Exploring Your Georgia Unplanned Pregnancy Options

A woman facing an unplanned pregnancy in Georgia may be considering all of her options. Early pregnancy options in Georgia are to parent, choose abortion or decide on adoption. This decision is ultimately up to the woman facing the unintended pregnancy in Georgia.

While it may be wise to seek counsel and support, remember the final decision always belongs to the expectant mother. Again, the options for any unplanned pregnancy in Georgia are to parent the child, choose to have an abortion, or place the child for adoption.

What Are My Options if I’m Pregnant in Georgia?

Unplanned pregnancy options in Georgia bring about many questions for an expectant mother. Common questions that may come up regarding alternative pregnancy options in Georgia include:

These are not easy questions, and the answers can only be derived from being honest with oneself regarding what is truly desired. Only the woman facing an unwanted child in Georgia can determine which pregnancy option is best for her, whether it be parenting, abortion or adoption.

Option 1: Parenting

“Am I ready to be a parent in Georgia?”

This question begs a level of honest reflection for a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy in Georgia. She must look at all factors in her life to determine if she can raise a child in a happy and healthy way. Some topics that need to be taken into consideration for a woman considering parenting are her emotional health, mental stability, spiritual foundation, support and resources, and personal relationships.

If a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy in Georgia decides to parent, there are resources and support available to her, which include the Georgia Division of Children and Family Services, delivery options for pregnancy in Georgia and pregnancy centers in Georgia.

Option 2: Abortion

Abortion is an option for any woman facing an unwanted kid in Georgia. However, there are restrictions on abortion in Georgia, per Georgia abortion law. The laws mandate that a woman must receive state-directed counseling with information designed to discourage her from having an abortion, and then wait 24 hours before the procedure is provided.

Abortion is a tremendous decision that may weigh heavily on a woman. Once the decision for abortion has been made, there is nothing a woman can do beyond walking a path of healing. Healing from abortion is possible, and there are resources that women can find to aid them in their healing process after they choose abortion.

Option 3: Adoption

Adoption is a decision that requires a great level of selfless love from a prospective birth mother towards her unborn child. Adoption is free of charge, and there is also financial assistance available during the process of adoption for prospective birth mothers who qualify. An adoption professional can walk a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy in Georgia through the entirety of the adoption process. Not only does the prospective birth mother have the honor of choosing who will raise her baby, but she also remains in control of the adoption process until signing her adoption consent.

Adoption vs. keeping baby in Georgia is no easy decision to make. However, when the right decision has been made, it will bring with it a sense of peace.

If you are a woman considering your pregnancy options in Georgia, please fill out this contact form. An adoption professional will reach out to you and discuss all your options of pregnancy in Georgia with you.

Again, your options if you are pregnant in Georgia are to parent the baby, have an abortion or choose adoption. Whichever decision is made by an expectant mother in Georgia should only be done after much research and consideration. No matter what the choice ends up being, control of that choice always belongs to the woman facing the unwanted pregnancy in Georgia.

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