Pregnant at 13 [What You Can Do]

When you are 13 years old and pregnant, you are likely stressed out. Dealing with unplanned pregnancy itself is overwhelming enough, but it can become even more difficult if you are 13 years old. Whether you, your parents or your loved ones are trying to figure out what to do, we have created this helpful guide just for you.

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I’m 13 and Pregnant [What You Can Do]

You may be thinking, “I’m 13 and pregnant. What do I do?” This is likely an unplanned pregnancy, and, from a general standpoint, there are three options for unplanned pregnancy: abortion, parenting and adoption. Because you are 13, you may not understand what each of these options entails. So, be sure to speak with a counselor before moving forward.

Below, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of each of these options. You can talk with your counselor about each of these paths, too, so that you can make the best decision for your situation.


One of your options as a pregnant 13-year-old is abortion. Many people choose this option, but there are both some advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind:


  • Abortion is generally safe. When you receive an abortion from a licensed, trained professional, it can be a safe option for unplanned pregnancy.
  • Does not affect your ability to become pregnant again. If you would like to have children when you grow up, then receiving an abortion will not affect your ability to become pregnant and have kids again.


  • You will need permission from your parents. Because you are 13 years old and pregnant, you will need parental permission before you can receive an abortion. This can be difficult if your parents don’t personally support abortion as an option for unplanned pregnancy.
  • Abortion can be expensive. Depending on where you receive an abortion, the procedure can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  • Abortion may not be accessible. Some states have restrictive abortion laws. This means that it may be hard to find a clinic that performs abortions in your state. Be sure to check the Guttmacher Institute beforehand to see if it’s possible to receive an abortion where you live.


“What if you’re 13 and pregnant? Can you become a parent,” you may be asking. Below, we’ve outlined some pros and cons of choosing parenthood:


  • You might have some help. As a 13-year-old, parenting is practically impossible. But, your loved ones may step in and raise the baby themselves, and having that support can be a great help.


  • You are legally not allowed to work. When you are 13, you cannot get a job because that would violate child labor laws. This means that, unless your loved ones raise the baby, you would have no financial support for the child.
  • You don’t have time to raise a baby. At this age, you are still a child yourself, so you likely don’t have the time to raise a child of your own. You may have obligations at school, so someone will need to raise the baby while you are in your classes.
  • Parenting can be expensive. There’s no doubt that parenting is costly, and that can be even more stressful to think about as a pregnant 13-year-old. In other words, your loved ones would need to step in and lend their financial support.


Another one of your options when you are pregnant at 13 is adoption. Consider these pros and cons of adoption for your baby below:


  • You are in charge of your adoption journey. As a prospective birth parent, you will get to call all the shots in your adoption plan, even if you are pregnant at 13. Don’t stress, though. Your trusted adoption professional will set everything up for you.
  • You can choose the adoptive family. One of the biggest benefits of adoption is that you get to choose the right adoptive family for your baby. Your adoption professional will sit down with you and show you various video profiles of hopeful adoptive families, and you can choose the parents who feel right to you.
  • You can receive free, 24/7 counseling. No one should have to go through this alone, and that’s why many of the best adoption agencies offer free, 24/7 counseling. This is to help you process the complex emotions of adoption that you may experience.
  • Adoption is always free for birth parents. By choosing adoption, you can receive adoption financial assistance, which covers all your pregnancy- and adoption-related fees. You are already making a selfless, heroic and brave decision by choosing adoption when you are 13 years old and pregnant. The last thing you or your family should have to worry about is money. This financial help allows you to focus all your attention on your pregnancy.
  • Adoption is always an option, no matter how many months pregnant you are. Whether you are one month or eight months into your pregnancy, you can still pursue this path. It is not too late to choose adoption.
  • You can stay in touch with your child. When you choose an open adoption, you can stay in touch with your baby and the adoptive family long after the adoption is complete. In other words, adoption doesn’t have to be “goodbye.” Rather, it is “see you later.”


  • Adoption comes with difficult emotions. It’s common for many birth parents to go through feelings such as grief, doubt and loss. That’s why many adoption professionals provide free counseling at all hours for birth parents. The emotions of adoption can be heavy.
  • Adoption is always permanent. When you give birth, you will wait 48-72 hours before you sign any paperwork. Once you sign these papers, though, the adoption is permanent, even when you are pregnant at 13. That’s why you’ll need to make absolutely sure that this is the right choice for you and your baby.


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