Exploring Your Indiana Unplanned Pregnancy Options

There are three choices that a woman has when facing an unplanned pregnancy in Indiana: parenting, abortion or adoption.

These three Indiana pregnancy options are available to any woman. Parenting can be an amazingly rewarding experience but also requires many resources for raising a baby. Abortion is an option for an unwanted Indiana pregnancy; however, it is important to remember that Indiana state laws may restrict a woman’s option to choose abortion. Adoption is an option for any woman debating parenting vs. adoption in Indiana, but it’s not a decision to be made without serious emotional consideration.

No matter how you decide whether to keep a baby or not in Indiana, the choice belongs to you — the expectant mother. Be empowered to make your pregnancy decision by trusting your gut and intuition, and whatever you decide will bring a sense of peace with it!

What are My Options if I’m Pregnant in Indiana?

If you are trying to decide to keep a baby or not in Indiana, you should be educated on all three of your options for an unintended pregnancy in Indiana.

The three unplanned pregnancy options in Indiana are:

  1. Parenting
  2. Abortion
  3. Adoption

There are many factors should help you decide between your alternative pregnancy options in Indiana.

Here are a few common questions you, the pregnant woman, may want to ask yourself when deciding how to handle an unexpected pregnancy in Indiana:

  • What are my options if I’m pregnant in Indiana?
  • I’m pregnant in Indiana, but am I ready for another baby?
  • Is adoption in Indiana is right for me?
  • What is more expensive: abortion or adoption in Indiana?
  • How do I decide to keep a baby in Indiana or not?

Please consider the pros and cons of every unplanned pregnancy option in Indiana before making your decision. After all, it’s your pregnancy and your choice, as it should be for every woman considering her Indiana early pregnancy options.

Option 1: Parenting

Many factors should come into play when parenting as a result of an unplanned Indiana pregnancy. You should consider your:

  • Finances: Are you prepared to provide financially for your child, both in the short-term and the long-term?
  • Health: Are you committed to caring for yourself during your pregnancy, with the assistance of a medical professional?
  • Maturity: Are you ready to raise a child to become a happy and healthy adult in modern society?
  • Mental Support: Do you have friends and family who will help support you during your pregnancy and parenting?
  • Other Assistance: Are there any other important factors that you need to specifically consider based on your situation?

If you decide to parent and need additional resources for your unexpected pregnancy in Indiana, check these out:

Option 2: Abortion

Abortion is an early pregnancy option in Indiana. Facing an unwanted pregnancy can be a very scary time for any expectant woman. Abortion is only an option if the procedure occurs in accordance to Indiana’s state laws on abortion.

Some of the restrictions on abortion in Indiana include:

  • A minor may not have an abortion without parental consent.
  • Any woman scheduling an abortion must have first received state-directed counseling discouraging her from that pregnancy option. Then she must wait 18 hours before she can have the procedure.
  • Every woman who decides to have an abortion in Indiana must have an ultrasound prior to the procedure and be offered an image of that ultrasound.

There are many resources available to the woman who desires to walk a path of healing after choosing abortion. They can be found online through forums, books and articles, or in-person through counseling, support groups, and education from local churches, national organizations, pregnancy centers, and more.

Option 3: Adoption

“Should I choose adoption in Indiana instead of keeping the baby?”

If you are trying to decide if adoption is the best unplanned pregnancy option in Indiana for you, consider some of the following adoption facts:

  • Adoption is free to every prospective birth mother.
  • Financial assistance for living expenses, medical expenses, and more is available for qualified prospective birth mothers during pregnancy and the adoption process.
  • Many adoption agencies offer the assistance of both an adoption attorney to handle the legal process of adoption and an adoption specialist to walk a prospective birth mother through her adoption process.
  • A prospective birth mother has the honor of choosing the parents who will raise her baby, whether she finds them through a national adoption agency with lots of waiting families, a local adoption agency with Indiana waiting families, or privately through an adoption attorney.
  • Post-placement relationships between a birth mother and her baby can be written as open, semi-open or closed, depending entirely upon the wishes of the prospective birth mother.

Adoption is a wonderful option for any unintended pregnancy in Indiana. If you determine that your pregnancy options should include adoption, please regard this as a selfless gift from yourself to your baby.  After all, adoption means giving your baby a better life!

Again, the three unplanned pregnancy options in Indiana are: parenting, abortion, or adoption.

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