Can Birth Mothers Get Paid for Adoption in Indiana?

Often, women ask, “Can birth mothers get paid for adoption in Indiana?”

Simply put, no. A prospective birth mother cannot get paid for adoption in Indiana or any other state in the country. Payment for the placement of an infant is considered human trafficking and is a federal offense.

However, choosing adoption is free and includes all services that an adoption agency provides. There is also financial assistance available to prospective birth mothers who qualify, to help them with living expenses during their pregnancy and adoption.

While you will not get paid for putting your baby up for adoption in Indiana, you can always receive free adoption services. Keep reading to learn more.

Is it Free to Put a Child Up for Adoption in Indiana?

Yes! It is always free to put a child up for adoption in Indiana! All services that an adoption agency offers as part of this process are available to you at no cost.

While it is illegal to exchange adoption in Indiana for compensation, adoption will always be free to every birth mother. Your adoption professional can also help you obtain financial help for birth mothers giving baby up for adoption in Indiana, should you qualify.

It’s normal for prospective birth mothers to have many questions about finances, including:

An adoption professional can always answer these questions. Speak with your adoption professional to learn more about their free services for prospective birth mothers and eligibility requirements for adoption financial assistance in Indiana.

Can You Get Paid for Adoption in Indiana?

Human trafficking laws in the US make it illegal for adoption agencies to “pay you” for choosing adoption. Any adoption agencies that pay you in Indiana will commit a federal crime, so be wary of anyone offering you money in exchange for adoption or services related to it!

However, there is financial assistance available. Indiana state laws outline what living expenses might be paid for on behalf of a prospective birth mother.

Financial assistance for putting a baby up for adoption in Indiana, according to Indiana’s state laws, can cover:

  • Reasonable attorney fees
  • Hospital and medical costs related to the prospective birth mother’s pregnancy, labor, and delivery
  • Reasonable expenses for psychological counseling for the prospective birth mother
  • Travel expenses and maternity clothes
  • Living expenses, including housing, utilities, and phone service, during the second and third trimester of pregnancy
  • Reimbursement of not more than actual wages lost as a result of the inability of the adopted child’s birth mother to work at her regular, existing employment due to a medical condition, excluding a psychological condition
  • Any additional living expenses, as approved by the court.

If you need to know whether you are eligible for financial adoption assistance, please speak with your adoption professional to learn more.

How Do Adoption Agencies Pay Birth Mothers in Indiana?

Again, to be clear, it is illegal for adoption agencies to pay you for your baby in Indiana. However, adoption agencies offer many services to prospective birth mothers at no cost.

Some of these services include:

  • An adoption professional to walk you through an adoption plan,
  • An adoption attorney to work with you, your adoption agency, and the waiting family to secure a successful adoption,
  • A wide range of prospective adoptive families to choose from, and
  • Mediation for any post-placement relationship issues between you and adoptive family moving forward.

Beyond the basic adoption services that adoption agencies offer, there may be other services they offer, including adoption counseling, birth mom mentorship, and other supportive resources. Speak with your adoption professional to learn more.

Why Do Expectant Mothers Get Paid for Adoption Expenses in Indiana?

Making an adoption decision will throw any woman’s life in a new direction, because the adoption process requires her to focus on the health of her pregnancy and her adoption process. Her financial preparedness (or lack thereof), should be the last thing to cause her stress.

Indiana is sensitive to these needs of prospective birth mothers. Therefore, the state offers financial assistance for adoption in Indiana for birth mothers who qualify. To find out if you qualify for Indiana adoption financial assistance, speak with your adoption professional.

If you have questions about how to “get paid” for adoption in Indiana, please fill out this contact form. An adoption professional will reach out to you, answer those questions, see if you qualify for Indiana adoption financial assistance, and start you on your very own adoption journey!

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