Open Adoption with Your Child in Oregon

Open adoption in Oregon is an option for you if you are a woman considering adoption for your baby!

Open adoption is a type of post-placement relationship in which birth mothers have a relationship with their children while they are being raised by their adoptive families. Any woman can choose to have an open adoption with her baby, regardless of where the adoptive family lives.

If you are considering an open adoption in Oregon, read on to learn more about your post-placement relationship options and how open adoption in Oregon can benefit you!

What is Open Adoption in Oregon?

Oregon’s open adoption definition includes any post-placement relationship in which a birth mother has communication with her child during his or her upbringing.

There is no one specific way to have an open adoption in Oregon. The type and frequency of communication varies for every open adoption relationship. Some birth mothers may get to see and speak to their birth children on a weekly basis, while other birth mothers exchange letters with their child and his or her family once a year.

Open adoption in Oregon allows for a prospective birth mother to dream about what type of relationship she wants with her baby after adoption and then make that dream a reality.

What is Closed Adoption in Oregon?

On the opposite end of the spectrum from an Oregon open adoption is a closed adoption. A closed adoption occurs when there is no post-placement contact between a birth mother and her child or her child’s adoptive family. Once the child who was placed for adoption turns 18 years old, he or she can choose to have contact with his or her birth mother.

Closed adoptions used to be very popular in the United States because choosing adoption for a baby was often frowned upon. Being a birth mother was a social stigma, one which implied that these women were “bad mothers.” However, as society has evolved, so has its view on birth mothers and adoption.

Open adoptions are now becoming more and more socially acceptable and popular in the United States. There are many more benefits to choosing open adoption today, as well — compared to how difficult it was for previous generations of birth mothers.

What is a Semi-Open Adoption in Oregon?

An Oregon semi-open adoption occurs when a post-placement relationship between birth mother and adoptive parents is mediated by the adoption agency that facilitated the adoption.

In a semi-open adoption, the birth mother’s and the adoptive family’s information remain confidential in the hands of the adoption agency. Post-placement letters and pictures can be exchanged via the adoption agency, so that all identifying and personal information remains confidential.

An Oregon semi-open adoption is a wonderful option for the birth mother who wants to know how her child is doing but keep her life and her baby’s life private and separate.

The Benefits of Open Adoption in Oregon

There are many benefits to choosing open adoption in Oregon for you and your baby. Not only does open adoption bring benefits to you as a birth mother, but also to your baby and his or her adoptive family.

Birth mothers benefit from an open adoption by being a continual part of their children’s lives. You may find that there is grief to experience in an adoption decision, and that may require you to walk a path of healing. Watching your child grow up can help in your own healing journey; it can bring you peace in your decision and joy that you remain a crucial part of your child’s life.

Adoptive parents benefit from open adoption because they are encouraged and able to have an open relationship with their child about how he or she came to be with them. This, of course, opens the door for a child to have a very open relationship and communication with his or her adoptive parents about adoption.

An Oregon open adoption holds the most benefits for the child who was placed for adoption. By opening the adoption conversation in an adopted child’s household, the child will likely have far fewer issues with their identity. “Who am I and where did I come from?” are very normal and healthy questions for children to ask, especially in an adoption situation. By having adoptive parents and a birth mother who can answer these questions, adopted children are able to have their questions answered and be much more secure in their growth and development.

If you are considering an Oregon open adoption, please fill out this contact form. An adoption professional will reach out to you and discuss all your post-placement options with you.

Successful open adoption stories in Oregon include birth mothers from all sorts of different backgrounds and walks of life. No matter what your situation is, open adoption in Oregon may be an option for you!

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