Putting a Child up for Adoption at 16

When you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy at 16 years old, this can be a challenging, confusing time. You are likely in high school, involved in extracurricular activities and have a fun social life. You don’t have time to raise a baby right now. The good news is that there are other options, such as adoption.

If you want to get more free information now, then you can contact us online whenever you need us. But, we have also created this informative guide that explains how you can choose adoption at 16 years old. We will also discuss your other options for unplanned pregnancy to help you make the best decision for your circumstances.

Putting a Child up for Adoption at 16 [Should I Keep My Baby at 16?] 

You might be wondering, “Can I ‘give my baby up’ for adoption? I’m only 16.” We’re here to tell you that, yes, you can choose adoption as a 16-year-old. Keep in mind, though, that adoption laws may vary depending on what state you live in. For instance, you might need parental permission, but adoption is always an option.

I’m 16 and Don’t Want My Baby [Do You Need Parental Permission to Choose Adoption?]

When “giving your baby up” for adoption at 16 years old, who needs to be there with you? If you have found yourself asking this question, then you are likely wondering if you need permission from your parents to choose adoption. In most cases, you do not.

In some states, adoption laws require that parents agree to the adoption decision. But, this applies only to birth mothers who are under 13 or 14 years old.

So, if you are 16 and pregnant, adoption is an option without your parents’ written consent. Still, it’s worth researching your state’s adoption laws just to be safe. You can also get in touch with a trusted adoption professional to discuss your local laws.

Remember, at the end of the day, this is your choice and yours alone. Don’t let anyone else try to sway your decision one way or another.

But, it’s always worth discussing adoption with your parents or other loved ones before you commit to this path. They can lend their emotional support to you during this difficult time. Being 16 and pregnant isn’t easy, after all.

Can You Put a Baby up for Adoption as a 16-Year-Old? [Benefits of Adoption]

You may be thinking, “Can I ‘give my baby up’ for adoption? I’m only 16.” From a general perspective, there are three unplanned pregnancy options available to you: parenting, abortion and adoption. But, there are certain benefits of adoption for prospective birth parents that make this option the right one for many women.

We simply want to help you make the best choice for your situation. To help you come to an informed conclusion, we’ve listed some of the benefits of adoption below.

Adoption Allows You to Continue Your Life Goals [It Is Free for Birth Mothers]

There’s no doubt that parenthood is a full-time job. Raising a baby requires your attention around the clock, and it’s a major time commitment. On top of this, the costs of parenting mean that you’ll be investing plenty of money in your baby.

Adoption, on the other hand, is completely free for birth mothers. This is because you can receive adoption financial assistance, even when you are pregnant at 16. This financial assistance will cover all your pregnancy- and adoption-related fees. When you are making the selfless, heroic and brave decision to place your baby for adoption, you shouldn’t have to fret over the finances.

This financial freedom (and free time) means that you can continue chasing your dreams. Whatever life goals you may have, such as finishing your high school education or applying for dream colleges, adoption gives you the leeway to fulfill those long-term aspirations.

Adoption Allows You to Stay in Touch with Your Child [Building a Lifelong Bond]

Because you are in complete control of your adoption plan from start to finish, you get to choose the type of adoption you’d like to pursue. Even when you are putting a child up for adoption at 16, you get to call all the shots while your professional does all the heavy lifting for you.

Today, the vast majority of adoptions are open to some extent. What does this mean, exactly? Open adoption means that you can keep in touch with your baby and the adoptive family for years to come.

So, adoption never has to be “goodbye.” Think of it more as “see you later.”

Also, as we mentioned earlier, you are in charge of your adoption journey. You might be thinking, “I’m 16 and pregnant. Am I still in control of the adoption?” Yes, you always are.

This includes choosing the form of communication that you use with the adoptive parents and your child. For example, you can select:

  • Zoom or Skype chats
  • Phone calls
  • In-person visits
  • Text messages
  • Photographs
  • Handwritten letters
  • Or whatever you feel comfortable with

Adoption Allows You to Choose the Perfect Adoptive Family

One of the most important steps in your adoption journey is choosing the perfect adoptive parents for your baby. Early on in your adoption journey, your adoption professional will sit down with you and discuss what type of adoptive family you want for your baby. When you’re putting a child up for adoption at 16, you can browse video profiles of hopeful adoptive parents, and then you’ll choose the one that feels “right” to you.

Let your adoption professional know when you get this feeling, and they can arrange a meeting between you all if you’d like. Your parents or other family members can attend this meeting, as well.

It’s normal to feel nervous about this, and that’s why your professional can even mediate the conversation. They can ask both of you questions to help break the ice a bit. You may even find that you’ve made some new extended family members in the process.


We understand if you’re feeling overwhelmed right now. That’s why you can contact us online at any time to get free adoption information now. Being 16 and pregnant is hard, so we are here for you whenever you need help.

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