Exploring Your South Carolina Unplanned Pregnancy Options

A woman facing an unplanned pregnancy in South Carolina may be wondering what her options are. The three options a woman has for coping with an unplanned pregnancy are to choose to parent her baby, elect to have an abortion, or place her baby for adoption. While these options may not be easy for every woman to face, there is a peace in choosing the decision that’s right for you.

It is the sole responsibility of the expectant mother woman to make a decision about how to move forward with early pregnancy options in South Carolina. No matter what decisions you make regarding an unintended pregnancy in South Carolina, seek wise counsel and support — but make sure the ultimate decision belongs to you.

Again, your options for dealing with unplanned pregnancies in South Carolina are parenting, abortion, or adoption.

What are My Options if I’m Pregnant in South Carolina?

If you are a woman wondering about her unplanned pregnancy options in South Carolina, then you probably have many questions about the choice you are facing. If you need someone to talk to, there are pregnancy counselors available through local and state organizations, including non-profits, pregnancy centers, churches, and adoption agencies.

Here are some of the common questions that a woman may be asking — and that a professional can help her answer — when it comes to options for unplanned pregnancy in South Carolina:

These questions will play a role in how a woman faces the decision of handling her own unplanned pregnancy. The decision always belongs to you, and peace will come when you choose the right one.

Option 1: Parenting

Parenting can be an incredibly rewarding experience with memorable milestones, joyous occasions, and daily victories. However, parenting can also be very challenging with daily self-sacrifices, physical health maintenance, and new struggles every day.

A woman asking herself if she will parent or not will need to look at many aspects of her own life honestly and accurately to assess if parenting is a realistic option for her. Some of the factors a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy in South Carolina will want to consider: present and future financial outlook; maturity levels, both emotionally and intellectually; amount of supportive relationships; and support resources available.

Some additional parenting resources include hospitals in South Carolina, local crisis pregnancy centers in South Carolina, and the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Option 2: Abortion

If you are dealing with an unwanted pregnancy in South Carolina, you can elect to terminate your pregnancy within certain state restrictions  and specific regulations on minors. For example, a woman must receive state-directed counseling (that includes information designed to discourage her from having an abortion) and then wait 24 hours before the procedure is provided.

While abortion is a permanent choice, healing is possible for women who desire it. Through support groups, books, online forums, and supportive friends and family, healing may be a lifelong journey — but the path can be amazing.

Option 3: Adoption

Adoption is an option for any woman considering her alternative pregnancy options in South Carolina. Not only is adoption — along with any additional services provided by the chosen adoption agency — completely free of charge, but there is also financial assistance available to prospective birth mothers who qualify for certain living and adoption-related expenses. A prospective birth mother always remains in control of the entire adoption process, including choosing adoptive parents, up until giving her adoption consent. With an open adoption, a birth mother is blessed to have a direct relationship with her child post-placement, but she can choose a semi-open or closed adoption as well.

How to decide to keep a baby or not in South Carolina is entirely up to the woman facing the decision of whether to parent, have an abortion, or choose adoption for her baby. If you have any questions about your pregnancy options in South Carolina, please fill out this contact form. A counselor will reach out to you and provide support in answering your questions, offering solutions or referrals, and assist you toward the right track for your decision.

No matter what option you choose, know that the ultimate decisions belongs to you, the woman facing a South Carolina unintended pregnancy. There is healing for the path you take, as long as you are willing to put in the effort of taking the steps.

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