Find an Adoptive Family in California

Families looking to adopt a baby in California and across the country come in many demographics and have different characteristics. No matter what a woman considering adoption is looking for in adoptive parents in California or across the country, it is very likely she will be able to find it.

Local adoption agencies can help you find parents looking to adopt a newborn in California, while a national agency will be able to provide potential adoptive families in CA and across the U.S. Finding adoptive parents in California is a very exciting step in the adoption process for a prospective birth mother, as it can bring great hope and a vision for a future for mother and baby.

What to Look for in California Adoptive Families

There are many qualities that a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy may desire for her prospective adoptive family to have. There are many considerations that come into play when it comes to choosing people who want to adopt a baby in California. Some questions a prospective birth mother will want to ask herself include:

  • Does she want a family with other children?
  • Does she want to choose people that want to adopt in California or somewhere else in the U.S.?
  • Does she want baby to live in a rural, urban, or suburban environment?
  • Does she want an open, semi-open, or closed adoption?
  • Does she want her baby to grow up by a specific landform, like the ocean, mountains, plains, etc.?
  • Does she have certain educational, religious, or parenting style preference?

There are many considerations a woman considering adoption will take when it comes to finding families waiting to adopt in California. Do not be shy when it comes to dreaming about and finding adoptive parents in California, because those dreams can come true.

How to Find People Looking to Adopt in California

The first step in looking for a family to adopt a baby in California is to choose an adoption professional to work with who can connect you with couples looking to adopt a baby in CA. Local adoption agencies will be able to provide a prospective birth mother with adoptive parent profiles in California, while a national agency will serve prospective adoptive families in CA and across the U.S. An adoption professional will be able to help a woman considering adoption create her adoption plan, which will include her prospective adoptive family preferences and considerations. Some adoption agencies even offer adoptive family profiles on their websites for browsing purposes before a woman commits to a specific adoption agency.

View California Adoption Profiles

After creating an adoption plan, a prospective birth mother will be able to view adoptive family profiles provided by her adoption professional. Her adoption professional will only choose adoption profiles in California or across the country that match what a prospective birth mother is looking for. Once an expectant mother chooses which family she wants to connect with, an adoption professional will mediate a phone call or meeting. A prospective birth mother will then have the remainder of the adoption process and pregnancy to get to know her chosen adoptive couple. If at any point a prospective birth mother wants to meet another family, or change her mind about adoption, she has until finalization to do so.

Looking for adoptive parents in California, or across the U.S., is a very hopeful time for a prospective birth mother. Instead of focusing on what she will have to grieve, an expectant mother can create a vision for not only her baby’s future, but for her future as well. If you are a woman considering adoption, and wondering, “How do I find a family to adopt my baby in California?”, then please fill out this contact form. An adoption specialist will reach out to you and answer any questions you have. You might also choose to view online adoptive family profiles in California to start. A woman considering adoption has the honor of deciding who will raise her baby, and remains in control of that decision through adoption finalization.

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