How to Place a Baby for Adoption in Nevada

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering “giving a baby up” for adoption in Nevada, you are undoubtedly brimming with questions as anxiety grows in your mind and heart for what the future may hold. If you are an expectant mother or know someone who is and find yourself pondering over the possibility of putting a baby up for adoption in Nevada, please read on to learn five important steps for the adoption process. Hopefully, knowing these facts will provide a settling of your mind and answer many of your questions. If you have any further inquiries, an adoption professional can be available to help assist and better coach you on the process and how to decide the route best for your child.

You Are Not “Giving Up” by Giving Baby up for Adoption in Nevada

As an expectant mother with thoughts of giving your baby up for adoption in Nevada, do not bear the worry of being perceived as “giving up” on your baby. Possibly the most selfless act you could do when it is in the best interest of your child is to place your baby for adoption. In caring for your child’s life so much that you recognize he or she would thrive being raised in another family, you understand the weight a parent feels when putting their child’s needs ahead of their own. So, when you feel like you are “giving up” your baby, know that the adoption community in Nevada refers to your act as placing your baby for adoption and sees it as an act of love.

How to Give Baby up for Adoption in Nevada

When considering your options as an expectant mother, coming to a conclusion to place your baby for adoption will be just the first of five steps you can take if you wish to begin this journey. With the help of an adoption professional and following the steps below, you can learn more about the process of placing a child for adoption in Nevada.

Step 1: Make the Adoption Decision

Many times, the most difficult step in the adoption process comes as the expectant mother makes the final decision of putting a baby up for adoption in Nevada.

With consideration of all that being a parent and raising a child entails, an expectant mother must honestly examine every aspect of her circumstances. How can I financially support a child? What home life would this child be exposed to? Do I have support of family or friends in order to raise a child? Am I ready for life changes after the birth of a child?

All of these questions and many more must be measured when coming to the decision to place a baby for adoption in Nevada. After answering these and doing some self-reflection, a woman who is pregnant can be better prepared to make her adoption decision.

Step 2: Create an Adoption Plan

Once a woman has chosen adoption for her unborn child, she must then begin contemplating what she wishes the adoption to look like and how it will be carried out with the assistance of an adoption professional.

After researching the many options she has when placing a baby for adoption in Nevada, the expectant mother can begin drafting a plan. She will need to make known what type of family she desires when beginning the search. Will the expectant mother want a relationship with the adoptive family? Photos? Visits? A woman who is pregnant must also express any needs she may have during and after the pregnancy with insurance, doctor’s visits, housing, etc. when drafting the plan for adoption. An adoption professional can help to guide her through this process.

Step 3: Choose an Adoptive Family

When imagining the life and future of your child, knowing what type of adoptive family you want to choose for your baby has so much significance. As you work with your adoption professional, make a list of some non-negotiables when choosing a family and some other characteristics you see as important in your search. Your adoption professional will compile profiles of families that best match the criteria you requested for an adoptive family, so you can be presented with the best selection. It will always be up to you to make the final decision regarding the family you want to adopt your child.

Step 4: Prepare for Placement

After an adoptive family has been chosen and the prospective birth mother and the adoptive family have made contact, planning for placement will then take place. Both parties need to be made aware of placement plans and expectations. Deciding the relationship between the adoptive family and the expectant mother after adoption finalization will help define expectations. Will the adoption be open? How will they communicate after the adoption?

When a woman is putting a newborn up for adoption in Nevada, hospital plans will need to be made as well. Where will the delivery take place? Who will the expectant mother want in the delivery room? How will the adoptive family meet the baby?

In Nevada, after the birth of a baby being placed for adoption, the birth parents will provide written consent for the adoption no earlier than 72 hours after the birth. Upon signing consent, a birth parent’s consent is irrevocable unless an unlawful adoption plan was enacted.

Step 5: Adjust to Life after Adoption

For a birth mother, the adoption process does not stop at placement of her child. Adoption is a lifelong commitment on both sides and must be taken with genuine consideration of its effects on those involved. A birth mother should consider the option of post-placement counseling when discussing her plan with her adoption professional. If an open adoption was agreed upon at placement of the child, the birth mother and adoptive family will work out if visits will be made or pictures, letters, and phone calls should suffice. A growing relationship between the two will be important for the health of an open adoption and the well-being of the child.

If you are considering putting your baby up for adoption in Nevada, remember that with an adoption professional’s help and these steps as a guide, you will be well on your way to making your decision. If you would like to request additional, free information from an adoption professional for a Nevada adoption, please complete the contact form and await a response for additional support.

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