Pregnant and Addicted to Drugs? Adoption is Still an Option

I’m pregnant and addicted.

The situation you are in is incredibly difficult. Addiction can be ruthless, exhausting and debilitating. Pregnancy brings all kinds of new challenges to the situation. On top of that, you may know that parenting isn’t an option right now.

How can mothers get help if they’re pregnant and addicts?

We’ve created this guide to answer that question. Specifically, we want you to know about choosing adoption when you are a pregnant recovering drug addict. Adoption is an unplanned pregnancy option that can provide the support you need during pregnancy and create a better future for yourself and your child.

You may think that mothers addicted to drugs while pregnant don’t meet the requirements for adoption, but that’s not true at all. As you’ll see, adoption is always an option, and it could be the best choice for your future.

Adoption Is Always an Option

You have three options when you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy:

  • Parenting
  • Abortion
  • Adoption

Here, we are going to focus on adoption when you are addicted to drugs and pregnant. Anyone can choose adoption under any circumstances, including those who struggle with addiction.

Why choose adoption when you are dealing with a drug addiction and pregnant? If you know that parenting isn’t an option, then adoption can be a way to provide a better future for yourself and your baby. And, as we’ll explore in greater detail below, the support you receive during the process may be the best way to protect yourself during pregnancy.

How does this work? The most important step for any pregnant women with addiction who are interested in adoption is to contact an adoption agency. The agency’s job is to provide the support you need to have a safe pregnancy and successful adoption process.

There are plenty of adoption agencies out there. Many women searching for assistance for pregnant addicts find that national adoption agencies are ideal. National agencies have larger staff, more experience and more resources that may make your pregnancy and adoption journey easier. These agencies also work with more adoptive families. As you’ll see below, having more families to choose from is very important for prospective birth mothers addicted to drugs while pregnant.

If you’d like to learn more about help for or options for pregnant women addicted to drugs from adoption agencies, you could contact one of these organizations:

Honesty Is Key

When you pick an adoption agency, one of the first things you’ll do is create an adoption plan. This plan puts you in charge of the adoption process. It is also the time for you to fill out a medical background form.

This may seem scary, and it may make you feel bad to be honest about your addiction or substance use. However, you have to be totally honest with your adoption agency. You will not be judged for being a pregnant mother with addictions or a history of substance use. Agencies help pregnant women addicted to drugs all the time. Your honesty on your medical history is imperative in the search for the perfect adoptive family for your baby.

Some women who are wondering how to get a pregnant drug addict help worry that they’ll get “busted” by their agency. This will not happen. Your honesty will never be used against you by a good adoption agency. Your information is confidential and is only used to make sure the adoptive family you choose is a good match.

There’s a Family for Every Baby

Adoption agencies that work with a large number of adoptive families are the best chance you have at finding the right family when you are a pregnant woman with addiction or a history of substance use. Every child has a birthright to grow up in a loving, safe and supportive home. There is a family for every child, and the best way to find the right family for your child is by working with a good adoption agency.

Just like you fill out forms at the beginning of your adoption, the adoptive family fills out a form of their own. This is where they will indicate what they are prepared to handle as parents, like a baby who may be born with the side effects of drug or alcohol use during pregnancy. This way, any family you choose is already prepared to be gracious and accepting of your struggles.

Just like any other prospective birth parent, women who are battling addiction while pregnant will be shown adoptive family profiles for families who are a good fit for their situation. You can look through as many profiles as you want to until you find the right family for your baby. Choosing this family is totally up to you, which helps many prospective birth parents feel empowered and in control.

Struggling with addiction while pregnant can feel overwhelming. Regaining control of your situation and of your child’s future by choosing the perfect adoptive parents could be just what you need.

How Adoption Can Protect You and Your Baby When You Are Pregnant and Addicted to Drugs

The adoption process is not just a way to deal with a pregnancy when you know parenting isn’t an option. It’s also a way to find the resources and protection you need to ensure the safety of yourself and your baby.

Drug addiction when pregnant can make you feel out of control. Adoption is a way to regain control. When you’re a prospective birth mother, you’re in charge of the process. More than that, you’ll receive the practical support you need through adoption financial assistance, which can cover pregnancy-related living expenses during the adoption.

Adoption also provides protection for your baby. By proactively choosing the adoptive family, you make it so that there’s no chance the state could gain control of your child, which could happen if a drug test is administered to the baby after birth with no adoption plan in place. This may seem like a worst-case scenario, but it’s important to consider as a pregnant woman with addiction.

You can, of course, always choose to parent your baby. But, if you know that parenting isn’t realistic, then adoption can be a way to regain control of the situation, find access to important resources, and do what’s best for your child.

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