Open Adoption with Your Child in Florida

Choosing adoption takes bravery and courage. It is a selfless decision on behalf of an expectant mother who may not be in the best situation to parent her child in the manner in which she desires to. There are three options when it comes to the level and frequency of communication she will have with her child after relinquishment in adoption: open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption.

An open adoption in Florida is a great way to continue to have a relationship between a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and her baby during his or her upbringing. An open adoption allows for open communication, visits, phone calls, gift exchanges, etc. between the members of the adoption triad. It is entirely up to the woman considering adoption to determine what type of post-placement contact she desires to have with her child.

What Is Open Adoption in Florida?

The open adoption definition in Florida is not solidly defined, since every adoption situation varies. What is open adoption in Florida? It is when a birth mother has a direct relationship with her child through the adoptive parents. This could look like annual visits, or phone calls throughout the year, or exchanging gifts, or other forms of contact and different levels of frequency while the adopted child is growing up. Some birth mothers may have post-placement agreements that allow for specific contact throughout the year, while others may have post-placement contact agreements that provide for communication only once or twice per year. Regardless of the type of contact and frequency in open adoptions, they include a direct relationship.

What is Closed Adoption in Florida?

Closed adoption in Florida is when an expectant mother chooses adoption, but does not desire to have any communication with her child or adoptive parents throughout the upbringing of the child who was placed for adoption. A closed adoption would be a good choice for a woman considering adoption who may not have the ability to handle communication for any reason. There is nothing wrong with choosing a closed adoption if it is the right choice for a birth mother and her child. However, it is rare these days that closed adoption is chosen, considering how experts have found open adoption to be highly beneficial to the entire adoption triad. If a closed adoption is chosen, adoption records will be kept by the state and a child can look up their birth parents after he or she turns 18.

What is Semi-Open Adoption in Florida?

Semi-open adoption in Florida is an adoption relationship that is facilitated and mediated by an adoption professional. A semi-open adoption allows for a birth mother to keep her information private, but still receive updates on how her child is doing. A semi-open adoption in Florida may be a good choice for a birth mother who doesn’t necessarily want direct contact with the child she placed for adoption, but still desires to know how her child is progressing through life.

The Benefits of Open Adoption in Florida

There are many benefits to choosing an open adoption in Florida for all the members of the adoption triad. The adoption triad consists of the birth mother, the child she placed for adoption, and the adoptive parents who were chosen. A birth mother who chooses an open adoption will find joy in knowing and watching her child grow up in a happy and healthy environment that she might not have been able to provide at the time she chose adoption. Adoptive parents can openly discuss any questions their child is having regarding adoption, and know that the birth mother will always be there to help them deal with those questions. The child who was placed for adoption will have so much love from and for a birth parent, on top of their adoptive family. A woman who chooses adoption is choosing for her child to have a bigger family than he or she would have had with just a birth family, and open adoption can add so much joy to that child’s life.

If you are a woman considering an open adoption, or wondering what level of post-placement contact will be best for you and your baby, please fill out this contact form so that someone can reach out to you and answer any and all adoption-related questions. Whatever type of adoption you choose to have, the choice is entirely up to you. You can enjoy the benefits of open adoption, the privacy of a semi-open adoption, or the option of a closed adoption. Feel empowered by the fact that this choice solely belongs to you. When it comes time to create a post-placement agreement with the adoptive parents, you will have the information you need to make the best decision for your adoption triad.

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