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You’ve decided that your child deserves the best — even if that means placing them with an adoptive family who can provide more than you currently can. You may be equal parts nervous and excited to find these waiting parents. But, in a sea of prospective adoptive parents in Wisconsin and beyond, how can you possibly find the right match for both your baby and you?

Finding adoptive parents is no small feat. It involves a great deal of soul-searching, not to mention searching through countless profiles and videos to find “the ones.” Fortunately, there are resources to make the process easier for you.

In the article below, you’ll learn a bit more about how to find adoptive parents for your baby that meet your preferences. You’ll also find some resources to help you get started.

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What to Look for in Wisconsin Adoptive Families

Before you even begin flipping through adoptive family profiles, you have to answer an important question: What kind of adoptive parents do you want for your child?

At any given time, there are thousands of families waiting to adopt in Wisconsin and across the U.S. But not every choice will be right for you and your baby. You have to evaluate what your preferences are for child’s life and your post-adoption relationship before you can identify the right match.

If you are looking for someone to adopt your baby, it can seem impossible to settle on one choice. The good news? Many birth parents say they know right away when they’ve found the perfect adoptive parents. It’s a gut feeling, and it often brings a sense of relief and peace.

It’s okay if you don’t know where to start in your search for prospective adoptive parents. We’ve provided some questions below to ask yourself and get you thinking:

  • Do you want your child to live with adoptive parents in Wisconsin, or are you more comfortable with a family in another state?
  • Do you want your child to have older siblings?
  • Do you prefer adoptive parents who share your child’s race and cultural identity?
  • What kind of lifestyle do you want your child raised in — outdoorsy, arts-focused, travel-minded, etc.?
  • Do you want a close relationship with the adoptive parents before and after placement, or do you want a little more space to heal?

Maybe you want your little one raised as a Packers or Badgers fan. Or, maybe you want your child to grow up boating on Lake Michigan and Superior. These are all things to think about when identifying adoptive parents for your child.

If you’re struggling in searching for people to adopt your baby, there is always help. An adoption professional (like an agency) can guide you through this process, helping you identify what preferences are important to you. You can talk to an adoption counselor for free anytime you want to.

How to Find People Looking to Adopt in Wisconsin

Don’t worry — whatever your preferences for families looking to adopt, you will find someone who has those characteristics. And there are a few ways you can do so.

Many prospective birth parents choose to work with an adoption professional like an agency or attorney. These professionals maintain lists of pre-screened, approved waiting families for adoption. They can help identify parents who meet your preferences and can show you those print and video profiles. You can get to know prospective parents through phone calls and emails and, if you think they are the ones, your professional will guide you through every step of the journey ahead.

Don’t forget — you can always change your mind about your choice of family (and your adoption decision) at any time.

You might also choose to find adoptive parents for your baby on your own. This can be a harder path, but it is a viable one. During this journey, you will identify prospective adoptive parents through websites and social media and get to know them on your own. This can be a lengthy process, though, so it’s often advised that you work through an agency to have the most time to get to know the right family from the beginning.

To learn more about how to find adoptive parents for your baby in Wisconsin or elsewhere, please contact a professional today.

View Wisconsin Adoption Profiles

Often, the first step in looking for someone to adopt your baby will be viewing online adoptive parent profiles. Many agencies and informational websites maintain an online list of waiting parents. There, you can search by state (if you solely want to view Wisconsin adoption profiles), race, age, marital status and more. You can often receive print versions of these profiles, as well.

Even if you’re not exactly sure what kind of parents you want for your baby, looking through prospective adoptive parents profiles can help you narrow down your decision. You may be surprised at which waiting couples catch your eye — and may even find the perfect choice during your first search!

For many birth parents, finding the right adoptive family reaffirms their adoption decision. It provides a sense of confidence and helps get them excited about the journey to come.

Ready to start your own journey now, or simply want to talk to an adoption professional about your options? You can contact an adoption counselor anytime online for free. Good luck!

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