Open Adoption with Your Child in Georgia

Open adoption in Georgia is an option for any woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. An expectant mother may choose an open adoption in Georgia through a local adoption agency or use a national adoption agency if she desires a larger pool of potential adoptive families. Regardless of what agency is used or where her baby is raised, a birth mother can enjoy a lifelong relationship with her child through an open adoption.

Open adoption stories in Georgia include successful adoptions for birth mothers from all walks of life and all types of different situations. The one thing these birth mothers have in common is that they have a direct relationship with their child after placement through an open adoption in Georgia.

What is Open Adoption in Georgia?

What is open adoption in Georgia or anywhere else across the country like? The open adoption definition in Georgia is not specific, as it includes all types of relationships in which a birth mother has some form of direct contact with the child that she placed for adoption.

The relationship that a birth mother shares with her child in an open adoption in Georgia is something so beautiful that words cannot describe it. Only a birth mother and her child can truly understand the bond that develops in an open adoption relationship. Open adoptions in Georgia and across the country have different types of relationships, which means different levels and frequency of communication between a birth mother and her child. Direct contact may be made once per year, or several times per year. Some forms of contact that a birth mother may have with her child include phone calls, visits, gift and letter exchanges, and more.

Of course, this relationship is only possible with the cooperation of the child’s parents. Adoptive parents play a significant role in open adoption and form an untouchable bond with their birth mother and another with their child.

What is Closed Adoption in Georgia?

The opposite of having an open adoption in Georgia is having a closed adoption. A closed adoption is an adoption in which the birth mother chooses not to have any contact with her child after placement. Of course, the two can seek each other out after the child who was placed for adoption turns 18.

In U.S. adoption history, professionals used to utilize closed adoptions as the norm for a relationship between a birth mother and her child. However, society has evolved, as well as our understanding of how adoption affects all parties involved. Experts now recommend that open adoptions become the societal norm, as many benefits have been seen for the relationships within the adoption triad. The birth mother, the adoptive parents and the child placed for adoption all benefit greatly from an open adoption.

What is Semi-Open Adoption in Georgia?

Lying in between a closed and an open adoption is a semi-open adoption in Georgia. A semi-open adoption is when a birth mother has a relationship with her child utilizing the mediation of an adoption agency. The adoption agency maintains the privacy of both the birth mother’s and the adoptive family’s identifying information. For example, letters sent to each other would go directly to the adoption agency, then forwarded on to the appropriate party. This is a great option for a woman who is considering adoption and desires a relationship with her child — but still wants to maintain her privacy.

The Benefits of Open Adoption in Georgia

There are many benefits to choosing open adoption for the entire adoption triad, which includes the birth mother, the adoptive parents and the child who was placed for adoption. A birth mother who has an open adoption with her child will find it incredibly joyful to watch her child grow up in a happy and healthy environment, be a part of milestones and develop a personal and special relationship with her child. The adoptive family benefits by learning about where their child came from, developing a relationship with the birth mother full of love and trust and being able to raise their child with an openness about adoption. The child placed for adoption feels fulfilled by experiencing love from many parents and families, as well as having encouragement to ask questions about where they came from and being taught a peace about who they are from right from the start.

If you are a woman considering open adoption in Georgia, please fill out this contact form. An adoption professional will reach out to you and define open adoption in Georgia, as well as discuss other post-placement agreement options. In every post-placement agreement, a prospective birth mother will determine what type of relationship she desires to have with her child. Once agreed upon between her and the prospective adoptive family, they can move forward with the adoption, knowing communication expectations from the beginning. Open adoption in Georgia is a beautiful and encouraging option for any woman facing an unintended pregnancy.

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