Open Adoption with Your Child in Pennsylvania

If a birth mother is interested in having a relationship with her child after adoption, an open adoption in Pennsylvania may be a great option. Open adoption can look different for every family and birth parent. Therefore, you will always have the final say in what kind of open (or closed) adoption relationship you wish to have after placing your child for adoption in Pennsylvania.

An adoption specialist can always help a prospective birth mother create an open adoption plan that works best for her. Below, learn a little more about your options.

What is Open Adoption in Pennsylvania?

For many years, open adoption was not even an option in Pennsylvania or anywhere else in the United States. However, as time has passed, studies have shown open adoption to be the healthiest post-placement situation for all families involved.

What makes open adoption so appealing is that you can make it be anything you want it to be! There are many Pennsylvania open adoption stories that lie on a scale from “semi-open” to “fully open.” Your open adoption story can be whatever you, as a potential birth mom, want it to be — regular visits with your child, phone calls with your child, exchanging gifts and letters with your child, and more.

In Pennsylvania, a prospective birth mother can work with an adoption professional to create an open adoption plan that is tailored to her level of comfort with contact with her birth child. When you contact an adoption professional, they will speak with you in detail about your open adoption options to help you make the best choice for your situation.

What is Closed Adoption in Pennsylvania?

There is always the option for a prospective birth mother to choose a closed adoption in Pennsylvania. This is when a woman chooses to not have any contact with her child or the adoptive family before, during or after the adoption. While a closed adoption is not the right choice for every expectant mother, it can sometimes be the best choice for a woman who wishes to protect herself and her baby from dangerous situations and/or abusive family members.

Even though a prospective birth mother who chooses closed adoption will not communicate with the adoptive family, she will always have the ability to choose the family and life she wants for her baby. Her adoption professional will manage any necessary communication of information between the parties.

However, there are some disadvantages to this kind of adoption relationship. Because communication between the birth mother and adoptive family is closed, a child will not have access to up-to-date medical information or answers to their adoption questions as they grow up. A birth mother will not be able to see her child during their childhood, which can be emotionally difficult. Before choosing this path, every woman should consider how it will affect herself and her child.

While closed adoption used to be the norm, it’s rare for an adoption to be completely closed today. Open adoption (or at least semi-open) is highly recommended by experts because of the benefits for everyone involved. If a prospective birth mother wishes to protect her privacy and still provide information to her child and their adoptive parents, she may consider a semi-open adoption mediated through her adoption professional.

What is Semi-Open Adoption in Pennsylvania?

Lying between open and closed adoption is “semi-open” adoption. Semi-open adoption utilizes the adoption agency as a mediator between the adoptive family and the birth mother. Personal information is kept private, and pictures and letters are exchanged through the adoption agency. This is a great alternative for a birth mother who desires privacy but still wants some post-placement contact with her birth child. Like with fully open adoption, a semi-open adoption can be created based on what contact types and frequency you are most comfortable with.

The Benefits of Open Adoption in Pennsylvania

There are many benefits to open adoption in Pennsylvania, both for a prospective birth mother and an adoptive family. With open adoption, the birth mother will be able to watch her child grow up happy and healthy, and she can be confident she made the best choice for him or her. The adopted child will have the benefit of knowing his or her family history, where he or she came from, and his or her medical history. He or she will also have the love of more family. Adoptive parents will be able to have an open and honest conversation with their adopted child about where they came from, as well as access to important medical and social history information, if needed.

These are just a few examples of the many different benefits of choosing open adoption in Pennsylvania, as every open adoption story is unique.

Open adoption is a beautiful experience and always an option in Pennsylvania. Potential birth mothers will have many questions about choosing open adoption in Pennsylvania. For more information about open adoption in Pennsylvania, please fill out this contact form so an adoption specialist can answer those questions.

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