Pregnant at 14 [Your Complete Guide]

Discovering your unplanned pregnancy at 14 years old can be scary. Not only is unplanned pregnancy stressful on its own, but it can be even more overwhelming when you’re facing teen pregnancy. We understand that you’re going through a lot right now, and that’s why we have put together this detailed article just for you. We will explore your three unplanned pregnancy options and the pros and cons of each.

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Please Help Me; I Don’t Want to be Pregnant at 14 [Your Options]

If you are a pregnant 14-year-old, then you should know that this choice is ultimately yours. There are three unplanned pregnancy options for you to select from: parenting, abortion and adoption. Each of these three options comes with its own set of pros and cons, so you’ll need to consider these as you make this decision.

To help you make the most informed choice possible, we’ll list some of these pros and cons below. It can also be helpful to talk to your parents, loved ones or trusted unplanned pregnancy counselor about these options. But, we will provide some general details about parenting, abortion and adoption:

Pros of Parenting

You may be thinking, “I’m 14 and pregnant. Can I even be a parent right now?” It’s a question worth asking, especially because parenthood is one of your three options for unplanned pregnancy. One of the pros of parenting is that you may receive support from your family members when it comes to raising the baby. But, when you don’t have this support, matters can become more complicated.

Cons of Parenting

As you may have guessed, parenting is expensive. Those costs are even more intimidating when you are pregnant at 14. Because you are a minor, you are not legally allowed to work, so your family members would need to contribute their finances.

Aside from the financial aspect, parenting is also tough from an emotional and mental perspective. It’s hard work to raise a baby, so you’ll need to consider your schoolwork and other commitments you have as a young teenager. If you are considering parenthood, then be sure to speak with your parents about what you would need from them (and what they would need from you).

Pros of Abortion

Another option you have as a pregnant 14-year-old is abortion. Although this idea may seem scary, abortion is a relatively safe option for unplanned pregnancy. When you receive an abortion from a legally licensed and reputable professional, this path can be a safe route for you.

Cons of Abortion

Because you are 14 years old, you are a legal minor. In other words, you’ll need permission from your parents before you can receive an abortion. This can be hard if you’re afraid that your parents may not support abortion from a political standpoint. It also means that abortion may not be as accessible if your family has restrictive views about it.

On top of this, you may live in a state with repressive abortion laws. There may be only a clinic or two in your entire state, and these clinics could be far away.

That’s why you should check out the Guttmacher Insitute to learn more about your state’s particular abortion laws. When you’re a pregnant 14-year-old, rights for abortion can be tricky. If you’re pregnant at 14 and leaning toward abortion, then consider this information.

Pros of Adoption

One of the most significant benefits of adoption is that adoption is always an option. This means that you can choose adoption whether you are a few months or even eight months into your pregnancy. In fact, you can even choose adoption at the hospital or months after you’ve given birth. At the end of the day, it is not too late to choose adoption for your baby.

You would also be the prospective birth mother, who is always in charge of their adoption plan from start to finish. You’ll work with an adoption professional who will guide you every step of the way as you get to make the key decisions.

Don’t worry, though. They will help arrange everything for you. Even when you’re pregnant at 14, you are still in control of your adoption process.

Also, when you work with the best adoption agencies, you can receive free, 24/7 counseling. There are many complex emotions of adoption, and it can be helpful to know that you are never alone. You can speak with a counselor at any hour, whether it’s at 4 in the afternoon or 4 in the morning.

Even when you are a pregnant 14-year-old, you also have the right to choose the perfect adoptive parents for your baby. Your adoption professional will sit down with you and show you profiles of adoptive families that match your preferences and needs. Once you stumble upon a profile that stands out, let your professional know, and they can set up a meeting between you all if you’d like.

You also have the ability to choose open adoption. This is when birth parents and adoptive families exchange identifying information, and they can contact each other about their adoption journeys.

Even after the adoption is complete, you can keep in touch with your baby and the adoptive parents. This means that adoption isn’t “goodbye” if you don’t want it to be. “See you later” is much more accurate.

Cons of Adoption

The main disadvantage of adoption is that all prospective birth parents experience complicated emotions. Grief, loss and doubt are common, and you’ll likely go through these emotions if you choose adoption, too. The good news is that, when you’re pregnant at 14, you can receive free adoption counseling to help you navigate these feelings.


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