Find an Adoptive Family in Pennsylvania

If a pregnant woman has chosen adoption for her baby in Pennsylvania, her first concern may be “I need to find a family to adopt my baby.” After all, finding the perfect adoptive parents for her baby is an integral part of ensuring that her son or daughter receives the life she wants him or her to have — the very reason she is considering adoption in the first place.

If you’re in this situation, you may have a few questions, such as:

  • “Can you pick who you adopt your baby to in Pennsylvania?”
  • “How do I find adoptive parents for my baby?”
  • “Do I have to choose parents in Pennsylvania, or can I select parents in another state?”

Know this: There are many parents in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States who are hoping to adopt a baby. With the help of an adoption professional, you can find the family you desire for your child and ensure they have a bright, loving future ahead of them.

What to Look for in Pennsylvania Adoptive Families

Prospective birth mothers in Pennsylvania (like you) will often look for an adoptive family with certain characteristics. Many times, women already have an idea in their head of who they want to raise their child; it’s just all about finding the right parents.

There are many questions a prospective birth mother should ask herself when choosing the perfect adoptive family for her baby, such as:

  • Does she want the child to grow up in the country, the city or the suburbs? Does she want her baby to live somewhere in Pennsylvania — in a big city like Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, on the shores of Lake Erie, or in the Allegheny Mountains?
  • Does she envision her baby growing up in another area of the United States?
  • Would she like her child to grow up in a community with lots of children? Should the adoptive family live near a good school district?
  • Does she want a family with other children or no children? Would she like her child to grow up with pets?
  • What religious or personal beliefs are important? Does she want her child to be raised in a family that shares those beliefs? Are there certain traditions she hopes are carried on in the adoptive family’s home?
  • Are there certain hobbies or activities that she wants her child to grow up around? Does she envision her child growing up in an active household, participating in sports or enjoying the outdoors? Does she hope her child has an opportunity to travel someday?

Asking yourself these questions can help you narrow down your desires for an adoptive family and help you find the perfect parents for your baby.

How to Find People Looking to Adopt in Pennsylvania

Once an expectant mother has chosen adoption in Pennsylvania, an adoption agency can help find adoptive parents for her baby. Her adoption professional will help her create an adoption plan that will list the characteristics she’s looking for in prospective adoptive parents.

Once she knows what she’s looking for in an adoptive family, her adoption professional will show her compatible prospective adoptive parent profiles. When an expectant mother works with a national adoption agency, she can choose adoptive parents who live in Pennsylvania or elsewhere in the United States. Her adoption professional can help her get to know compatible adoptive families through pre-placement contact, either over the phone or in person. That way, a prospective birth mother can confirm a family is right for her child with more than just the information on their profile. Adoptive families will be excited to get to know her, too!

Once the prospective birth mother has chosen a family, she can continue to get to know them throughout her pregnancy. She can communicate with them to whatever extent she feels comfortable. Regardless of where the adoptive parents live, whether in Pennsylvania or elsewhere in the United States, the prospective birth mother will be able to build a relationship with them through pre-placement communication.

View Pennsylvania Adoption Profiles

When a potential birth mother in Pennsylvania works with an adoption agency, they will have a list of waiting adoptive families on their websites. Her adoption professional will show her adoptive parent profiles, so she can get to know the families waiting to adopt in Pennsylvania.

However, prospective birth mothers do not have to choose a family looking to adopt a baby in Pennsylvania. If a woman is working with a national agency, she will also have access to online adoptive parent profiles from across the United States. She can also receive a print copy of adoption profiles. Again, she will have the same opportunity to get to know the potential adoptive family through pre-placement phone calls or in-person visits, if desired.

However a prospective birth mother chooses to find a family for her baby, she is entirely in control of the adoption process in Pennsylvania. If you are wondering how to find a family who wants to adopt a baby, or how to view profiles of waiting families for adoption, you can get started by completing this contact form. An adoption professional will be in touch shortly with free information about finding prospective adoptive parents and the details of the adoption journey ahead of you.

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