“Giving Baby Up” for Adoption in Lawrence, KS

You’re Not Giving Up. Here’s How to Make an Adoption Plan for Your Baby

If you are a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, it is common to be filled with mixed emotions, thoughts and concerns. Not knowing what the future for you or your baby will hold can be a scary situation.

No matter the path you choose to take, you do not have to go through your pregnancy alone. Professionals are here to help.

Whether you are considering adoption in Lawrence, Kansas, or just need information on the options available to you, this guide will educate you on the Lawrence, Kansas adoption process and the resources you may need throughout your pregnancy. You are encouraged to contact an adoption professional at any time to discuss your situation and options, or if you are ready, to begin your adoption process.

Until then, continue reading our guide for more information on placing a baby for adoption in Lawrence, KS.

How to “Give Up” a Baby for Adoption in Lawrence, KS

If you’re looking for information about adoption in Lawrence, the first thing we need to do is address a common misconception some people tend to have about adoption: choosing adoption is not “giving up” or “giving away” your baby. While many people think of it as “giving a baby up for adoption” in Lawrence, adoption is actually a brave, selfless, loving decision you are making, to give your child and opportunity at the best life possible. Unfortunately, the term “giving a baby up for adoption” is used throughout articles for adoption, but by no means does it mean the mother is actually giving up.

When a prospective birth mother is considering adoption, the process can generally be broken down into five steps: choosing adoption, creating an adoption plan, choosing an adoptive family, placement and post-placement. By taking advantage of the adoption services Lawrence has available, completing the process of putting your baby up for adoption becomes a much easier task.

If you are a prospective birth mother considering adoption in Lawrence, you will want to weigh all of your options and research thoroughly before any decisions are made. A 24/7 hotline is available at 1-800-ADOPTION, where adoption specialists can discuss your situation and guide you throughout your pregnancy, for free and with no obligation to complete the adoption process.

Step 1: Explore Your Unplanned Pregnancy Options in Lawrence, KS

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or unwanted pregnancy in Lawrence, KS, it is important to know and consider your options. In general, there are three options a pregnant woman can choose for her child: parenting, adoption or abortion.

Although making the decision of how to handle your pregnancy is a choice that takes plenty of research and thought, pregnancy lasts nine months, so the decision process needs to be swift. Given the fact that there are also legal timeframes on abortion, being informed of your choices is vital in making a decision on which option you would like to pursue. No matter the path you decide to take, there are several pros and cons to each choice.

It is important to talk to a pregnancy specialist, as they will provide you with 24/7 support and all of information you may need on the options available during an unplanned pregnancy. Although they cannot make your decision for you, you should find comfort in knowing you will have a trusted professional by you side throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond, no matter the decision you make. Other resources available in the Lawrence, Kansas, area, include the following:

Step 2: Find an Adoption Agency in Lawrence and Make an Adoption Plan

If you have already decided that adoption is the best opportunity for you and your baby, choosing a Lawrence adoption agency to be by your side throughout your pregnancy should be a top priority. The agency you choose will ultimately dictate the overall outcome and experience of your adoption in Lawrence, KS, so it is important to find an agency that puts your needs first.

The right agency will guide you through the adoption process and help you create an adoption plan. This plan will keep you on track toward successful placement for your baby, while also determining details such as the perfect family you want for your baby, the hospital at which you will be delivering your child, how you would prefer placement to occur and more. Your adoption plan will also cover the  type of relationship you would like to have with your child after placement, which is important in the next step of the Lawrence, KS adoption process: choosing an adoptive family.

Here are some options for adoption agencies near Lawrence, Kansas, that you may consider contacting:

Step 3: Choose an Adoptive Family for Your Baby

When you and your adoption specialist are finding the adoptive family for your baby, it is best to have a predetermined list of preferences for the family you would like to place your child with. This will help narrow down the options when your adoption professional provides you with prospective adoptive family profiles to review. These profiles will include pictures, videos and information on the hopeful adoptive family to essentially give you a preview of their personalities and backgrounds.

Oftentimes, after a prospective birth mother has reviewed profiles, she will have in the opportunity to get to know the adoptive family through pre-adoption phone calls, emails or in-person visits. This gives a true sense of the prospective parents’ personalities and if there is an emotional connection between the two sides. When the prospective birth mother feels comfortable enough, she will make a decision on which family she would like to pursue placement for her child with. Once this occurs, her, her adoption specialist and the adoptive family will begin preparing for delivery and placement.

Step 4: Complete Your Lawrence Adoption Placement

Kansas Law states that a child must be born at least 12 hours before a prospective birth mother can consent for her baby to be placed for adoption. Giving consent means the birth mother voluntarily signs her legal parental rights away so that the family she has chosen can adopt her baby. Your adoption specialist will inform you of the importance of being certain of your adoption decision prior to signing consent forms, as it is very difficult to overturn during an adoption in Lawrence.

