Can You Put a Child Up for Adoption at Any Age?

Placing a child for adoption is a tremendously difficult decision, one that takes an enormous amount of courage to go through. People that choose adoption come from all sorts of different backgrounds and situations, and they might not always be ready to choose adoption right away. If it’s been several months or even years since you’ve had your child, you may be wondering about the maximum age to put a child up for adoption. You might also be wondering:

  • What’s the oldest age to “give a child up” for adoption?
  • Is there an age limit to put a child up for adoption?
  • Are there age requirements for “giving your child up” for adoption?

This is a difficult situation to be in. How old is too old to give your child up for adoption is one of the biggest questions that we receive from struggling parents that are considering adoption for an older child.

As you’re considering adoption for your child and wondering about putting a child up for adoption and the age limit, we want to remind you that you’re not a bad parent for trying to understand all of your options. Adoption is decision that you can’t make overnight. No one should make you feel less than for considering adoption for your child during this difficult time.

With that being said, there really isn’t a simple answer for the maximum age for “giving up” for adoption. However, the adoption process and your options do start to change more as your child gets older. Here is a little more information about placing a child for adoption at each of their developmental stages.

Every adoption plan starts with contacting an adoption agency that can provide the services you’re looking for, including counseling, legal representation and financial assistance. If you believe that adoption is the right choice for your child, reach out to an adoption professional now for more information.

Can You Put a Child Up for Adoption at Any Age as an Infant?

“At what age should I give my baby up for adoption?” It’s a question that we hear quite a bit. Even if you’ve already left the hospital, placing an infant for adoption is more than possible. In fact, many adoptions happen after the biological parents have already left the hospital. If you’re thinking about adoption for your newborn or infant, whether he or she is days, weeks or even months old, know that it’s never too late to choose adoption , and your adoption process will be very similar to that of a woman who makes an adoption plan earlier on during her pregnancy.

I’m Considering Adoption — Is There an Age Cutoff for Toddlers?

Some of the biggest questions about the age limit to “give up” for adoption start around when your child is a toddler. At this point, your child is starting to grow more attached to you, and you may notice they’re starting to develop separation anxiety.

This isn’t meant to dissuade you from choosing adoption for your toddler. Rather, it’s to help give you a better idea of what to expect when you place a toddler for adoption. You can still place a toddler for adoption, but the process will look different depending on how old they are. For example, you and your child may have several visits with the adoptive parents you choose prior to placement. This transition period can help ease any separation anxiety your toddler may feel.

The good news is there are many waiting adoptive families who would be thrilled at the opportunity to adopt a toddler, and many private infant adoption agencies are more than willing to help you create an adoption plan for a child at this age.

Is it Possible to Give a Child Up for Adoption at Any Age, Even Past Toddlerhood?

When you’re considering adoption for your older child, you may be wondering if there’s an oldest age to give a child up for adoption, or if you’ll be able to find a family that will be ready to take care of a child, even one that’s older than a toddler. What age you can put a child up for adoption depends primarily on the adoption professional you work with; different private adoption agencies may be able to assist with adoptions for children of different ages.

Even if you think you may be past the cutoff age for putting your child up for adoption, you should still contact an adoption agency for more information. While most private adoption agencies primarily work with infants and toddlers, we’re still happy to help you explore the options that might be available and find parenting resources for you. It is always worth contacting an adoption agency to ask, “At what age can you put a child up for adoption with your agency?”

As your child gets older, you may find that there are fewer private agencies that can help you, and parenting might be the better option as opposed to adoption. However, there are some other options available, including private relative placements and temporary guardianships, that these professionals may be able to help you explore. You can also contact your local Department for Children and Family Services, a trusted counselor or an adoption attorney for more help if you feel that you’re struggling as a parent.

Here are some more questions that you may have about placing an older child for adoption.

Where Can I Find More Help for My Adoption?

If you’re looking into the age limit to “give up for adoption”, you’re likely also wondering about the different services that are available for parents considering adoption. Once of the best places to start is by contacting an adoption agency with questions about available resources. If you’re looking for financial help, a local women and children’s center or government agency may have plenty of resources as well. Depending on your situation, you might be able to look into financial help from your local Medicaid office.

How Will My Child Adjust to the Adoption?

When it comes to placing an older child for adoption, the age limit for putting a child up for adoption takes into account how your child will adjust to being placed for adoption. Children start to seriously bond with their parents around 4 years old. They may experience separation anxiety at the thought of being away from you permanently. It’s important to take this into account before you make an adoption plan for your child.

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