Pregnant and Considering Adoption

No matter where you’re at in your pregnancy, you have options. Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be a life-changing event, no matter what you decide to do. When you’re pregnant and considering adoption, it may seem like you have a clear deadline, but that isn’t always the case.

An unplanned pregnancy doesn’t have to be the end of the road; it can instead be a path to something beautiful.

But what are your options? Is it ever too late to consider adoption? This guide will answer your questions and explain your month-by-month adoption options, so you know exactly what to expect throughout the process. Whether you’re nine months pregnant or just found out about your pregnancy, it’s never too late for adoption.

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Pregnant and Considering Adoption: A Month-By-Month Guide

As you’re thinking about adoption options for pregnant women, it’s essential to understand how adoption works depending on how far along you are. One of the first steps of adoption is learning what the process looks like based on your situation.

If you’re pregnant and considering adoption, then here’s a month-by-month guide on what you can expect throughout your adoption journey.

Considering Adoption at 1 or 2 Months Pregnant

During this stage of pregnancy, you’ve just found out you’re pregnant and are experiencing all kinds of emotions. You’re probably wondering, “What are the adoption options for pregnant women?”

This is normal, and you have plenty of time to decide what’s best for you and your baby.

When you choose adoption, you call the shots. You get to:

  • Choose the perfect family for your baby
  • Decide what you want your hospital stay to look like
  • Choose how much contact you’re open to after the adoption

It’s important to know this decision is all yours. You’re in control of every aspect of your adoptive journey.

Considering Adoption at 3 Months Pregnant

At this point in your pregnancy, you’re a bit farther along and are probably wondering which pregnant adoption options are available to you. Of course, this can come with many emotions, such as anxiety and confusion, but it’s important to know that you still have options when you’re pregnant and considering adoption at three months.

For many people, adoption is one of the best decisions they could have made for themselves, as it allows them to set their baby up for a better future. Start reaching out to domestic infant adoption agencies to ask about their adoption services and what they can offer you during your pregnancy.

Considering Adoption at 4 Months Pregnant

During this stage of your pregnancy, you’re probably asking yourself, “Are there adoption options for pregnant mothers at four months?” There absolutely are.

You can choose adoption at any point in your pregnancy, including four months. Now that you’re in the middle of your pregnancy, it would be an excellent time to start making an adoption plan with an agency.

Although you can create this plan at any point in your pregnancy, starting early is good so your adoption professional can help you narrow down adoptive families. You even have the option to maintain contact with your child after the adoption through phone calls, pictures, letters and even in-person visits.

Considering Adoption at 5 Months Pregnant

At five months pregnant, you’ve still got time to consider which adoption options for pregnant women suit you best. Many pregnant women considering adoption know it’s the best decision they could have made for themselves and their baby.

By choosing adoption, you’re giving yourself more time to prepare for the process and select an adoptive family.

National adoption agencies are more prominent and will have more family profiles for you to consider. Also, some of the most prestigious agencies will offer adoptive family video profiles so you can get a better glimpse at their lives, personalities and drive to become parents through adoption.

Considering Adoption at 6 Months Pregnant

When you’re pregnant and considering adoption at six months pregnant, it’s still an option. If you haven’t already, then reach out to an adoption professional and get a head start on your adoption plan.

This is when your adoption professional will begin asking questions about your adoption goals. Any questions they ask will help create a personalized adoption plan based on how far along you are. Also, creating an adoption plan during this stage will give you more time to develop a plan you’re 100% comfortable with.

Considering Adoption at 7 Months Pregnant

If you’re seven months pregnant and considering adoption, then there are a few things to remember. Adoption is always an option regardless of which stage you’re at in your pregnancy. Every adoption journey is unique, and your adoption professional will be able to answer all your questions about choosing adoption in your circumstances.

If you’re wondering about your pregnant adoption options at seven months pregnant, then the process typically consists of:

  • Speaking with an adoption professional to go over your adoption options
  • Making an adoption plan to get personalized help based on your unique situation
  • Finding the perfect adoptive parents based on your customized adoption plan
  • Creating a hospital plan so that you’re prepared once your due date arrives

Considering Adoption at 8 or 9 Months Pregnant

You’re approaching your due date and probably experiencing mixed emotions. You’re probably wondering if it’s still possible to choose adoption this far along, and the answer is always yes. Many people who are pregnant and considering adoption make adoption plans during their pregnancy, at the hospital and even after they decide to take their baby home.

If you choose to pursue adoption during this stage, then it’s important that you’ve chosen an adoption agency and have reached out to them. They will help you create an adoption plan and choose an adoptive family based on your preferences.

You’re almost at the finish line and are much closer to welcoming your baby into a world full of love and hope. At the end of it all, your baby will be able to live the life you imagined for them.

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