Step 5: Adjust to Life Post-Placement

Making the decision of “giving a child up” for adoption is incredibly difficult as it is, but it has been said that the post-placement portion of adoption is by far the most emotional. It is important to know counseling services are available, not only during your pregnancy, but also after placement.

When creating your adoption plan, you will also outline your expectations for the relationship you have with the adoptive family and your child after placement. Adoptive families will be aware of these wishes and, although your relationship may change over time, honor them as best they can. This can help with some of the grieving process a birth mother may experience after placing her child with an adoptive family.

If you are considering putting your baby up for adoption in Lawrence, Kansas, please complete a contact form, or call 1-800-ADOPTION to get in touch with an adoption professional. Working with an adoption agency in Lawrence can equip you with all the services and support you need throughout this brave and selfless decision.

Financial Assistance During Pregnancy

Although prospective birth mothers cannot get paid for placing a baby for adoption in Lawrence, there are many adoption-related expenses that may be paid for by the prospective adoptive parents on behalf of the prospective birth mother.  Prospective birth mothers also receive the services of an adoption agency for free, as they help guide them through the adoption process.

In addition to there being no cost for the use of an adoption professional, financial assistance for adoption is in place in Kansas to ease the burden of choosing adoption for the prospective birth mother. This assistance helps cover expenses such as the medical bills of the prospective birth mother related to pregnancy and birth, as well as other reasonable costs that can be associated with pregnancy.

If you have any questions about what assistance is available to you during your pregnancy, 1-800-ADOPTION provides 24/7, no obligation support.

Birth Fathers Rights During a Lawrence Adoption

Birth father rights in Kansas are regulated by Kansas state laws, and depending upon the situation, different laws and rules will apply. As a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption, it is important to understand how birth father rights can alter your adoption decision and/or adoption process.

The agency you choose will help partner you understand the role your child’s birth father might play in your process and may be able to connect you with an adoption attorney in Lawrence, not only to guide you through the legalities of this step, but also to provide legal advice throughout your adoption in Lawrence. Working with an adoption attorney in Lawrence will help avoid any confusion or misinformation and also helps confirm your adoption is being completed ethically and legally. Although not necessary, if you prefer to speak with an adoption attorney prior to selecting an adoption agency in Lawrence, KS, you may consider contacting any of the following Lawrence adoption lawyers:

Finding an Adoptive Family in Lawrence, Kansas

During your adoption in Lawrence, your adoption specialist will walk you step-by-step through the process of finding adoptive parents in Kansas (or another state, if you choose) and provide you with adoptive opportunities for your child. It is important for the prospective birth mother to determine what characteristics and traits she is hoping the adoptive family will possess, to will make it easier for the professional to find potential match opportunities

A prospective birth mother is in complete control of the profiles she chooses and families she meets with when it comes to  in Lawrence, KS. Once a prospective birth mother has narrowed down her list of potential adoptive families, oftentimes, the two parties will schedule a phone call to discuss their adoption goals and learn more about each other. Once she feels comfortable with a specific family, the prospective birth mother will officially enter into an adoption opportunity with them, and the two parties can continue getting to know each other throughout the pregnancy.

This is a broad overview of the process of selecting a family for your child. Visit this link for more information on the process of finding an adoptive family in Lawrence, KS, or consult with an adoption specialist for more details on the steps involved. You can also start browsing potential adoptive families here.

Open Adoption in with Your Child

Placing a baby for adoption in Lawrence does not have to mean you are completely uninvolved in your child’s life after placement. For birth mothers that wish to remain in contact with the adoptive family and the child, open adoption is a great opportunity to do so.

There are many different levels of “openness” that both the prospective birth mother and adoptive family will need to discuss and agree upon prior to placement.  The levels of adoption include:

  • Open adoption, in which you share identifying information (like last names) with the adoptive family and have ongoing contact through phone calls, email, text messages, visits or whatever forms of contact are most comfortable;
  • Semi-open adoption where contact may still occur, but does not necessarily include in person meetings and has specific guidelines put into place; and
  • Closed adoption, which involves very little or no contact with the adoptive family after placement.

Although there is not a precise definition of what makes an open adoption in Lawrence, KS, it centers around the post-placement agreement between a birth mother and adoptive family, which is discussed prior to placement of the baby.

Open adoption helps keep birth parents involved in their child’s life and can also help the child develop a strong sense of identity and pride in their adoption story as they grow older. Keep in mind this agreement is not necessarily legally binding and may change over the course of time, as different needs or desires occur.

Discussing your intentions and preferred outcome with your adoption specialist for your adoption in Lawrence, KS, is very important as you look for a potential adoptive family for your child. Your adoption professional will help educate you on the options available and narrow down which type best matches your adoptive goals. You can also find more information on open adoption in Kansas here.

Your Next Steps to “Give Baby Up” for Adoption in Lawrence

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you want the best resources available to help guide you through your pregnancy journey. Contact us today to begin exploring your options and to help ease any concerns you may have. Whether you are leaning towards adoption in Lawrence, KS, or not, no matter the decision you make, we are here to make sure you don’t have to decide alone.

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