Can Birth Mothers Get Paid for Adoption in Connecticut?

It’s a common and reasonable question from women considering adoption: “Do you get paid to give your baby up for adoption in Connecticut?”

The answer is no. “Giving baby up” for adoption money is illegal in Connecticut and throughout the United States. However, there is financial support when “giving a baby up” for adoption in CT to help ease the financial burden that may be incurred.

In Connecticut, adoption-related expenses can be covered for a prospective birth mother. Using an adoption professional is also free to prospective birth parents. To learn more, reach out to a professional right now.

In the meantime, this article will provide information on some of the financial support provided to birth mothers choosing adoption in Connecticut.

Is it Free to Put a Child Up for Adoption in Connecticut?

If you are a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may have many questions about the cost of “giving a baby up” for adoption. These may include:

  • “Does putting a baby up for adoption cost money?” It is always free for a prospective birth mother to choose adoption. Prospective birth mothers in Connecticut receive financial assistance for adoption in the form of free services and resources provided by their adoption professional, including adoption planning and case management, help finding the perfect adoptive family, professional counseling and support and more.
  • “If I give my baby up for adoption in CT, is it free to receive medical care and legal representation?” In addition to free adoption services, your prenatal care, delivery, attorney fees and other adoption expenses will be covered by the adoptive family.

So, while you do not “get paid for” putting your baby up for adoption in Connecticut, it will never cost you anything to choose adoption for your baby — and you can receive financial assistance for adoption-related expenses. An adoption agency or attorney will happily explain more about how this will work in your individual situation.

Can You Get Paid for Adoption in Connecticut?

No. A prospective birth mother cannot receive compensation for placing a baby up for adoption in Connecticut or anywhere else in the United States. Doing so is highly illegal. If you are offered any kind of compensation for giving a baby up for adoption (by adoptive parents or an adoption professional), do not continue with that partnership. You deserve to be treated fairly and ethically during this difficult time.

All that said, it costs nothing to choose adoption. In fact, certain birth- and adoption-related expenses are paid for in Connecticut. These expenses include prenatal and delivery medical care, the baby’s medical expenses, and certain cost-of-living expenses that occur because of or during the pregnancy.

The cost-of-living expenses you are eligible to receive may vary depending on your specific situation. Your adoption financial assistance in Connecticut could potentially cover expenses like:

  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Utilities like water and electricity
  • Food
  • Transportation to doctor’s appointments
  • And more

Prior to payment, your adoption specialist will make sure your expenses are approved by a Connecticut court. All expenses will be approved unless they are considered unreasonable by the court. Remember: These paid expenses will never obligate you to choose adoption, and you can change your mind at any time prior to signing your adoption consent after childbirth.

How Do Adoption Agencies Pay Birth Mothers in Connecticut?

To clarify, there are no adoption agencies that “pay” you in Connecticut or elsewhere — but your adoption professional will be the one to provide any financial help for birth mothers “giving a baby” for adoption. It is illegal for adoption professionals and potential adoptive parents to “pay” a pregnant woman for the placement of her child. But a prospective birth mother’s adoption professional will work with her to determine what her financial needs are and what expenses she’s eligible to receive.

In addition to financial assistance for putting a baby up for adoption, adoption agencies can offer services such as adoption and pregnancy counseling, legal services, and other means of support and guidance — all at no cost to you.

Why Do Mothers Get Paid for Adoption Expenses in Connecticut?

While making the most difficult decision in her life, a prospective birth mother shouldn’t have to worry about her finances. Adoption should not be a decision made solely because a woman cannot afford pregnancy; she should only pursue it if she’s sure it’s the absolute best choice for her, regardless of her financial circumstances. That’s why Connecticut laws allow financial assistance — to help ease that burden and allow the potential birth mom to focus on her prenatal care, hospital and adoption plan.

So, to recap: Do you get paid for putting your baby up for adoption in Connecticut? No.

Is giving your baby up for adoption free? Yes.

If you are considering adoption in Connecticut and want to learn more about this financial assistance, please fill out this contact form to allow a professional to contact you for more free information.

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