even when you’re undocumented, you’ll likely need help financially. Most adoption agencies help expectant birth mothers throughout their pregnancy, and sometimes even after placement. You adoption specialist can tell you a little more about this process.
  • If you are here in the United States without your friends and family by your side, it can be a lonely experience. Fortunately, adoption specialists are available 24/7 if you ever need counseling, educational resources, or just a friendly face to talk to during this difficult time.

Will I Be Able to Talk to My Child After the Adoption?

Even if you’re undocumented, your adoption plan will still be entirely up to you. And yes, this includes what happens after the adoption. As an undocumented woman, the scariest part of an adoption may be the fear of never seeing or hearing from your child again.

Through an open adoption, you won’t have to worry anymore. As long as you and the adoptive family agree on the best amount of contact for both parties, you can still have a fulfilling relationship with your child after the adoption. You’ll be able to send emails, phone calls, and even video chat with one another after putting a child up for adoption without U.S. citizenship.

If you are wondering, “Can you give a child up for adoption even if you are immigrants living in the United States undocumented?” the answer is yes. To receive more information, please contact an adoption specialist today.

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