Exploring Your Massachusetts Unplanned Pregnancy Options

A woman facing an unplanned pregnancy in Massachusetts has three options: parenting, abortion or adoption. For the expectant and unprepared mother in Massachusetts, these pregnancy options may be overwhelming. However, you do not have to face this decision alone. There are many resources available for pregnancy counseling through local and national organizations, including churches, crisis pregnancy centers, and adoption agencies.

No matter what your situation is, or what decision that you make for your Massachusetts unexpected pregnancy, healing is possible if you only seek out the proper resources. When you’re unsure of what to do, just remember: Your options for pregnancy in Massachusetts are parenting, abortion, or adoption.

What Are My Options if I’m Pregnant in Massachusetts?

An unplanned pregnancy in Massachusetts is a difficult situation, but always remember that you have choices — and that you are the only one who can choose which path is right for you.

Your options if you are pregnant in Massachusetts are to parent your child, choose to terminate your pregnancy, or choose to place your baby up for adoption. While such a decision can be incredibly difficult to make, the right decision for you should bring with it a sense of peace once it is made.

Healing is possible for whatever decision you make. Just remember that there are many resources available to help you along the way.

Option 1: Parenting

How to decide whether or not to keep a baby in Massachusetts is a choice that requires honest self-reflection and an accurate assessment of your present and future parenting situation. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to deciding if you are ready to parent.

Some of the factors that a woman will want to consider when it comes to this decision include:

  • Whether or not she can afford to financially support herself and a child, with or without financial assistance
  • Her emotional maturity level and mental health capacity for parenting
  • The amount of healthy and happy personal relationships she has to support herself and her baby through parenting
  • The environmental and logistical ability to provide a healthy home, medical care, and any other needs she and her baby may have.

If you are considering parenting your baby and you are looking for additional support resources, get in touch with local government organizations, churches, and parenting non-profits. You can also reach out to the Massachusetts Commonwealth for Families and Children, local hospitals for labor and delivery services, and local crisis pregnancy centers.

Option 2: Abortion

An unwanted pregnancy in Massachusetts can be a scary situation to find yourself in. For a woman wondering about her alternative pregnancy options in Massachusetts, abortion may be the best path. However, it is important to note that there are state restrictions on abortion in Massachusetts that every woman should take into consideration.

While abortion can be a tough decision to heal from, emotional recovery is possible. Any woman who chooses abortion can heal from such a decision if she is not afraid to seek out counseling.

Option 3: Adoption

Your unwanted pregnancy options in Massachusetts always include adoption. This can be a great decision for any woman who is pregnant with an unwanted kid in Massachusetts.

Adoption is completely free for prospective birth mothers, and there is even financial assistance available for women going through an adoption process. The decision for who you place your baby with always belongs to you; you can choose (and get to know) the adoptive parents that are perfect for your child. You can also decide what type of relationship you desire to have with your child after placement, whether it’s an open, semi-open or closed adoption.

When adoption is the right decision, it will bring a sense of peace with it. Healing can easily become a reality when a woman takes advantage of post-adoption counseling resources — whether in person, online, or over the phone. Choosing adoption instead of keeping the baby in Massachusetts is a great option for any woman considering her pregnancy options.

Remember, your options for dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in Massachusetts are parenting, abortion or adoption. If you are looking for someone to talk to regarding these options, please fill out this contact form. Someone will reach out to you, answer your unplanned pregnancy questions, and help you navigate your next steps in your decision-making process.

Remember that no matter what situation you are in, there is hope and help available to you — as long as you have the bravery to reach out for it.

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