Open Adoption with Your Child in Michigan

What does open adoption mean in Michigan?

An open adoption is a post-placement relationship in which a birth mother has direct contact with her child after she places him or her for adoption. Many successful open adoption stories in Michigan include women from all sorts of different backgrounds and situations. When a woman decides that she wants an open adoption in Michigan with her baby, she will choose a prospective adoptive family that also desires an open adoption. In a post-placement agreement, she and the chosen adoptive parents will develop the open adoption terms well before placement occurs.

Open adoption in Michigan, as well as semi-open or closed adoption, is always an option for any woman considering adoption.

What is Open Adoption in Michigan?

In order to define open adoption in Michigan, it is necessary to look at whether or not a birth mother has direct contact with her child after placement. Because there are so many different open adoption situations, there can be no singular open adoption “definition.”

The type and frequency of communication is different in every open adoption. Some open adoptions include annual visits, while others include letters and pictures. One birth mother could have direct, frequent communication with her child, while another could have more limited contact. Some open adoptions rely on a visit or update schedule, while others are more flexible about timing.

There is no right or wrong way to set up an open adoption, as long as everyone is in agreement about the frequency of the contact. Positive open adoption stories in Michigan will always include healthy boundaries and open communication between all parties.

What is Closed Adoption in Michigan?

The opposite relationship from an open adoption in Michigan is a closed adoption. A closed adoption happens when a birth mother chooses not to have any contact with her child after placement. Her post-placement agreement will outline that she or her child can contact the other if one of them decides to, but only after the child turns 18.

While closed adoptions were the societal norm until recent years, society has evolved into a greater acceptance of adoption in general. Experts in the positive adoption community encourage open adoptions whenever possible, because they have been shown to hold the greatest benefits for all members of the adoption triad — the child who was placed for adoption, his or her birth mother, and his or her adoptive parents.

What is Semi-Open Adoption in Michigan?

A semi-open adoption in Michigan is a post-placement relationship between a birth mother and her birth child that is mediated by an adoption agency. In a semi-open post-placement agreement, the prospective adoptive parents and prospective birth mother will come up with a mediated contact schedule. A semi-open adoption in Michigan is a great option for a prospective birth mother who wants to keep her identifying information private.

In a semi-open adoption, an adoption agency has the contact information for both the birth mother and the adoptive parents but keeps all this information confidential. Any communication, such as letters or pictures, is sent through the adoption agency instead of through direct contact.

The Benefits of Open Adoption in Michigan

There are many benefits to choosing an open adoption in Michigan. Open adoption stories from Michigan include many joyous occasions for every member of the adoption triad. In an open adoption, a birth mother is able to be a part of her child’s life as he or she is growing up. She can feel happiness as she watches her baby be raised in the environment chosen for him or her. The adoptive parents are blessed in an open adoption to be able to openly answer their child’s questions about where he or she came from without a lack of answers. The child who was placed for adoption is blessed with love from two different families, all joined around him or her. There is more than enough love to go around in an open adoption.

If you are considering an open adoption in Michigan, please fill out this contact form. An adoption specialist can tell you more about open adoption facts in Michigan and help you understand exactly what an open adoption in Michigan is and what that might look like for you. Even if you desire a semi-open or closed adoption, you can find those options through various adoption agencies.

There are many benefits to choosing an open adoption for everyone in the adoption triad. Be encouraged that choosing open adoption for your baby is not the end of a relationship. It’s the beginning of a new family for you and your baby.

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