How to Place a Baby for Adoption in Georgia

Putting a newborn up for adoption in Georgia is a decision that requires self-searching before it is made. A woman giving a baby up for adoption in Georgia has most likely very carefully considered adoption before making the decision, and hopefully she has found a sense of peace with her decision. Choosing adoption is an option for any woman in Georgia; however, state laws regarding adoption must be followed. For example, there is a 48-hour waiting period after birth before a woman can officially place her baby with her chosen adoptive family. Still, giving a baby up for adoption in Georgia is an option for any woman facing an unplanned pregnancy.

You Are Not “Giving Up” by Giving Baby Up for Adoption in Georgia

If you are a woman thinking, “I want to give my baby up for adoption in Georgia,” then please remember that you are doing anything but “giving up.” Giving up a baby for adoption in Georgia or anywhere else across the country is not giving up on anything. While the phrasing, “giving your baby up for adoption in Georgia” may be frequently used, other phrases are preferred that do not imply a woman is giving up on her baby. Choosing adoption for your baby means that you are gifting your baby something selfless and something that only you can give: a better life through different parents. Adoption is a decision that takes strength, courage, and resolve on the part of the prospective birth mother.

No matter what her circumstances are, an expectant mother knows the weight of a decision like adoption. Instead of saying, “I’m giving up my baby for adoption in Georgia,” consider using phrases like, “I’m placing my baby for adoption in Georgia,” or “I’m putting my baby up for adoption in Georgia.”

How to Give Baby Up for Adoption in Georgia

The adoption process can be simply broken down into five steps, which include: making an adoption decision, creating an adoption plan, choosing an adoptive family, preparing for placement and adjusting to life after adoption. These steps are straightforward; however, each step will have specific parameters for every prospective birth mother situation and applicable state laws for Georgia.

  1. Make the adoption decision.

If you are wondering, “How to give my newborn baby up for adoption in Georgia?”, then know that your first step is to actually make an adoption decision. One way to help make an adoption decision is to list out pros and cons of adoption. A pros and cons list of adoption requires a prospective birth mother to be very honest about her situation and do deep self-searching. This is no easy decision for any woman to make, as so many individual factors will go into it. However, once the adoption decision has been made, it will hopefully bring a sense of peace with it for any woman facing an unplanned pregnancy.

  1. Create an adoption plan.

After making the decision to place a baby for adoption in Georgia, an expectant mother will reach out to an adoption professional to help her create an adoption plan. An adoption plan is a document that describes the specific information pertinent to every prospective birth mother and her desires throughout the adoption process. The adoption plan will include the prospective birth mother’s preferences for the adoptive couple, the type of relationship she desires with her child after placement, and the details of her hospital plan, if necessary. This adoption plan will describe how a prospective birth mother sees her adoption process going and will be organized by the adoption professional whom a prospective birth mother is working with.

  1. Choose an adoptive family.

Putting a baby up for adoption in Georgia can be scary for any woman considering adoption, but choosing an adoptive family for placement can bring great hope back into the equation. Using the adoption plan, an adoption professional will choose prospective adoptive family profiles to show to the prospective birth mother. The prospective birth mother will then have the opportunity to look through the profiles and choose which potential adoptive family she believes will be the best fit for her and baby. Contact begins between a prospective birth mother and prospective adoptive couples with a meeting or a phone call, and the relationship is developed from there. As they get to know each other throughout the adoption process and the pregnancy, a bond will usually form quickly. If at any point, a prospective birth mother changes her mind about the family she is choosing or the adoption altogether, she can let her adoption professional know. A prospective birth mother remains in control of the entire adoption process all the way until signing her adoption consent.

  1. Prepare for placement.

Putting your baby up for adoption in Georgia includes the preparation step for signing paperwork and creating a hospital plan, if necessary. The hospital plan will include information about who the prospective birth mother desires in the delivery room, what hospital or birthing center she will deliver in, how she will get home from the hospital, when she will place her baby with the prospective adoptive parents (as long as it’s after the 48-hour waiting period), and more. This plan will be shared with the prospective adoptive family, as well, so that everyone is on the same page if they are to be included in the delivery process.

  1. Adjust to life after adoption.

Once the adoption dust settles, a prospective birth mother will be able to turn her life into anything she wants it to be. Birth mothers who choose adoption get a second chance at re-creating their lives. While the healing process after choosing adoption is a journey, it is an incredible one. There is so much joy to be had as a birth mother moves forward with the knowledge that she has given an incredible gift to her child. For birth mothers who choose some form of open adoption, enjoying a relationship with their children after placement is an experience that cannot be explained. The joy that a birth mother can find after adoption is amazing, if she only focuses her mind on her gratitude and positivity.

If you are a prospective birth mother wondering, “How do I put my newborn up for adoption in Georgia?”, then please fill out this contact form. An adoption professional will reach out to you,  explain these steps and even help commence your adoption journey. Giving your baby up for adoption in Georgia is anything but giving up, as it requires strength, self-sacrifice, and courage. Life after adoption can be filled with great hope for a birth mother as she moves forward with her life in a brand new way. Open adoption not only opens the doors to direct communication for a birth mother with her child but a journey of healing that can be ever so fulfilling.

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