Do you Get Money for Putting a Baby up for Adoption? [5 FAQs]

As a prospective birth parent, you deserve to feel comfortable and confident throughout your pregnancy. With the free help and support of a licensed adoption agency, you can focus on having a safe, healthy pregnancy.

Not only will adoption always be free for you, but you’ll also be eligible for adoption financial assistance. Although you cannot be paid to put a baby up for adoption, you’ll still receive financial help throughout your pregnancy.

But how much support can you get? Below, we’ve answered five FAQs about adoption financial assistance.

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5 FAQs about Adoption Financial Assistance

1. Does Putting a Baby up for Adoption Cost?

You will never have to pay to put a baby up for adoption. As the prospective birth parent, any services and support you receive from an adoption professional will be free. You’re making a life-changing decision, and the last thing you need to worry about is paying for the adoption process.

Through financial support, you’ll be able to focus on having a safe and healthy pregnancy. Adoption means you don’t have to worry about finances while giving your baby the best life possible.

2. Do You Get Money for Putting a Baby up for Adoption?

You cannot get “paid” to choose adoption, and there are no adoption agencies that will pay you for your baby. If someone offers you money in exchange for your baby, then it’s considered trafficking and could result in serious legal consequences.

Can you put a baby up for adoption and get “paid?” the answer is technically no, as there’s a big difference between receiving financial assistance and getting “paid” for adoption.

When you receive financial assistance, it’s regulated by courts to make sure all payments are legal. The assistance you receive is designated to help with any adoption- and pregnancy-related expenses.

3. What Can I Use Financial Assistance for?

You can use financial assistance to help cover living, medical and legal expenses throughout your adoption journey. Each state has different laws on how much support you’ll be eligible for. As the prospective birth parent, you’re eligible for assistance with expenses like:

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Groceries
  • Maternity clothing
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Doctor’s visits
  • Hospital stays

The amount of assistance you receive depends on the state you live in and your current situation. For example, if you’re in high school and live with your parents, you probably won’t need as much support as someone living alone.

Your adoption professional will help determine your needs during the adoption planning stage to ensure you receive the maximum amount allowed.

4. Who Can Help Me Receive Financial Assistance?

Your adoption agency will coordinate financial support and work with hopeful families to ensure all payments are legal. National adoption agencies can help you get the most out of your financial assistance because of their wider reach and comprehensive services.

These agencies are licensed in multiple states, creating an added layer of security to ensure your adoption is fair, ethical and legal. Your adoption professional will create a personalized adoption plan based on how you want your adoption experience to go. When you put a baby for adoption, you’re always in complete control of the entire process.

5. Are There Adoption Agencies That Pay Me?

There are no adoption agencies that pay you to put a baby up for adoption. Giving a person money, gifts or favors in exchange for a child is illegal and unethical. This is why it’s important to always work with a licensed adoption agency.

National adoption agencies tend to be the best choice for prospective birth parents. These agencies are full-service and offer more support than any other agency.

Regardless of your situation, know that adoption will always be free, and financial assistance will always be available.

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