Pregnant and Thinking about Adoption for My Children Together

Choosing adoption is often one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever have to make, but it could be the best choice for your future.

When you’re pregnant and thinking about adoption for your children, you’re probably wondering “Can I place my children together?” This can feel like an unthinkable situation to be in, but it’s important to do what you think will be best for your children. If you’re struggling to meet the demands of parenthood, then adoption could help ensure your children feel safe, loved and cared for.

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How to Know if Adoption is Right for Your Children

When you begin thinking about adoption, you need to make sure these thoughts aren’t temporary and short-lived. There are many factors that can lead you to believe parenting is impossible. Depression, anxiety and other things can be a contributing factor.

Many people who are pregnant and thinking about adoption find themselves feeling this way, and in some cases, the feelings are only temporary.

Placing your children for adoption is a life-changing decision, so it’s important to feel absolutely certain that you’re doing what’s best for you and your child. Pregnancy and adoption can be a brave and selfless way to give your children the best life possible.

On top of that, it can open the door to many opportunities for you and your child. You’ll be able to find peace knowing that your children will be raised by a loving family that can open a world full of endless possibilities for them.

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The Importance of Keeping Siblings Together

When you place children for adoption together, you’re making this decision out of love. You’re trying to do what’s best for your kids. One of the biggest concerns for pregnant women thinking about adoption for their children is if they’ll get separated when it’s time for placement. In the case of siblings, placing children for adoption together is extremely important.

The removal of a child from their biological parent is always a challenging event, and removing them from their sibling further increases the challenges in their transition to a new family. Your children have formed bonds with each other, and, for many children, their sibling is a constant source of support.

Sibling groups that stick together can help provide support to one another as they begin to navigate and cope with an emotionally challenging transition.

Adoption professionals realize how important it is when putting multiple children up for adoption together. This is why they will do whatever it takes to keep your children together when possible. If for some reason they aren’t able to be placed together, then make sure they maintain constant contact with one another. Phone calls, video calls and even in-person visits can make coping with adoption easier on your children.

How Do You Put Your Children Up For Adoption?

If you’re pregnant and considering adoption for your children, then one of the first things to do is contact an adoption professional so they can give you information based on your specific circumstances. Your legal adoption options for placing multiple children will depend on their ages.

Children under the age of 4

You may be able to place your children for adoption through a domestic infant adoption agency if they are under the age of 4. Private domestic agencies are almost always able to keep siblings in the same adoptive home, but in most cases, these adoption professionals are able to facilitate only the placement of infants and occasionally toddlers.

When you choose adoption, you’re relinquishing your parental rights. But it doesn’t have to be the end of the relationship with your child.

You can still maintain contact with your children’s adoptive parents and see them grow through open adoption. If permanent adoption is not what you’re looking for, then you can always choose temporary guardianship for your children. This is a legal process that involves the placement of your child with a guardian for a set amount of time while maintaining all parental rights to your children.

Children Age 4 or Older

If your children are 4 or older, then it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to work with an adoption agency. But, you can always contact an adoption professional to learn what they can do to help place your children for adoption. They may have references to another professional who can better help you in your situation.

When you’re pregnant and considering adoption for multiple children over the age of 4, consider the following options:

  • Kinship adoption: This means you would terminate your legal parental rights and permanently place your children with a loved one. You will no longer have a legal parental role in your child’s life even if you maintain contact.
  • Temporary legal guardianship: This is when you temporarily place your children with a trusted friend or family member. This gives you the option to resume parenting whenever you’re ready to do so.
  • Local or state resources and organizations: This option can help you continue to parent your children and can offer financial aid, access to food and necessities, health insurance for your kids, childcare and more.
  • Local child welfare agency: You may be familiar with Child Protective Services, but, typically, you cannot voluntarily place your children up for adoption through foster care. CPS serves a different function for the well-being of children who cannot protect themselves from harsh treatment.

Your Next Steps

If you find yourself pregnant thinking about adoption for your children, then it can be a brave, selfless and heroic decision that will create a better future for you, your baby and your children.

You can reach out to an agency that has the resources you’re looking for, depending on your children’s age. A few agencies you might consider contacting are:

When you’re pregnant and considering adoption for your children, you are in the driver’s seat of the entire process. It can be an emotional experience for you and your children, but the adoption agency you work with will walk you through every step.

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