Exploring Your Tennessee Unplanned Pregnancy Options

A woman facing an unplanned pregnancy in Tennessee has three options: parenting, abortion, or adoption. Deciding which one is right for you, however, will likely take some time.

While parenting is an option, there are certain things a woman must be able to provide for her child before taking this route. With certain assistance programs, parenting might be an option for the “parent-ready” woman.

There are also state laws that come into consideration for this decision. For example, Tennessee has restrictions on abortion, including required state-directed counseling.

Finally, adoption is always an option for any woman facing an unintended pregnancy in Tennessee — no matter where she is in her pregnancy or whether she has already given birth.

Regardless of your situation, remember this: Parenting, abortion, and adoption may be your unplanned pregnancy options in Tennessee.

What are My Options if I’m Pregnant in Tennessee?

Unplanned pregnancy options in Tennessee inspire many questions from women facing such options. Your questions about your options if you are pregnant in Tennessee might include:

  • “How do you know if adoption is right for you?”
  • “What if I am pregnant but not ready for another baby?”
  • “What is more expensive in Tennessee: pregnancy or adoption?”
  • “Should I keep my baby?”
  • “In Tennessee, how do I decide to keep a baby or not?”
  • “I have an unwanted kid in Tennessee; do I choose adoption or keep the baby?”

These are important things to consider, but the ultimate decision always lies with the woman facing the unexpected pregnancy in Tennessee.

Option 1: Parenting

“Am I ready to be a parent?”

This is a normal question that pregnant women commonly ask themselves. There are certain aspects of a woman’s life that must be in place if she expects to provide a happy and healthy environment for her baby. Therefore, it is recommended that she take an honest analysis of her present situation and make sure she is prepared to parent.

Some factors that will determine whether or not a woman is ready to parent include her financial outlook, personal relationships, support resources, her level of maturity, and the health of her home environment.

If you are looking at options for pregnancy in Tennessee and considering parenting, check out local hospitals you can deliver your baby at, the Tennessee Department of Human Services for financial assistance, and crisis pregnancy centers for help with free pregnancy assistance.

Option 2: Abortion

An unwanted pregnancy in Tennessee can cause a woman a lot of stress, and making a decision about how to move forward may not be easy. If you are dealing with an unwanted pregnancy in Tennessee, please speak with your medical doctor about your abortion options.

Keep in mind that Tennessee state laws regulate abortion procedures. For example, a woman considering an abortion must receive state-directed counseling and wait 48 hours until she can have the procedure done. This requires two trips minimum to the facility in which she will be having the abortion performed.

If you do choose this path, know that healing after an abortion is possible, because there are many support groups, literature, therapy, and more to encourage you as you move forward.

Option 3: Adoption

“Should I keep my baby or give them up for adoption in Tennessee?”

Know there are many benefits to choosing adoption for your baby. First of all, not only is adoption free of charge, but any additional services — such as therapy, support groups and other adoption resources — are also free of charge to prospective birth mothers. Second, there may be financial assistance for prospective birth mothers concerned about bills and living expenses while going through an adoption.

Not only does a prospective birth mother remain in control of her adoption process up until giving her adoption consent, but she also has the honor of choosing the adoptive parents she will place her baby with. Open adoption even allows for her to continue a relationship with her birth child after choosing adoption. There are so many benefits to choosing adoption, and it can be an option for any woman facing an unplanned pregnancy in Tennessee.

Again, your options for an unplanned pregnancy in Tennessee are parenting, abortion or adoption. If you are a woman facing an unintended pregnancy, please fill out this contact form. An unbiased party will reach out to you and discuss all of your early pregnancy options in Tennessee.

It always helps to have someone to talk to when it comes to making big decisions like this, so be sure to speak with supportive friends and family. Another great tip is to put a pen to paper and write out a pros-and-cons list for each decision. No matter what decision you make as the woman facing an unplanned pregnancy in Tennessee, make sure the choice belongs to you and no one else.

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