5 Tips On Giving Baby Up For Adoption At Birth

Adoption can create a better future for you and your baby. If you are thinking about giving your baby up for adoption at birth, then we’re here to help.

Remember that, when you choose adoption, it will always be free as a prospective birth mother.

Adoption is still an option, even when you’re in the delivery room. We understand that choosing adoption can be difficult, but with the right guidance and support, you’ll be on the right track toward a successful adoption experience.

Below, we’ve put together five essential tips to help you get the most out of your adoption experience. You can always reach out to an adoption professional by filling out this contact form for more free information now.

5 Tips on Giving Baby Up For Adoption at Birth

1. Work with a Licensed Adoption Agency

When you’re considering giving your baby up for adoption at the hospital, the adoption professional you choose will significantly impact your adoption experience. Although there are many adoption professionals, choosing a national adoption agency can ensure you get the most out of your adoption.

National adoption agencies are equipped to handle every aspect of your adoption and offer a wide range of services. Also, national adoption agencies are fully licensed, unlike facilitators and law centers. These agencies can claim licensing in many states, which helps ensure your adoption is completed in a safe and ethical way.

Here are some reputable adoption agencies to consider:

2. Think about What You’re Looking for in an Adoptive Family

You’re in control of every aspect of your adoption, including choosing the family. When giving your baby up for adoption at birth, consider the characteristics you’re looking for in an adoptive family.

Your adoption agency will help you choose a family by sending you adoptive family profiles. These profiles give you a better sense of a family’s interests, careers, parenting styles and more. Some agencies offer video profiles so that you can get a better feel for a family. Adoption profile videos give a more in-depth look into a family’s life and can help you better envision your child in their home.

You can search for potential adoptive families online by checking out waiting families’ adoption profiles online.

3. Ask Your Adoption Agency about Financial Assistance

Adoption will always be free for you, even when you’re giving your baby up for adoption at the hospital. In addition to free adoption support and services, you’ll also be eligible to receive adoption financial assistance. Your adoption professional will explain all your options and determine how much financial assistance you’ll receive based on your situation and needs.

The financial assistance you receive will vary depending on your state, as this support is court-mandated. This assistance can help cover living, medical and legal expenses. It can also help you avoid any unnecessary financial stressors and allows you to focus on having a safe, healthy adoption experience.  

4. Determine What Kind of Adoption Relationship You Want

If you’re wondering, “Can you give a baby up at birth and stay in touch,” then the answer to this question is absolutely. Giving your baby up for adoption at the hospital doesn’t mean saying goodbye forever. Thanks to open adoption, you’ll choose how much contact you want to have during and after your adoption.

In general, you can choose from three types of adoption relationships:

  • Open adoption: This adoption relationship gives you the chance to get to know the adoptive family by sharing identifying information before, during and after the adoption.
  • Semi-open adoption: A more restrictive type of adoption where most if not all communication is facilitated through an adoption professional to preserve identifying information.
  • Closed adoption: This type of adoption is less common where little to no contact is shared in an effort to preserve privacy.   

You’re able to determine how much contact you want with the family, whether that’s receiving letters and pictures regularly or annual in-person visits. When you create your adoption plan, you can tell your adoption professional how much contact you’re comfortable with.

5. Consider the Benefits of Choosing Adoption

Choosing adoption is a courageous, selfless decision. When you’re giving your baby up for adoption at birth, we know you’re doing what’s best for your child. Adoption allows your baby to experience a life of love and opportunity. It also gives you the chance to continue your life.

You can do the things you’ve always wanted to do and turn your dreams into reality. Life after adoption can be full of endless possibilities. Because of adoption, you can chase your dreams while knowing your child will be loved unconditionally.

To get started on your adoption plan, connect with an adoption professional today by filling out this contact form. You can also call a national adoption hotline for birth parents at 1-800-ADOPTION.

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