5 Things You Should Know about Where to Begin with Adoption

How to Start the Adoption Process

Whether you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or having second thoughts about raising your child, adoption could be the perfect option for you.

When it comes to knowing how to get started with adoption, there is a lot to learn. Professional guidance and services can help you remain comfortable and safe through every stage of the process. You can get connected with free support today.

When you’re deciding where to begin with adoption, remember that you are making a selfless choice to give your baby a chance at the best life possible. Discover five things you need to know about how to start the adoption process:

1. Starting the Adoption Process Is Unique for Everyone 

Women from all walks of life choose adoption:

  • Teenagers experiencing an unwanted pregnancy 
  • 20-year-olds with an education and career in front of them 
  • 30- to 50-year-old mothers whose families are already complete 

As you learn how to get started with adoption, one thing professionals will emphasize is that you are in charge

Even though every adoption process is unique, there are several common steps that every expectant mother will follow: 

  • Step 1: Decide that adoption is right for you
  • Step 2: Pick an adoption agency
  • Step 3: Create your adoption plan
  • Step 4: Choose the perfect waiting adoptive family for your baby 
  • Step 5: Get to know the family before placement 
  • Step 6: Complete your placement 
  • Step 7: Stay connected with your baby through open adoption (if you want) 

2. The Adoption Process Is Free for You 

Thanks to free services and financial assistance, you can focus on the adoption process without added financial stress.

These zero-cost services help keep you on track toward a successful adoption. They also ensure you are getting the best support and resources available. These free services include:

  • Medical care for you and your baby
  • Counseling and emotional support before, during and after the adoption
  • Guidance on finding the right family for your child
  • An attorney throughout the legal steps, separate from the adoptive family’s representation
  • Financial support for things like your rent, groceries and utilities

3. Know How to Start the Adoption Process with an Adoption Agency

The adoption professional you work with is often your greatest supporter throughout your journey.

You don’t have to wait to start looking for one. If you are in need of adoption help today, then there’s help available now: 

When you research adoption agencies as you decide where to begin with adoption, you should look for: 

  • An agency that is available 24/7 — Pregnancy is unpredictable. You may be in a situation where you have to talk with your adoption specialist outside of the 9-to-5 work hours.
  • An agency with many adoptive family profiles — Having limited choices in families may feel restricting. But, working with an agency that has hundreds of potential adoptive parents offers a better chance of finding that perfect family.
  • An agency with experience in your state — Most states allow birth parents to receive adoption financial assistance, but this assistance has to follow strict state laws. An agency with experience in your state will ensure you receive as much financial assistance as possible.  

Working with a national adoption agency will allow you to have all these amenities and more, such as:

4. Open Adoptions Are the Norm 

In recent decades, some level of communication between expectant mothers and adoptive families has become far more common. You can choose what type of adoption contact is best for you and your baby. For example, there is:

  • Open adoption — A direct relationship. You know each other’s contact information, and you can get in touch often.
  • Semi-open adoption — You maintain a bit more privacy. An agency might help mediate, so you send your correspondence through the agency.
  • Closed adoption — Communications are cut off, letting everyone go their separate ways moving forward.

With an open adoption, you’ll be able to watch as your child grows, thrives and experiences all the love of the adoptive parents you chose for them.

Choosing this relationship when starting the adoption process builds a lifelong connection with your child and the adoptive family that can give you confidence and peace about your decision.

5. The Adoption Process Might Be the Best Thing for You

Adoption takes courage. You are making the selfless decision that will create a better future not only for your baby, but also for you.

An unplanned pregnancy doesn’t have to interrupt your life. Adoption gives you the opportunity to continue schooling or put you on the path toward a job or house.

You are also changing the lives of the hopeful family that adopts your baby. They want to give all their love to that baby and shower them with affection and opportunities. And, adoption creates a brighter future for your baby, who will grow up in a loving, safe and supportive family.  

The adoption process is not always easy, but it is always worth it. 


You don’t have to wait. How to get started with adoption has never been easier. You can get the support and services you need when you connect with an adoption professional today.

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